HB 75 (Marriage Equality) Senate Debate and Vote Thread

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The Senate will be gaveled into session at 2 pm, and the only thing on the agenda is HB 75, the Marriage Equality bill that passed the House on April 23 by a vote of 23 to 18. According to sources and scuttlebutt, Senator Cathy Cloutier and Senator Bob Marshall are voting yes. The only real mystery is the vote of Senator Bethany Hall Long. Those working this bill say they have 12 votes, and if the rest of the whip count stays as I display below, that would mean Hall Long is voting yes. Until it happens though, I won’t believe it. Perhaps Senators Ennis or Venables will change their minds and be the 12th vote. Or perhaps Ernie Lopez of Greg Lavelle will surprise, though it is hard to see how Lopez survives politically in his party if he does vote yes. Lavelle may vote yes given his upstate district, but if he has hopes of higher office he will have to deal with his rabid bigoted Republican base, who will not take kindly to a yes vote.

But all of that is academic, since, if all the Senators in the yes column stay true to their pronouncements, Marriage Equality will be the law of the land.

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  1. Steve Newton says:

    Fingers crossed. Many fine couples that I know have been waiting for this day for most of their lives.

  2. Delaware Dem says:

    Doug Denison @DoverDelDenison
    Lots of press here in the Sen. chamber for same-sex marriage vote, TV, @nytimes, and of course your loyal #Delaware press corps #DE4M

  3. Delaware Dem says:

    Completely agree Steve. Liberals and Libertarians agree on equality.

  4. Delaware Dem says:

    @EQDE: Senators are making their way to the floor! We’ll get this historic vote started in just a couple of minutes

  5. Delaware Dem says:

    Meanwhile, the bigots at DE4TM and Delaware Patriot are saying this:

    Petition to @JeffGordonWeb to drop pro-homosexual sponors #netDE #tcot #nascar goo.gl/UU7xG praying he truly sees his part. #pray


  6. Delaware Dem says:

    If Jeff Gordon does that, he will be driving for free.

  7. Ezra Temko says:

    Audio feed has begun!

  8. Delaware Dem says:

    Here we go! Lt. Gov Denn calls the Senate into session

  9. Delaware Dem says:

    Amy Cherry @acherry13
    The Senate has been called into session. The chamber is the most crowded I’ve ever seen it. #DE4M

  10. Delaware Dem says:

    Audio feed not working for me yet.

  11. Ezra Temko says:

    Pledge of allegiance right now.

  12. Delaware Dem says:

    We’ll start with a few procedural orders of business before moving into the debate on the marriage bill, HB75.

  13. Ezra Temko says:

    Prayer occurring… I’ll update until your audio feed comes on…

  14. Delaware Dem says:

    Still waiting for DE Senate audio stream to kick in. In the meantime, you also can follow @EQDE there on the ground or hashtag #DE4M

  15. Ezra Temko says:

    Roll call for attendance

  16. mm2784 says:

    Any radio stations covering it live?

  17. Ezra Temko says:

    Bob Marshall absent

  18. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Bobby Marshall is absent at roll call. This is horrible news. Horrible.

  19. Ezra Temko says:

    Final reading by title only being done now

  20. liberalgeek says:

    I predict a not-at-all-close passage of the bill…

  21. Ezra Temko says:

    Senator Dave Sokola introducing legislation.

  22. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Sokola, our lead sponsor, moves for final reading and consideration of HB75, the marriage bill.

  23. Ezra Temko says:

    Do you have audio yet?

  24. Delaware Dem says:

    Really, Geek? Ennis, Venables?

  25. Delaware Dem says:

    Gotta make up that Marshall vote, or else we are stuck on 10 (assuming Hall Long doesn’t go our way).

  26. Delaware Dem says:

    No, the audio is not working. It seems to be a systems wide issue, as everyone on Twitter is complaining about it.

  27. mm2784 says:

    Even a tie is a win with Matt Denn’s vote though, correct?

  28. Kevin says:

    WOuldn’t the Lt.governor be the tie breaking vote?

  29. Delaware Dem says:

    Leave it to the General Assembly to have the biggest day in their history, with all eyes (international, national) on them and they can’t get their audio to work. Pathetic.

  30. Josh says:

    The LG could break the tie on a 10-10 vote.

  31. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Bob Venebles, D-Laurel, speaking in opposition now, alluding to laws of nature.

    Into retirement in a flame of bigotry.

  32. Demdoc says:

    The staff are trying to find Senator Marshall now but no success yet.

  33. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Venables calls a witness to the floor, a Pastor from WIlmington. He’ll argue that marriage equality is not a civil rights issue.

  34. Ezra Temko says:

    Sen. Venables: one letter out of a thousand made sense. Speaking out in opposition w/ a witness. Witness claims it’s offensive to relate this to the historic civil rights movement.

  35. Delaware Dem says:

    If Marshall misses this vote he is finished.

  36. Delaware Dem says:

    Audio is working!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Delaware Dem says:

    Sad to hear Dr. King invoked to justify anti-gay discrimination

  38. Delaware Dem says:

    Privileged gay people talking about civil rights is an “atrocity”. Delaware Pastor right now.

  39. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Venables’ first witness is done, and there are no questions for him from the floor. The Senator continues speaking in opposition. #DE4M

  40. Delaware Dem says:

    Why do the opponents keep telling us what the churches think about #MarriageEquality? This is a debate about /civil/ marriage.

  41. PluribusUnum says:

    why is no one ustreaming it?

  42. Delaware Dem says:

    Does the United Methodist Church govern Delaware law? I doubt that’s in the state Constitution. #DE4M

  43. pandora says:

    Holding my breath! Let’s do this!

  44. Delaware Dem says:

    Here is the working audio: http://webcast.senate.legis.delaware.gov:8080/Senate/index.shtml?AY

    Video is not available in the General Assembly, for unknown reasons.

  45. pandora says:

    Really, it’s time to start taxing these churches.

  46. Delaware Dem says:

    United Methodists don’t want to marry two men or two women. After this law passes, THEY STILL WON’T HAVE TO.

  47. Anon says:

    Where the hell is Marshall?

  48. Delaware Dem says:

    The great thing about HB75: it protects the right of all faith institutions to define marriage according to their own beliefs.

  49. Kevin says:

    If the churches want to be involved on civil matters,then it’s time to tax them.

  50. Delaware Dem says:

    This bill will never force a church or clergy member to act against their conscience. HB75 only defines *civil* marriage.

  51. Delaware Dem says:

    I couldn’t agree more Kevin.

  52. Delaware Dem says:

    Now Senator Simpson

  53. Demdoc says:

    Senator Marshall has been found!

  54. Delaware Dem says:

    He is asking Sokola what rights or benefits are being denied to same sex couples under Civil Union law.

  55. Anon says:


    Good. I was getting heart palpitations. Reminds me of when the my old congresswoman I used to work for was stuck on the toilet without her phone during a key vote…

  56. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Sokola says “they’re not married.” Measure is about dignity and respect.

  57. KMS says:

    What’s this about Marshall? He’s there? No feeds here @ my work!

  58. Tom says:

    how long is debate expected to last?

  59. Delaware Dem says:

    Tell Bobby Marshall that if wants to ever be elected again to get to his seat.

  60. Delaware Dem says:

    Marshall has allegedly been found. Unknown where he has been found.

  61. Ezra Temko says:

    So they’ve found him… is he going in to chambers and will be there for the vote?

  62. Delaware Dem says:

    Mark Purpura of EQDE has been called to give legal explanation of the bill.

  63. Delaware Dem says:

    Unknown Tom. Probably no more than an hour.

  64. Delaware Dem says:

    To Gary Simpson’s point: if there is NO difference between marriage and civil unions then there is NO reason to oppose marriage

  65. Delaware Dem says:

    Mark: This bill specifically provides protections for clergy. They will never be forced to solemnize a marriage.

  66. Delaware Dem says:

    Shorter #Delaware #MarriageEquality opposition testimony: church, church, eww gays, church.

  67. Anon says:

    Is Marshall at his seat yet?

  68. Tom says:

    BTW I’m in Georgia, which will need a SCOTUS ruling to ever recognize SSM. Fiscal conservative/social moderate who almost always votes GOP, but support SSM!

  69. Delaware Dem says:

    Bill also provides for termination (i.e., divorce) for couples married in Delaware who are refused divorce elsewhere.

  70. Delaware Dem says:

    Tom, when DOMA falls (as expected) and the California Hate Amendment is struck down, the issue will fall to the states. Eventually the bigots in Georgia will die and in 30-40 years you will have equality.

  71. Demdoc says:

    Marshall is being shepherded to his seat, but Hall-Long just walked out. . .

  72. Delaware Dem says:

    Couples in civil unions can choose to convert to marriages after 7/1, or they will be automatically converted after 1 yr.

  73. Concerned citizen says:

    We know specifics of the bill where is Marshall? Can someone ask his LA?

  74. Delaware Dem says:

    If bill passes, as of July 1st, no new civil unions can take place. All civil unions can be converted to marriages

  75. Delaware Dem says:


    Ok, so I guess that means that Hall Long was ordered to stay there until Marshall arrived. Now that Marshall is there, Hall Long will not vote. I am sorry, but I have to call that what it is: cowardice.

  76. Delaware Dem says:

    And Marshall better have been violently ill at either end of his body.

  77. Delaware Dem says:

    It is illegal for businesses to discriminate based on sexual orientation. Marriage equality bill doesn’t change that.

  78. pandora says:

    Oh lordy… 1789? So he’s saying that florists don’t have to sell flowers to gay people?

  79. Demdoc says:

    I’m hoping there are just a lot of nervous bladders on the floor today, and that Senator Hall-Long will do what is right for Delaware, right for her district, and right for her political future.

  80. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Venables, it’s better to keep quiet and have people think you’re an idiot than open your mouth and remove all doubt

  81. Ezra Temko says:

    Delaware Dem, let’s wait and see. Hall Long has left the floor during discussion and come back to vote in the past on issues, including controversial ones. TBD

  82. Delaware Dem says:

    Senator Lawson now up to question Mark Purpra of Equality Delaware.

  83. Delaware Dem says:

    Ezra, I know. I tend to get worked up.

  84. Kevin says:

    Hall Long is a coward,pure and simple. As for the civil unions argument,study after study has shown they aren’t equal and won’t be acknowledged at the federal level,whether Doma is struck down or not.

  85. Delaware Dem says:

    The Clerk of the Peace is supposed to enforce the laws of the State of Delaware. Period. If he or she cannot do that, he or she should resign. Period.

  86. pandora says:

    Clerk of the Peace is a flippin’ elected official! Do these guys understand anything?

  87. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Lawson asks why the Clerk of the Peace is not exempted. || Mark: That’s their job for the state. That’s the duty of their office.

  88. pandora says:

    You know… if they can’t do their job – resign.

  89. Leah Reynolds says:

    Thank you for this website. This is important. Keep up the good fight.

  90. Delaware Dem says:

    Hey, Senator Lawson, the Clerks of the Peace, if they are so evil and bigoted, can resign the office.

  91. Delaware Dem says:

    Some senator is laughing now. I wonder who that is.

  92. Kevin says:

    We had the same argument in New York. A clerk is an elected official serving the public.
    You don’t get to choose who you serve,just like the florist in WA couldn’t pick and choose her clients.

  93. Ezra Temko says:

    Why is the senator asking whether HB 75 proponents are seeking A or B when he opposes both A & B?

  94. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Simpson asks why do you think the federal gov’t and states favored heterosexual marriages? #DE4M

  95. Delaware Dem says:

    “Senator, we’re looking for everyone to be treated equally under Delaware law.” Excellent answer.

  96. Delaware Dem says:

    You can have a stable family whether you’re a same-sex couple or opposite gender couple,” says @EQDE’s Purpura.

  97. Delaware Dem says:

    Progressive champion Senator Bryan Townsend is up

  98. Diego says:

    Thank you for the updates everybody. This is the only way I found to follow this. Thanks!

  99. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Townsend paraphrases arguments used against interracial marriage #DE4M

  100. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Townsend quotes arguments used to justify bans on interracial marriage — strikingly similar to arguments against HB75.

  101. Idealist says:

    Senator Townsend speaking now: compares fight for same-sex marriage to fight for interracial marriage.

  102. Delaware Dem says:

    Says that he would not have been able to marry his beautiful fiance if he met her in Delaware 40 years ago. Lilianna is Vietnamese.

  103. Delaware Dem says:

    Says Senator Lopez would also not have been able to marry his wife.

  104. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Townsend: Ability to conceive children is NOT a prerequisite to be married.

  105. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Townsend: The core of marriage is not about a man and a woman having children. We don’t deny marriage to elderly couples.

  106. Idealist says:

    shooting holes through the “marriage is only for children” argument.

  107. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Townsend: The basis of marriage in our society is love.

  108. Delaware Dem says:

    “A separate but equal system is inherently unequal.”

  109. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Townsend: Religious beliefs on marriage equality are not clear cut. Many leaders have voiced support, others have opposed.

  110. Delaware Dem says:

    “As a Senate.. we are not writing theology. We are writing a law that treats Delawareans equally in the public sphere.”

  111. Delaware Dem says:

    Townsend notes that religious debate should play out in places of worship, not in civil law.

  112. Delaware Dem says:

    “We are not legislating which interpretation of the Bible is correct.”

  113. KrawenTownie says:

    HUGE fan of Senator Townsend.

  114. Delaware Dem says:

    “Even as time changes our bodies, our souls will be eternally bound.” AMAZING words from Sen. Townsend!

  115. Delaware Dem says:

    Senator Marshall is up. He announces he is present. LOL.

  116. Delaware Dem says:

    Oh yeah, and Townsend for Governor in 2024.

  117. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Marshall will be voting yes. Though his microphone is acting up. He is speaking loudly, and it is shorting out his mic.

  118. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Marshall: “Today we must decide if it should be the policy of DE if it is the right of all Delawareans to marry who they love.”

  119. DelGuy says:

    Marshall could have just remained silent and voted “Yes”. He deserves credit for speaking up on this issue, and especially taking on the Catholic Church.
    Will be interesting to see if Cloutier speaks up and, more important, if she votes “Yes”.

  120. Delaware Dem says:

    Marshall is giving a great speech here in support. He is choking up. I take back everything I said earlier.

  121. pandora says:

    Ugh… Onward to the man/woman nonsense.

  122. Dorian Gray says:

    Will there be a vote today?

  123. Delaware Dem says:

    Venables is back to flogging his bigotry. Retire already your disgusting old bigoted man.

  124. Delaware Dem says:

    Yes, Dorian. Coming up soon.

  125. Leah Reynolds says:

    “I’ll support civil unions, but I’ll never support gay marriage,” says Sen. Venables–even though he voted “no” on civil unions….

  126. Delaware Dem says:

    Venables: “What really they want is for them to feel comfortable in their lifestyle.”

  127. pandora says:

    “What really “they” want is for them to feel comfortable in their lifestyle.”

    Really? They? This can’t pass fast enough.

  128. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Venables: “Here we are just two years later looking at the marriage bill” after he was told civil unions weren’t a precursor.

  129. Delaware Dem says:

    “So far I have not evolved. I wonder what’s wrong with me?” So do we, Senator Venables, so do we.

  130. pandora says:

    “These people?????”

  131. Ezra Temko says:

    Is BHL back on the floor?

  132. Delaware Dem says:

    Venables holds up the Queen James Bible. That is not a misprint.

  133. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Venables is showing us the “Queen James Bible,” a translation edited to prevent homophobic misinterpretation of God’s Word.

  134. Dale says:

    Is Venables mentally ill? I ask this seriously as I listen to him rant on the Senate floor about a book that he doesn’t like.

  135. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen Venables (D-iscrimination)

  136. Social Justice Lady says:

    Did Lopez say anything?

  137. Delaware Dem says:

    Yes, those who are bigoted are mentally ill.

  138. Kevin says:

    hopefully Venables can be primaried in the next election if this doesn’t go through.
    That’s what happened in RI,and it’s what needs to happen here.
    Also,this should be a reminder that just because someone has a D next to their name,doesn’t mean they are an ally of ours.

  139. Delaware Dem says:

    Dear Sen. Venables, you put your hand on the Bible to defend the Constitution, not the other way around, remember?

  140. Demdoc says:

    I’ve heard that Bethany Hall-Long is back.

  141. Delaware Dem says:

    Kevin, he is retiring.

  142. Dorian Gray says:

    Looks like you guys are sanguine with regards to the whip count… Is the debate falling along those line? If 11 votes look go it’s fait accompli, yes?

  143. pandora says:

    I’m sorry… Did I miss something? How did I end up at a church sermon?

  144. Delaware Dem says:

    Plus, his district is so conservative that no Democrat but him can win it in its current form right now.

  145. Leah Reynolds says:

    Lopez told me yesterday he didn’t like my tone when I told him that if he voted against this I would work to see that he never got re-elected….

  146. Another Mike says:

    Is this Venables? This is worse than putting up with Chris Wheeler every night on Phillies games. Don’t quite understand where he’s going.

  147. Delaware Dem says:

    Dorian, we had some drama earlier when Marshall and Hall Long were missing, but both are back, so it looks like the bill will pass. The whip count chart seems pretty accurate.

  148. DelGuy says:

    So if DE allows same-sex marriage, Venables is afraid a man will be encouraged to leave his wife to marry another man…..nut-case!

  149. Delaware Dem says:

    Yes, this is Venables. He is particularly evil.

  150. SussexAnon says:

    The queen james bible is the secret gay bible. Rats. He’s onto us.

  151. pandora says:

    Here comes the fire and brimstone!

  152. Delaware Dem says:

    Hocker says that if we pass this God will bring upon Revelations upon the General Assembly. Hahahahahaha. This is comedy.

  153. TrueBleu says:

    Senator Venables, if Civil Unions should be enough, then letting black people sit in the middle of the bus would have been enough. Please sit down and stop embarrassing yourself and the Great State of Delaware.

  154. Another Mike says:

    Who followed Venables? I hear Simpson is up now with Jordan Lawrence of ADF. This should be great.

  155. Delaware Dem says:

    Simpson calls to the floor an Alliance Def. Fund lawyer who spoke in House

  156. Delaware Dem says:

    AMike, Hocker followed Venables. And Simpson followed Hocker to call up the bigoted lawyer.

  157. Delaware Dem says:

    Lorence says acknowledging people’s love is not the purpose of a marriage bill. Emotional state isn’t part of marriage.

  158. Leah Reynolds says:

    Frustrating that church-state separation is an issue now. The state shouldn’t be making arguments based on ANY religious doctrine.

  159. pandora says:

    Back to the “purpose” of marriage. The “public” purpose. Back to children.

  160. candide says:

    are venables and rhode island’s metts geriatric f-buddies? during the ri hearings and votes anti-gay bigot metts sermonized ad nauseam. really gives christianity a bad name.

  161. Delaware Dem says:

    ADF’s Lawrence: Marriage isn’t about love. Clerks don’t care if couples love each other. This is an argument vs #MarriageEquality?!

  162. MIke says:

    Yeah It sure seemed like a defense of loveless marriage…wtf.

  163. Delaware Dem says:

    Mr. Lorence, you are a bigot. He is complaining now that he is being called a bigot. If it bothers you, don’t be a bigot. Simple.

  164. TrueBleu says:

    Definitions are always changed. That is called progress. Equal simply means equal; it’s not rocket science.

  165. pandora says:

    You know… if you deny people different from you rights then you’re a… well… bigot. Just sayin’

  166. Delaware Dem says:

    He is now complaining about his First Amendment right to discriminate. Apparently he thinks his free exercise of religion means he can force the state to discriminate against people he finds immoral.

  167. Another Mike says:

    Clerks of the peace are hired by the state to do a job, not impose their personal beliefs, Mr. Lawrence.

  168. Delaware Dem says:

    Senator Bonini now questions Lorence.

  169. TrueBleu says:

    If you want to live somewhere where religion and politics live in harmony, then simply move to Afghanistan.

  170. Delaware Dem says:

    ADF’s Lawrence really seems to be suggesting that all non-discrimination law is wrong.

  171. SussexAnon says:

    ….Or Iran.

  172. bamboozer says:

    And on a lighter note I’d like to see a Stop, Drop and Roll Contest between Chris Christie and Bonini. While I remain a proud Delawarean my money is still on Christie, he’s got that humpty dumpty thing going on.

  173. Delaware Dem says:

    Maybe not for long after that lapban surgery.

  174. Social Justice Lady says:

    guess the vote will be around 4PM huh?

  175. Delaware Dem says:

    “The goal of the bill before you is to change the culture.” — ADF. Well, if you mean, allow equality, then, yes

  176. pandora says:

    I’m tired of this “belief” nonsense.

  177. Delaware Dem says:

    The vote could come at any moment. I don’t think there are any more witnesses after Lorence.

  178. candide says:

    @bamboozer christie secretly had stomach surgery in feb. he’s already lost 40 lbs.

  179. Delaware Dem says:

    Lawrence or Lorence (seen it spelled both ways) just admitted that he believes non-discrimination laws are unconstitutiona

  180. pandora says:

    Dawn on Twitter:

    “Bigot: noun. a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion. source: http://dictionary.com #DE4M”

    And there you go.

  181. Delaware Dem says:

    Georgetown Republican Sen. Pettyjohn asking about faith-based adoption agencies being hurt by same-sex marriage

  182. Kevin says:

    Two of the cases he cites are from states that don’t have marriage equality. They do have discrimination laws which states you can’t refuse to provide public services to gay and lesbian couples based on religious or moral disapproval.

  183. Delaware Dem says:

    Adoption agencies are free to do as they wish. But if they receive funding from the state, they have to follow state law.

  184. Another Mike says:

    He has no clue about the domino effect in other states. Talking out of his ass.

  185. TrueBleu says:

    It is heartening to see that the argument against marriage equality has come down to this crap. They no longer even try to make a logical, legal claim to support discrimination. Just a bunch of Voodoo that most reasonable people see right through.

  186. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Lawson asks Lorence about the “domino effect” of this legislation in education. I.e., won’t someone think about the children. #DE4M

  187. pandora says:

    Wow! The “bigot” word really upsets them.

  188. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Lawson asks for #DE4M’s effect on the education system. Lorence says teachers opting out will be viewed as bigots.

  189. Delaware Dem says:

    They won’t be viewed as bigots. They are bigots.

  190. Delaware Dem says:

    So the bigots are afraid of being discriminated against? Hmm. Karma is a bitch.

  191. pandora says:

    LOL! Your children will belong to the government!!!!

  192. Sam says:

    any idea what time the vote will happen?

    this whining is boring

  193. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. McDowell is somewhat offended by Lorence’s reasoning.

  194. pandora says:

    McDowell is offended and objects to the way the bigots are turning civil rights inside out. Says you can still hate, but you can’t discriminate.

  195. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. McDowell says taking a job in public edu, they can’t decide to dispense their services only for people they don’t hate.

  196. Delaware Dem says:

    Shorter ADF: “Woe is me! People call me ‘bigot’ when I call them pedophiles, deviants, abominations, queers, satanic. I’m oppressed!”

  197. Kevin says:

    As for those adoption agencies,you want to take money from the state,you play by their rules.
    These agenicies wanted their cake and to eat it too.

  198. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. McDowell: We can’t stop the ill feelings in someone’s heart, but we can ensure it is not carried out in public policy.

  199. Another Mike says:

    How much time does this clown get?

  200. Steve Newton says:

    Can somebody find me the Delaware temple? According to the Queen James Bible, when this passes, the lintel of the temple will be torn asunder, and since I can’t get to Dover I wanna see the lintel get all broken by the Hand of God.

    Oh, and what’s a lintel, anyway?

  201. Delaware Dem says:

    Roseanne Barr is following the debate on Twitter: @TheRealRoseanne Dear H8ers: You can still hate gays. You just can’t do a goddamn thing about it! #EqualMarriageForAll #LGBT

  202. Social Justice Lady says:

    No wonder they only pass around 20 bills a year ! We pay for this nonsense and they only work half a year?

  203. pandora says:

    McDowell: You can’t decide who belongs in the public.

  204. TrueBleu says:

    Did the “Polygamy Pony” just run out of the barn????

  205. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Hocker asks about impact of #DE4M on small business.

  206. Delaware Dem says:

    Lt. Gov. @Matt_Denn reigns in debate. Wants it more focused on the bill.

  207. Social Justice Lady says:

    Hocker cracks me up……he considers his empire “small business”

  208. Delaware Dem says:

    Lorence: #DE4M will be a problem in wedding business, counselors, social workers, or any faith-based shelters.

  209. SussexAnon says:

    A lintle is an architectural element, usually over a window, door or fireplace openings. Common in stone/masonry construction.

  210. Delaware Dem says:

    Senator Marshall is up.

  211. Delaware Dem says:

    And now Senator Lavelle…. I guess he is a no.

  212. Aoine says:

    If the lintel falls, the structure may collapse


  213. Aoine says:

    Horrors. Society will collapse if this passes

    Odd thing….. No other society has collapsed after this passed…..

  214. Delaware Dem says:

    Geek predicted a not close vote. I’m sorry, but I can only see 12 in favor. One more than is needed, but not a not close vote.

  215. Delaware Dem says:

    Witness is finally excused.

  216. pandora says:

    This pavilion issue is deceiving… they rented that out to everyone with a check.

  217. Delaware Dem says:

    Father Leonard Kline (or Klein) is up now

  218. Delaware Dem says:

    he is stating the Catholic Church’s position. I was unaware that Pope Francis had a veto on the General Assembly.

  219. Josh says:

    Seven Delaware Republicans (including Lopez) have said their are opposed (http://www.washingtonblade.com/2013/05/03/seven-delaware-senators-to-vote-against-gay-marriage-bill/) and Venables is clearly also in opposition. That’s 8 nos, not including Ennis.

  220. Delaware Dem says:

    Father Kline, I have two friends from high school. They have two children. They are married. They are lesbians. Ever heard of in vitro?

  221. TrueBleu says:

    Deny equality because we need more babies??? Dear God, WTF!

  222. Dale says:

    I can’t take much more of this drivel. Now there is a sermon by a Catholic priest? Come on. Maybe the DE Senate can hear from a representative of the Vatican Bank when it is drafting its corporate disclosure laws.

    How much longer until the vote?

  223. Delaware Dem says:

    Ennis might surprise us as a yes vote, but I am assuming he is a no since he voted against civil unions.

  224. pandora says:

    This is nuts.

  225. Delaware Dem says:

    No clergy member, including Fr. Klein, will ever be forced to solemnize a marriage of a same-sex couple in DE. Ever

  226. Sam says:

    this “priest” is an idiot

  227. Bruno says:

    There may be a method behind all the fire & brimstone madness. Imagine how Hall-Long must feel watching it.

  228. Delaware Dem says:

    We’re proud to say that people of faith have played a crucial role in moving marriage forward! Fr. Klein does not speak for all.

  229. TrueBleu says:

    “… no shirt, no shoes, no service?” Like yeah, dude. I object.

  230. Michael says:

    The priest can’t even quote the First Amendment correctly — it says free EXERCISE of religion not freedom of religion. They’re two different things.

  231. pandora says:

    Wow! Did he just put in a plug for Vouchers so that bigoted parents can flee public schools???

  232. Haywood says:

    Same old outdated arguments.

  233. Social Justice Lady says:

    This is going to pass but I fear the opposition will put it on the ballot.

  234. The Straight Scoop says:

    Been following some of the comments and I have to say that the speculation about who’s voting for/against and the accompanying hyperbole is almost laughable. Seriously, I know this is a stressful situation, but threatening people with defeat at the polls because they aren’t in their seats at 2pm or assuming someone is voting against the bill and calling them a coward without talking to them is ridiculous.

    It’s going to pass and this is going to be a great day for all of us!

  235. Delaware Dem says:

    Social Justice Lady, there is no referenda provision in Delaware.

  236. Another Mike says:

    Sorry, Father Klein is not an expert on public schools. Questions should never have been asked.

  237. literski says:

    Does Delaware have a public referendum process, where they could challenge this law on the ballot?

  238. Delaware Dem says:

    60-70% of Catholics on the Eastern seaboard SUPPORT #MarriageEquality.

  239. Michael says:

    I’m glad my state’s legislature doesn’t permit yielding to non-members when in full session.

  240. Stuart says:

    Any word on when the Gov will sign presuming it passes? Any chance of same day, like in RI?

  241. Idealist says:


  242. Delaware Dem says:

    No word on that Stuart. I assume the Governor will want to have a huge event like with the Civil Union bill at the Queen. So probably in a week or so at the earliest. The only time I can recall the Governor signing a bill on the same day is on June 30, the last day of the session.

  243. Michael says:

    Tell Abraham Lincoln, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama that children of single parents aren’t as successful.

  244. Another Mike says:

    “Does Delaware have a public referendum process, where they could challenge this law on the ballot?”


  245. TrueBleu says:

    At least they are the same old tired arguments, nothing new… blah, blah, blah!

  246. MIke says:

    I assume they will let it lag again so they can prepare for the influx of married couples in the health insurance realm?

  247. Ezra Temko says:

    No initiative or referendum process, which makes enacting open/good government bills a bit challenging, considering it’s the legislators in power who have to vote for all of them.

  248. Gregory says:

    The pastor says his diocese (or whatever their political subdivision is called) has 25,000 members. He did not address how many of those parishioners are in favor of marriage equality. We know that the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church is firmly against SSM, but many of the parishioners do not subscribe to this.

  249. Josh says:

    Delaware allows less popular participation in lawmaking than any other state. Delaware does not allow initiatives or referendums at the state or local level, and it is the only state in the nation that does not require popular approval of constitutional amendments.

  250. pandora says:

    You know… this is really disgusting. But if they really believe this crap they had better get started on outlawing divorce.

  251. Steve Newton says:

    @Social Justice Lady–there may be no referenda in Delaware, but where I live Joe Miro is my rep and Greg Lavelle is my senator, and I intend to see that their votes on this issue are very much “on the ballot” next time around. They certainly have not represented the majority view of their constituents. And I think that is true elsewhere in Delaware.

  252. Delaware Dem says:

    Wow. The bigot is now tying marriage equality to Sandy Hook, saying allowing gay marriage will cause the mentally ill to kill children. He can go fuck himself to death.

  253. Gregory says:

    I’m not hearing anyone supporting children of same sex couples. Don’t they count? Do they think they don’t exist? That they aren’t worth the protection of civil law?

  254. Delaware Dem says:

    McDowell says Klein made a case for gay marriage in in speech. Chamber erupts into laughter. Klein not laughing.

  255. Michael says:

    The Regenerus Study?!!?! LMFAO!

  256. Gregory says:

    Oh, boy! Here comes the Regnerus study!

  257. pandora says:

    Pastor Betters???? LOL!

  258. Delaware Dem says:

    Chuck Betters is up, the pastor with the bigoted billboard in front of the Glasgow SuperChurch.

  259. Kevin says:

    If it passes and then it’s put on the ballot,I imagine we will see lawsuits like in California.

  260. pandora says:

    Betters is pathetic. He’s still trying to pretend that sign didn’t have anything to do with gay marriage. What a liar.

  261. Idealist says:

    Kevin, it can’t be put on the ballot.

  262. Dale says:

    It’s been 2 hours now. How much longer until the vote? If I wanted to hear a sermon from a Roman Catholic priest, I’d go to mass.

  263. Social Justice Lady says:

    Happy to hear that Idealist !

  264. Delaware Dem says:

    Chuck Betters giving Delaware Liberal an indirect shout out.

  265. pandora says:

    Seriously, what does Betters’ getting his victim on have to do with gay marriage?

  266. Brian says:

    Ah. The Rev. Dr. Chuck “$>+” Betters. Can’t wait for this.

  267. TrueBleu says:

    Point of Order! Or at least get to the point!

  268. Jason says:

    Hi there….grew up in Conn. and currently live in Mass. Can somebody enlighten me on why non-Senators are debating a bill on the floor of the Senate?

  269. Delaware Dem says:

    Pastor is appalled that his exercise of free speech comes with consequences & that people used their own speech to criticize him

  270. Sam says:

    call the question!!!

  271. pandora says:

    LOL! LOL! Shut that fool down!

  272. Delaware Dem says:

    Lt. Gov. @Matt_Denn says we’ve gone from HB75 to secret Russian journalist records. “Let’s focus on bill.” Chamber laughs

  273. heragain says:

    Dale, like the Vatican Bank remark, lol.

    Voting, yet?

  274. pandora says:

    Not yet, heragain.

  275. Another Mike says:

    Russian journalists, secret recordings and Sonia Sotomayor! Oh, my!

  276. Idealist says:

    Chuck Betters admits he’s in love with 2 men and 1 woman?

  277. Michael says:

    Why don’t these people just admit they hate gays more than they love their God?

  278. TrueBleu says:

    If you are in love with that many people, for God’s sake, just choose one already!

  279. pandora says:

    Chuck Betters loves Chuck Betters above all else.

  280. Another Mike says:

    “Can somebody enlighten me on why non-Senators are debating a bill on the floor of the Senate?”

    In Delaware, senators have the option of granting citizens the privilege of the floor. It may not be common, but it is possible that any citizen could be found speaking before the senate on any given bill. My guess is that the opponents of this bill have granted an inordinate number of people the privilege of the floor.

  281. heragain says:

    Hey, I resent the epithet “looney”, DelDem. We prefer “moon influenced”.

  282. Delaware Dem says:

    The “threats” of lawsuits he’s received? They aren’t legally permissible and would never stand in court. His speech is protected.

  283. TrueBleu says:

    So it’s not about God then, just about your ability to collect tax-free donations. Now I see.

  284. Haywood says:

    wow. up next, I want to marry my toilet.

  285. Delaware Dem says:

    LOL, I deleted that comment (which was a tweet from someone else) because of that, hereagain

  286. Michael says:

    You mean Dr. Betters was treated in the same manner he treats others? Shock!

  287. TrueBleu says:

    Equality is a right, religion is a choice my friends.

  288. Delaware Dem says:

    I actually love this a little. He came on sounding like he might have been wronged. But he’s made his anti-gay fervor QUITE clear now.

  289. Michael says:

    Paranoia — a psychosis characterized by systematized delusions of persecution and grandeur

  290. Kevin says:

    No one is going to change their minds. Time for a vote already!

  291. Social Justice Lady says:

    Just for the record, in my opinion, there is only ONE God who loves everyone UNCONDITIONALLY. He knows everything about us and He formed everyone in His own image. This can be found in the Torah, Bible, Koran etc. Some religious teachers just don’t KNOW God even though they think they are so righteous. I attend Epworth UMC in Rehoboth Beach. ALL are welcome and I hope to see you there.

  292. pandora says:

    Betters is getting a spanking!

  293. heragain says:

    Kevin, bet you’re not from around here. They NEVER get on TV. They want to do it live for the news.

  294. Dale says:

    Betters translated: Since I have no real argument against the actual bill, I’ll invent an “end game” into which I can project all my fears and then urge you to vote against that.

  295. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Townsend for President!!!

  296. Delaware Dem says:

    Betters, being gay is not a choice.

  297. pandora says:

    Here goes Betters with his gay is a menu option. He’s simply awful.

  298. Michael says:

    There it is! Gay men CHOOSE to be gay. Checkmate!

  299. Delaware Dem says:

    Senator Lopez is now up. Will he surprise?

  300. heragain says:

    If it WAS a menu option, wouldn’t we see it in Rehoboth? *rimshot*

  301. pandora says:

    Via Twitter:

    “BB2Boulder ‏@BB2Boulder 1m

    Okay, Pastor, but you CHOOSE your religion, so that creates a problem for your argument. #de4m”


  302. Delaware Dem says:

    Talking about the death of Betters’ son. He is choked up. I guess he is a no.

  303. Michael says:

    WTF is going on now? This is devolving into nonsense.

  304. pandora says:

    Is Lopez crying?

  305. TrueBleu says:

    So God took his son, that is truly sad. I am sorry for your loss. But what in the world does this have to do with the vote? Please spare us.

  306. Michael says:

    Sorry, Senator Lopez, but you cannot claim to love and appreciate someone while voting to deny him/her a fundamental civil right.

  307. TrueBleu says:

    No surprise.

  308. Social Justice Lady says:

    Lopez is a member of my church……..we have about 300 gay members (maybe more) out of 1100.

  309. Jerry says:

    Is senator Hall Long back? Any indication of how they’re voting?

  310. Social Justice Lady says:

    What did Betters son die from?

  311. pandora says:

    Ye gads, another victim.

  312. TrueBleu says:

    I hope your “so-called” gay friends come to the realization that you are not a real friend at all. Sad, sad, sad.

  313. Delaware Dem says:

    So Senator Lopez is voting no because of the Liberty Fund???

  314. Another Mike says:

    Sorry, Ernie, this has nothing to do with marriage equality. Sorry your feelings were hurt. So this is your payback.

  315. Dale says:

    What is the Liberty Fund that Lopez is attacking? Was that a gay-funded PAC?

  316. liberalgeek says:

    Are there any surprises at this point, really?

    If BHL moves from undecided to yes, this passes by 3, correct?

  317. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Sokola now points out the numerous Republicans like Dick Cheney and Ted Olson who have evolved in support of marriage.

  318. pandora says:

    Lopez: Trust, we need to do better, we need to do more.

    What does this even mean???

    Oh, and he’s a victim.

  319. Haywood says:

    so many victims, so little time to not GAF

  320. Brian says:

    Lopez is voting no because he’ll be a one term Senator if he doesn’t.

  321. Social Justice Lady says:

    Geez, I wonder if he’ll show up in church Sunday?

  322. Michael says:

    Maybe Senator Lopez should be introduced to the hatred promulgated by marriage equality opponents. But, he turns a blind eye to that.

  323. Social Justice Lady says:

    Hang on, this has to be over soon so it can make the 5 o’clock news.

  324. Delaware Dem says:

    Some background on Lopez’s unhinged rant on trust, it has to do with defunding Planned Parenthood. http://delawareway.blogspot.com/2012/10/ernie-lopez-supports-funding-for.html

  325. Mike says:

    Lopez was referring to a mailing that went out during his election campaign. He pulled the same tearful victimhood thing in a debate in the district before the election. Pretty unhappy with him. He’s my senator but not if I can do anything about it.

  326. Delaware Dem says:

    Lisa Goodman, hopefully the final witness, is excellent.

  327. Delaware Dem says:

    Mike, you can vote against him in the next election. He still might be defeated by Urquhart or some other wingnut in the primary anyway.

  328. El Somnambulo says:

    Jee-zus, relax! Just got back to the keyboard. The internets work in Indiana. Just b/c someone is not present at the initial attendance roll call, or is out of the Chamber for awhile, means nothing.

    It’s already been over two hours of debate. The senators can listen from their office, and do other work, while waiting for the roll call. Their offices are all within 20 seconds of the chamber.

  329. Kevin says:

    SOrry Lopez,the but I have friends (of whichever group you pick) line is so 1950’s.

  330. Michael says:

    Four words for Senator PettyJohn: Shut up and homeschool!

  331. heragain says:

    Be hard to dignify this by the term “debate” ElSom. 😉

  332. El Somnambulo says:

    Someone should name a Port-A-Potty after Lopez. Can you imagine the sheer volume of hate-filled invective he’d receive if he had announced his support for HB 75? Would’ve dwarfed anything he’s received so far.

  333. Dale says:

    Lisa Goodman failed to answer that question about MA schools. The senator is completely misstating what happened. This lie gets repeated over and over and it needs to be dealt with forcefully.

  334. Delaware Dem says:

    “I’m all for equal treatment – that’s why we have civil unions.” – Separate is equal?

  335. Idealist says:

    I doubt Pettyjohn would have voted for civil unions.

  336. Delaware Dem says:

    Goodman: It’s about equality. It’s about treating similarly situated people the same. #DE4M Mandating different statuses doesn’t do that.

  337. pandora says:

    Um… RTTT is ending.

  338. Kevin says:

    Deleware Dem..of course it isn’t. If nothing else,it should be mentioned that even if DOMA is struck down,civil unions aren’t acknowledged at the federal level,only marriage.

  339. Michael says:

    This is now all about the opponents who want to prevent school students from knowing that gay people exist.

  340. Michael says:

    Oh here we go again… another “being gay is a choice” whacko.

  341. pandora says:

    Here we go again with Judgment Day!

  342. Ezra Temko says:

    The Common Core Standards only exist right now for math and ELA.

  343. Delaware Dem says:

    Lawson is also saying that being gay is a decision. What an ignorant fool. Why would anyone choose to be gay and thus be subjected to such hate and discrimination by the likes of him.

  344. pandora says:

    You know, these guys have no argument beyond… GOD!*

    *By GOD they only mean their GOD.

  345. heragain says:

    Well, please don’t dump all those anti-gay bigots on the homeschoolers. Lots of them homeschool to get AWAY from those nuts.

  346. Delaware Dem says:

    Ennis is up. He is voting no.

  347. Michael says:

    The U.S. Senators who filibustered the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act said the exact same thing that Ennis is saying right now.

  348. Michael says:

    heragain, my comment was to emphasize that if PettyJohn wants his children’s education to be confined to his religious beliefs, he should exercise the free choice to homeschool them. Religious instruction is the responsibility of parents, pastors, and parishioners not public school teachers.

  349. Delaware Dem says:

    Progressive champion Senator Karen Peterson is up.

  350. Daddy B says:

    Even if it’s a choice … oh I dunno.. like religion is a choice.. it should still be protected because its my choice… the only “choice” I made was to not lie to myself, my family and my friends. on with the vote!!

  351. Delaware Dem says:

    Peterson slaps the Catholic church hard, wondering why they sent someone to denounce same sex marriage but did not send someone to speak against the death penalty. A very good question.

  352. wayne says:

    goood luck

  353. Cambridge Guy says:

    Listening from Massachusetts, I’m stunned by these Senators.

    Are their districts in Tupelo, Mississippi? Or Bedrock representing Fred Flintstone?

  354. Kevin says:

    Memo to Sen.Ennis,civil rights shouldn’t be determined by public option.

  355. heragain says:

    Michael, I think he’d be happier in a nice Christian school… with a football team, and a modestly dressed prom. 😉

  356. TrueBleu says:

    Senator Ennis, we are not moving too fast, We are moving at the speed intended; the speed at which the accumulation of the proper number of votes to pass equality has occurred in Delaware. That day is today.

  357. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Peterson: “My partner Vicki and I have been together for 24 years. Last year, we entered into a civil union.” “I didn’t choose to be gay, anymore than heterosexuals choose to be straight.” “I am not broken.”

  358. Idealist says:

    “We don’t need to be fixed. We’re not broken” Senator Karen Peterson

  359. heragain says:

    Cambridge guy, it’s a border state. But look at the tally above.

  360. Michael says:

    I hope Rachel Maddow will carry Senator Peterson’s speech tonight.

  361. Delaware Dem says:

    Bushweller is speaking now. He is a yes.

  362. Delaware Dem says:

    Michael, and I hope she carries Bryan Townsend speech.

  363. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen. Peterson’s speech was beautiful. “If my happiness somehow demeans or diminishes your marriage, you need to work on your marriage

  364. Delaware Dem says:

    Sen Bushweller, in support of marriage equality: “We as a society must do all we can to encourage strong families”

  365. Gregory says:

    Bravo for Senator Bushweller!

  366. ebradlee10 says:

    Can someone please share the link to the testimony? Thanks.

  367. PluribusUnum says:

    BHL is a yes. Just posted statement to her facebook.

  368. John Manifold says:

    Father Klein is married. I’m not kidding.

  369. Mike Matthews says:

    Hall-Long just posted on FB that she is a yes. Game. Set. Match.

  370. Delaware Dem says:

    BREAKING: Sen. Bethany Hall Long, a key swing vote, just announced on FB that she’ll vote YES on HB75. on.fb.me/12bp3AR

  371. heragain says:

    HRC, as usual, focusing on the big ticket items. Talked about Karen peterson “outing herself” during debate. @@

  372. Ezra Temko says:

    Time to change that table!

  373. AC says:

    Forgive my ignorance as I am following from afar. Is Sen. Peterson gay/out?

  374. Delaware Dem says:

    Thank you Senator Hall Long. I know I have been tough on you, but you are doing the right thing. Thank you very much and we will have your back.

  375. Mm2784 says:

    Thank god these deplorable biggots will lose.

  376. anon says:

    google delaware legislature, home page will show a speaker and it’ll say senate in session or something, click on the speaker and you get the audio

  377. Delaware Dem says:

    AC, yes she is. She has been out for years, so she did not break any news by announcing that today.

  378. Haywood says:

    jhc.. give me a break

  379. pandora says:

    You know… these guys don’t know the history of marriage. Very embarrassing.

  380. Delaware Dem says:

    I told HRC and others on Twitter that Peterson has been out for years, but they are all in the national media treating it as breaking news. Oh well.

  381. MinnMark says:

    Listening from Minnesota where our House will have its debate and vote the day after tomorrow. We have 134 house members – at least we don’t allow non-members to speak on the floor – this will take hours even so.

  382. Ezra Temko says:

    Delaware Dem, she did break news though. She has been out among friends, family, etc., but not publicly. You would not find any reference to her sexual orientation or partner in the traditional news media and she was not listed on the Victory Fund’s list of openly LGBTQ elected officials. This is a new step for her and a welcomed one!

  383. Delaware Dem says:

    Actually, Senator, the Holy Bible defines marriage “many times” as between one man and many women.

  384. AC says:

    Del Dem thanks. I checked the legislative website and it said single on her bio so I was unsure. Good luck!

  385. Javier says:

    Lisa Keen ‏@KeenNS 3m

    #Delaware News Journal says Senator Hall-Long will vote yes. Marriage equality bill has 11 votes it needs to pass. Roll call soon

  386. heragain says:

    Ditto on BHL, DelDem. She’ll need support.

    And I’m sure Karen wants to be the headline on this. NOT.

  387. Delaware Dem says:

    Hocker moves to table the bill. A yes vote is a vote to table the bill

  388. Gregory says:

    Hocker and others – their objections are all based on their religious beliefs. I’m an atheist. There are lots of us out there. Personal religious beliefs have no place in our civil government.

  389. David in Georgia says:

    Marriage equality will lead to polygamy just like polygamy back in Biblical times led to same-sex marriage back then. Oh wait, that didn’t happen. The slippery slope argument is a ridiculous one.

  390. Delaware Dem says:

    Only 9 votes to table. Motion fails. Sokola is finishing up now. Roll Call is called on the vote.

  391. Javier says:

    Hocker moves to table, motion fails, roll call likely imitates final vote. Hall Long, Cloutier vote not to table #DE4M

  392. Delaware Dem says:

    Cloutier is a yes.

  393. liberalgeek says:

    looks like this is it. Bring on the vote and put the vodka and cranberry on ice!

  394. Dale says:

    Hall Long: Talk about waiting until the very last second to reveal your position. I don’t know why she couldn’t have just state her view yesterday or a few days ago.

  395. Delaware Dem says:

    Bill passes 12-9.

  396. Delaware Dem says:


  397. pandora says:

    I’m thrilled!

  398. Daddy B says:

    We wouldn’t all be listening if it wasn’t a cliff hanger! (although I would still be!)

  399. TrueBleu says:

    Now if either Minnesota or Illinois gets the job done, we will have a true baker’s dozen, number 13 being DC.

  400. KrawenTownie says:

    Tears of joy. Thank you fellow Delawareans!

  401. Delaware Dem says:

    Crowd erupts in ovation and cheers, and the Senate stands in recess.

  402. MinnMark says:

    Congratulations! Lots of hard work has culminated in equality.

  403. Daddy B says:

    We need 13 states to guarantee there will not be a Federal Constitutional Amendment proposed… Can’t get 3/4s of the States to approve with 13 already with SSM

  404. Keifer says:

    Thrilled my birth state now joins the equality ranks. I couldn’t get the webcast to play so I was enjoying the repartee here filling in the blanks for me.

  405. Delaware Dem says:

    I have just been told that the Governor is going to sign right now. I will hopefully have a pic of that shortly.

  406. Javier says:

    Equality Delaware ‏@EQDE now

    We expect @GovernorMarkell to sign marriage equality into law this afternoo

  407. Dale says:

    Outstanding coverage here at this blog. Thank you so much and congratulations!

    I have one request: please do some follow-up posts on what was really going on with Hall Long. I’d be interested to know what was causing the anguish – pressure from her dad to kill her inheritance, legitimate moral conflict, pressure from the Dem leadership, etc.

    I have learned so much about Delaware politics. It really is like 2 different states in one. If you listen to Venables and Hocker without knowing who they are, you’d think you were listening to legislators from the Deep South.

  408. Diego says:

    Thank you everyone for the updates. This is amazing!!!!

  409. heragain says:

    Signing today? Damn. Wish I had a transporter. Seeing that would be worth getting my molecules scrambled.

  410. El Somnambulo says:

    Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard on this bill! Congratulations to everyone who will now have their basic civil rights legalized and respected. Congratulations to each and every one of you who took the time to contact your legislators and contacted others to have THEM contact your legislators.

    Thank you SO much to all who voted yes. A particular THANK YOU to Senator Cathy Cloutier. A lawn sign beckons for you on our lawn unto perpetuity. I am just THRILLED that you did the right thing.

    Now, everyone go out and PAR-TAY!! We’re gonna party out here in Indiana!

  411. pandora says:

    Thanks to everyone who joined us on Delaware Liberal today!

  412. Bruno says:

    Congratulations Delaware. And thank you to this site for all the inside info on the process there, it seemed to be correct at most or all points. People across this country and beyond were paying close attention.

  413. Just another Dave says:

    Greetings from California, and congratulations to everyone there in Delaware! Thank you all for all your hard work, and enjoy the weddings! You’ve earned it! Thanks to everyone here for live blogging through these comments for all of us who could not hear the live audio feed. Now we just have to wait a few more weeks for the Prop 8 decision and we’ll join all of you who are living in the 21st century!

  414. El Somnambulo says:

    BTW, a GREAT move by Markell to sign the bill today. Nothing could be more symbolic than legalizing people’s civil rights right away!

  415. candide says:

    thanks to delawareliberal for great coverage! especially those of us who couldn’t get the audio feed to work.

  416. Just another Dave says:

    It would be GREAT if someone can post a photo of the signing, the crowd on the steps, etc. Thanks so much!!

  417. PluribusUnum says:

    its not effective at signing.

  418. Tim says:

    It was so great using this site through the vote. Does Minnesota have a site like this for their vote?

  419. heragain says:

    Tim, I don’t believe anyone has a site like this. Our gang is tops.

  420. heragain says:

    @DEHousedems is taking pictures on twitter

  421. AOINE says:

    Hereagain…….I would second that sentiment

    This is a crack group that always has their game on……

    So much better than well, Other nameless blogs……not that ALL the others are bad

    Just the bad ones are bad…. 🙂 and we all know who that one is…..

  422. Just another Dave says:

    @DEHousedems please post the photos here! Not everyone follows twitter. Thanks!

  423. Delaware Dem says:

    Hereagain, I will post the pictures of the signing on the new thread, since this one is getting quite full.

  424. Joanne Christian says:

    And thank you for allowing me to find a closer parking spot again–instead of walking in from Magnolia.

  425. Andy says:

    Need to update the table

  426. Kevin says:

    Congrats Delaware!

  427. MinnMark says:

    If you want to follow Minnesota House on Thursday, go to this link, http://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/htv/schedule.asp and then select “live video” on the right. From the schedule on that page, it looks like things will begin around 11 am CDT (12 noon EDT).

    Or, for video plus blogging, try The Uptake:

  428. cassandra m says:

    Thanks, MinnMark. Minnesota was my home for a few years. Am calling my friends there to make sure they are supporting this. Good luck Thursday!