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Woke up at 5AM this morning where even the BBC World Service was completely dedicated to coverage of the Boston Bomber manhunt. Strange. But TGIF.

Keith Ellison has reintroduced his Inclusive Prosperity Act, that would institute a financial transactions tax on Wall Street activities:

Ellison is reintroducing his Inclusive Prosperity Act, a proposal to add a small “financial transactions tax” on high-volume, high-speed trading by Wall Street speculators. The tax—similar to one that the US imposed until 1966, and to taxes maintained by 40 countries worldwide—would generate roughly $1 trillion in revenue over 10 years.

The Man of the Appalachian Trail, Mark Sanford, is having a very bad week — first, the NRCC abandons him after revelations that he was charged with trespassing at his ex-wife’s house. Abandons him as in they are no longer spending money on his campaign. What is intriguing about this is that the GOP doesn’t mind spending its money on other womanizers and malcontents and even when they said they’d abandon someone like the MO Senate candidate with rape issues, they ended up supporting him close to the end. Second, (according to Jennifer Rubin) there is a conservative women’s group that is exploring a write-in campaign for Jenny Sanford.

And what the hell is going on with NCCo staff? David Grimaldi has a fight in Pastabilities and NCCo Chief responds out of his jurisdiction:

“I did respond into the city,” Setting said. “That was just to make sure that everything was being done in the proper manner.” Setting referred other questions to Grimaldi.

Are all NCCo residents treated to NCCPD oversight when they are misbehaving in Wilmington enough for the WPD to be called in? This sure looks like special rules are in place for NCCo staff to misbehave with impunity.

What interests you today?

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  1. Geezer says:

    Cassandra: The amazing part of the Grimaldi story is that he and the guy he fought with went there together.

  2. cassandra m says:

    That is amazing. You wonder what it is that these two were fighting over, exactly. The only thing missing is Luigi having a fit over this.

  3. James says:

    Sadly, I’m not surprised to see this. This administration is the laughing stock of DE. No other elceted officals (besides Williams) want to be associated with them. This is what happens when you elect a criminal who surrounds himself with more criminal’s.

  4. Bilbo says:

    Sounds like a cut scene from “Goodfellas.” Why do Gordon’s #2’s always get into shenanigans?

  5. Geezer says:

    I also like the fact that Gordon is in Rome to watch his long-suffering wife sing in a choir at the Vatican. Maybe he can give the church officials some legal-representation tips while he’s there.

  6. mediawatch says:

    Gordon might have been better off if he had sent Grimaldi to the Vatican.
    Grimaldi at this point appears to be a cheap knock-off of Sherry Freebery. No one will ever match her, but Grimaldi isn’t going to stop trying.

  7. Geezer says:

    MW: At least Grimaldi hasn’t shot anybody to death.

  8. kavips says:

    I’m reassured just knowing someone out there still knows who Fellini is.

  9. cassandra_m says:

    Talk about your Friday afternoon news dump: Boy Scouts propose lifting ban on gays, but only for youth

    The Board needs to ratify this — it is a recommendation from the Scouts only at this point. But not turning away kids who are gay is a step in the right direction. Bigotry stays in place, apparently, for the adults who want to be involved with leadership.

  10. Jay says:

    I’m never going to get to my DVR recordings if this story keeps snowballing. It’s more entertaining (sadly) than anything on cable.

  11. pandora says:

    What Cassandra said.

  12. cassandra_m says:

    So is this a thing? That guys who allegedly have mob ties actually try to network on that? Serious question. I mean who does this except among *their own kind*?

  13. Jay says:

    “So is this a thing? That guys who allegedly have mob ties actually try to network on that? Serious question. I mean who does this except among *their own kind*?”

    No, just those that pretend to have mob ties. From what my friends in law enforcement tell me, the “first rule of fight club” is the same as the first rule of the mob. You don’t talk about it. So, that just leaves posers and wannabes.

  14. Roland D. Lebay says:


    Or those on the periphery of the mob. Low level shitheels love to talk about their “connections.” The truly connected keep their mouths shut.

    It’s the same as war veterans. If you see/hear a vet running off at the mouth about all the action he’s seen, chances are good that he didn’t actually see much action. The soldiers who witness real horror are usually loathe to talk about it.

  15. Roland D. Lebay says:

    BTW, it’s funny that Izzy didn’t have anything to say. I guess he got his fill of the media after repeatedly suing the City of Wilmington.

  16. rabbit says:

    Gordon should demand this clown’s resignation immediately, but that would be the right thing to do….

  17. uhm, be careful what you assume from the News Journal account. A few of the people involved were trying to speak off the record and so a lot of the story is out of context and partial quotes.

    It appears from my conversation with him that Dave Grimadi was there having dinner at the bar, meeting up with his friend Izquierdo. He tried to cut a rude, insulting guy at the bar a break by not filing charges even after he got bit. Luigi has pressed charges – supposedly Arcaro assaulted him after Grimaldi left. I tried to get Dave to send me the picture he took of his bloody hand but he won’t give it to me. I’m going to have some fun writing a story comparing what Arcaro said to the press vs. what he said in the police report.

    There’s a third story up about it.|breaking|text|Home

    But I saw enough of the police report to say that Arcaro is telling some pretty tall tales – probably because he was too drunk to remember what actually happened. The Wilmington police reported that he was barely able to stand up and speak. A.Mess.

    “This officer then spoke with Arcaro who was visibly intoxicated. Arcaro’s eyes were glassy and bloodshot. Arcaro struggled to keep his balance when walking and speech was slurred when he attempted to tell his side of the story. Arcaro advised officers that Grimaldi punched him in the face several times unprovoked.While speaking with Arcaro, these officers could not see any visible signs injury. Arcaro refused medical attention.”

    Grimaldi’s story is that at some point in the conversation at the bar, he held an advancing, angry Arcaro off with an outstretched hand which Arcaro then bit, drawing blood and so Grimaldi threw a punch and the two started to wrestle. Dave is the victim as determined by the officers on the scene. The County Police Chief did not get involved in the proceedings – supposedly he was following up on the report of the injury. I guess we are lucky we aren’t paying county police to shadow their bosses like they do with the Mayor of Wilmington.

  18. cassandra m says:

    The video is pretty straightforward.

  19. Roland D. Lebay says:

    Oh Nancy, please stop wishing to be the next Sherry Freeberry.

    Tom Gordon has done some good for NCC(UDC, for example, but even that was flawed & filled w/ payoffs to Greenville), but his good works have been tempered by his outsized ego & “above the law” bullshit.

    Sherry is a PWT piece of shit, but it’s unfair to blame her for EVERYTHING that happened during Gordon’s prior adminstration. It takes 2 to tango. Gordon & Sherry were willing tango partners. And bumper car partners (NCC owned vehicles), w/ no police report & no consequences.

    Both Gordon & Freeberry should STILL be in prison for the crimes they’ve committed, but that’s not how it works in Delaware.

    No wonder your blog is named “Delaware Way.” Your undying support of Gordon is the epitome of the Delaware Way.

  20. Roland D. Lebay says:

    And really, you’re basing your opinion on a fucking police report. I’ve had the displeasure of reading more than a few police reports. They are often lacking pertinent facts and just as often get the story wrong.

    One should consider an honest, WELL WRITTEN police report as an OUTLINE of what happened. Most police reports are not well written, and many of them are not honest.

  21. jmarie says:

    So nice to see the #1 Tom Gordon fanboi try to spin this and slander my friend. Sorry lady, but Carl isn’t an aggressive person and doesn’t start fights in bars. Nor does he have any reason to lie about this petty bullshit. Unlike that loser you keep defending, there are plenty of respected people who can attest to Carl’s character.

    In all reality, it doesn’t matter what Carl did or didn’t do. He isn’t in public office. Grimaldi *is* and has brought even more embarrassment to the Gordon administration. That is no way for a public official to behave. If he didn’t want to come off as such a tough guy wanna be, he could have walked away.

  22. geezer says:

    My question is how did Nancy see the police report. They are not public records.

  23. Sorry back jmarie, Arcaro may have enlisted you and others here as surrogates but the police report stands on the merits. He went too far in making up a series of conflicting stories to try and to appear as the victim – with the News Journal reporter eating from his hand. I am relishing publishing a story about it today myself since it will include more facts than fiction.

    Arcaro was arrested yesterday and he will have his day in court. Grimaldi should have had him arrested for assault and I would guess that right about now he is kicking himself for being the nice guy and walking away from it, or trying to, that night.

    Arcaro was obviously over-served as is often the case with barflies. I should know, been there and done it many, many years back myself.

    BTW, Luigi threw Carl Arcaro out of the restaurant a few months ago for loutish, drunken behavior. It is pretty obvious that your friend has a bad alcohol problem. His family is a prominent Wilmington family and yet here he is just digging himself in deeper. This will not end well for Carl.

  24. I asked Grimaldi to provide access to the police report so I could write a blog post with something to source his ‘side’ of the story. So he obliged.

    Some here are now disputing the facts on the police report. I agree that they take statements from all witnesses and those are what they are – merely statements from witnesses. But the police observations about the state of drunkenness of Carl Arcaro also stand for what they are. You want to call the Wilmington police a bunch of liars, be my guest.

  25. puck says:

    Elvis and the Dzhzoker are in custody, and order is restored to Gotham City.

  26. puck says:

    I saw a video clip the other day that aired during news of the ricin attacks, which I guess was meant to be an illustration of making ricin at home. It looked for all the world like Martha Stewart adding soy sauce to a bowl of white rice.

  27. Cassandra – yes Arcaro video is straightforward, that is kind of the point. It is also not very factual.

    Almost everything said in that video is easily disputed by 1). earlier published statements by Arcaro 2). later published statements by Arcaro 3) his own unmarked face 4). the police report.

    The guy is all over the place in versions of what happened.

    The shame of it? Arcaro is from a very well respected family. He isn’t just a nobody like he is claiming to be, not with his pedigree. And he doesn’t see just how misguided he is in spinning it off like this.

    I know that Adam Taylor is trying his best to get the ink, that’s what he is paid to do. And Grimaldi wasn’t cooperative so what is a reporter to do? Punish a recalcitrant source by hitting him squarely across the jaw, so to speak? I guess so.

    I happened to call Dave – it is no secret that he is a good friend of mine – a few days ago and he mentioned that Adam Taylor was writing a story on the incident that happened in Little Italy. Dave had some conversations with Adam over the phone which, from Dave’s point of view, were supposed to be off the record so Dave didn’t know how the story would come across. Now he knows. I got him to give me access to the police report so some truth might be inserted into this mess of ink. Should he have given Taylor access to the police report? Too late now.

  28. geezer says:

    OK, now my question is what is Grimaldi doing with access to the police report, and why is he passing it out to favorable press outlets?

    This is typical Gordon administration behavior — different sets of standards for different people. They respect no law but their own power.

    If Arcaro was being served when inebriated, BTW, it’s a violation of state law. So was that fact or speculation?

  29. puck says:

    Aren’t you entitled to a copy of a police report when you are in it? Actually, aren’t all police reports public documents except for limited privacy exclusions (ongoing investigations, minors, rape victims, etc)?

  30. geezer says:

    Not in Delaware, Puck. They were exempted from public records laws back in the 1980s at the urging of — who else? — the cops.

  31. puck says:

    I don’t see that explicitly in the FOIA law, but perhaps some of the more obscure language covers it. Anyway, you probably can get your own copy if you are in it.

  32. geezer says:

    I had missed this line before:

    “You want to call the Wilmington police a bunch of liars, be my guest.”

    Fine. I’m calling the Wilmington police a bunch of liars. Not necessarily in this case, but they lie whenever they have to. Just like other sorts of employees in other sorts of workplaces, most of them will lie whenever it’s more convenient than telling the truth, and they’ll lie whenever the boss tells them to.

    Also, this: “I happened to call Dave – it is no secret that he is a good friend of mine…:”

    Here we see the vast difference between citizen journalists and the real kind. No, Nancy, he is not your “good friend.” He is working you. That’s what politicians do with journalists. And journalists, knowing this, do not allow sources to become “good friends.”

  33. geezer says:

    I don’t know what the law says, Puck, or where it says it. I’m telling you from 30 years in the Delaware media that the police will not release police reports. They used to in the late ’70s, they no longer did by the mid-’80s.

  34. Cassandra M says:

    A public official looking to clear himself in the public eye would have provided said police report to the reporter on the story, it seems to me.

  35. I agree that Grimaldi would have been better served if he had cooperated with Taylor. I think he really wanted to escape an entanglement after being drawn into a scuffle and it blew up in his face. He is green at politics and Delaware is no less of a snakepit than anywhere else. Things don’t just go away because you wish they would.

    Geez, we all know what a hard on you have for anything to do with Gordon.

    David Grimaldi was the victim of an assault by Carl Arcaro. Police reports are ONLY provided to VICTIMS of crime. He and only he got access to the police report. He sent me a photograph of the document from his cell phone because I believed the truth of the extent of Arcaro’s inebriation as observed by the Wilmington police is a ‘missing’ point that bears repeating.

  36. Geezer, I promise you, Dave and I are friends. Take it or leave it.

    You just can’t help yourself can you? You make up the parameters of the world as you insist it is. Fine. And because you have quite a soapbox from which to influence our small county now and when you were writing for the paper, you probably have come to believe your swollen head that people will automatically fall into line with your world view just because. Why else would you spend so much time here ‘persuading’ everyone on every subject that comes across the threads? You want to wield influence. Got it.

    I don’t call myself a citizen journalist. You call me that. I use blogging as a platform to speak truth to power. And right now, I challenge the power you wield to corner everything possible into a Gordon drama of your making.

  37. My last comment diappeared. I won’t bother recreating it. Suffice to say that Geezer is desperate to spin a Gordon drama into every possible corner. I challenge that power… a good friend of Dave Grimaldi. Just look at how Geezer started the thread. By an attack on Tom Gordon’s wife for something he made up. Who says she is long-suffering? I would say she is an extremely happy person who’s had a long stint of peace since Tom fended off the insults of the likes of media pests like Geezer.

    Geezer calls me a citizen journalist but that isn’t what I call myself. I am just here to call out truth when it is being abused. I couldn’t do it without seeing the police report so I requested access to it and only got it from a very reluctant friend after some persistence. And I can back that up with evidence.

  38. geezer says:

    “We all know what a hard on you have for anything to do with Gordon.”

    For the simple reason that he and his have no respect for the rule of law. Once upon a time you thought the same way.

    BTW, what’s this crap about the CAO being in charge? He’s unelected. Does the county code reflect this situation, or is it, as usual, ad hoc?

  39. My comments are not getting published but go right ahead and discuss without me.

    Well, there you go. My last two were blocked and I don’t have time to play games here this morning by recreating them. If they are in moderation I would appreciate their release.

  40. Delaware Dem says:

    Nancy, as I said in my email to you, I am not sure why the comments were caught in the spam filter. Our apologies. As you can see, they have been released.

  41. Tom McKenney says:

    I use blogging as a platform to speak truth to power

    Unfortunately only to certain people in power, when you can call your friends on their BS then I will take you seriously. Anyone can call out those who they oppose, real courage comes from speaking out against those who are on your side.

  42. jmarie says:

    “It is pretty obvious that your friend has a bad alcohol problem.”

    Stop with the character attacks on someone you do not know.

    “His family is a prominent Wilmington family and yet here he is just digging himself in deeper. This will not end well for Carl.”

    Is this a threat? Really, what is going to happen. I’m alll ears. Good luck trying to hurt the business or his family. Criminal mischief charges?? hahaha.

    Grimaldi on the other hand is a *public official*. This kind of behavior is ridiculous. If you can’t at least agree that it is unbecoming of the CAO to behave like this, I feel sorry for you. Actually I feel like the below video sums up your relationship with the Gordon Admin. lol.

  43. kavips says:

    “It is pretty obvious that your friend has a bad alcohol problem.”

    I have a bad alcohol problem too.. It is never strong enough.

  44. cassandra m says:

    Interesting that someone who is so in the right would need the Chief of NCCo police to respond to the incident. Too bad Nancy doesn’t get the irony of the name of her blog.

  45. SussexWatcher says:

    Puck and geezer re: FOIA and police reports … Here are the relevant bits. Police reports are easily available in many other states, as are public employee personnel files, by-the-by. Delaware is a very secret state.

    (l) “Public record” is information of any kind, owned, made, used, retained, received, produced, composed, drafted or otherwise compiled or collected, by any public body, relating in any way to public business, or in any way of public interest, or in any way related to public purposes, regardless of the physical form or characteristic by which such information is stored, recorded or reproduced. For purposes of this chapter, the following records shall not be deemed public:

    (3) Investigatory files compiled for civil or criminal law-enforcement purposes including pending investigative files, pretrial and presentence investigations and child custody and adoption files where there is no criminal complaint at issue;

    (4) Criminal files and criminal records, the disclosure of which would constitute an invasion of personal privacy. Any person may, upon proof of identity, obtain a copy of the person’s personal criminal record. All other criminal records and files are closed to public scrutiny. Agencies holding such criminal records may delete any information, before release, which would disclose the names of witnesses, intelligence personnel and aids or any other information of a privileged and confidential nature;

    (5) Intelligence files compiled for law-enforcement purposes, the disclosure of which could constitute an endangerment to the local, state or national welfare and security;

  46. Roland D. Lebay says:

    Arcaro is no angel. He or his father accused a guy I know of stealing from him. Dude was innocent & won in court.

    BTW, occasionally getting shitfaced in the company of friends (or presumed friends) does not necessarily indicate an alcohol problem.

  47. kavips says:

    Sigh, if they both were armed this never would have happened! 🙁

  48. I am hearing that Luigi barred Arcaro from the premises 6 months ago for tearing the place apart while drunk. That looks like an alcohol problem to me. Luigi had Arcaro arrested this time.

    Why didn’t any one ask Arcaro to explain what happened with Luigi after Grimaldi left the restaurant to see to his injury? Supposedly there was a second altercation and charges have been filed. No doubt the News Journal will follow the case to the bitter end.

    Also, where did Geezer get the idea that Grimaldi came to the restaurant with Arcaro as stated in the top of the thread?

  49. geezer says:

    Nancy: From the original account, which said they were dining together.

    So, back to the allegation that Arcaro was drunk. Then why was he being served?

  50. jmarie says:

    What deal was Grimaldi making with Izquiredo? That’s why they were meeting at 10:00 at night for, right Nancy? Is this the new open ethical bid process for county contracts? I think its very interesting. What contract was he offering a ex-cop who is known to be corrupt.

  51. Why was Arcaro being served…..good question. I know drunks and I know bars and bars in restaurants and I have seen just about everything you could see happen in that environment. It isn’t an easy call to make to cut someone off, especially if they are a good tipping regulars. And some people have a personality shift when they get to a certain level of intoxication. That is definitely hard to call because it is too late once the person is in a fucking total belligerent snit. You try to get them out the door and they really do not want to leave.

    What deal was Izquierdo talking about to the reporter? I don’t know but the bids for contracts have nothing to do with the CAO’s scope of authority. It may have been something Izzy desired but it was not something Grimaldi could help him with even if he was so inclined.

    What I was told was that Izzy was in the restaurant with a mutual friend and Gordon campaign worker Kevin Holmes when they decided to call Dave Grimaldi and invite him to join them.

    Dave showed up, ordered dinner and a drink and soon afterwards was caught up in some pretty outrageous behavior from Carl. Carl pushed Dave’s buttons. Too bad. My late barfly boyfriend always said ‘never let ’em get to you’.

  52. Tom McKenney says:

    We will probably never know what happened in there. But we know the county police should not have been called to a problem in the Wilmington Police Department’s jurisdiction. I find that suspect. If the owner knowingly served a belligerent drunk , the owner should be responsible for the damage and receive a fine or license suspension.

  53. geezer says:

    You see what I mean, I hope. Luigi has reason to worry about liability here. If Arcaro had in the past behaved as badly as you say, I’m surprised he was even allowed in, but since he was, they can hardly claim they don’t know when to cut him off.

    That aside, and even assuming Arcaro’s story is pure BS, Grimaldi still has some ‘splainin’ to do. I don’t care about the restaurant being in the city — it’s inappropriate to call the chief of police to the scene no matter where it took place. It’s also inappropriate of the chief to respond to the scene, no matter who asked him. He can give whatever excuse he wants; he is smart enough to know it would be seen by all concerned as a power play, which indeed it was.

    What Grimaldi wanted was a lawyer. Unless he was conducting county business at that meeting, he should have called his own.

    If he was conducting county business, he should not have engaged with Arcaro at all. The proper response for a government official when confronted by a belligerent citizen is to disengage, to limit the government’s exposure to liability. Of course officials are human and will sometimes violate that principle, but it shouldn’t be excused on that basis. It’s still an embarrassment, or would be to people capable of the emotion.

    Also, I still question the policy of putting the CAO instead of the council president in charge while the executive is not on duty.

  54. Am I missing something or didn’t all of the NCC police recently get sworn in to cover the city jurisdiction? And yes, that is non-withstanding all of the other concerns above about who should have called whom.

    I understand that Dave just wanted to get out of the situation and get his hand tended to. But noooooooooooooo, Arcaro kept on causing a scene at the restaurant and it was after much more grief that police were called. Grimaldi was phoned by Iquierdo and told he should return which he did. He called his Chief to let him know what was going on and Setting volunteered to go down and see what was happening. Good or bad, that’s the story.

  55. Tom McKenney says:

    That is the story but is it true? U.D. police have jurisdiction in Newark but they are not the ones I would call for a disturbance in Newark. I’m not believing anyone’s version. Some drunks get into a fight and you expect me to believe them or their drinking buddies. By the way that story doesn’t come close to passing the smell test.

  56. cassandra m says:

    Not sure if the city and county PDs are sworn yet in each other’s districts, but the folks who respond to calls for service are NOT the Chief of Police or immediate command. The Chief responding to a call from a colleague is not a normal call for service by any stretch.

  57. geezer says:

    I really don’t give a fig what the story is. Sorry you’re no longer free to condemn this sort of thing.

  58. willie pastrano says:

    carl get a good philly lawyer and sue these jerk=offs.

  59. willie pastrano says:

    if vito would have flaged carl for being intoxicated there would be no story.mike brown is a 10000 times right what was setting doing there.why was david acting like a wanna-be claiming he knew mob people if this is true he shouldnt be in office.and why was izzy and david conducting county bussiness in a bar.why didnt grimaldi just leave when the altercation started instead of punching arcaro.I think carl has a very good law suit

  60. I understand that Al Mascitti had a mash up on his show today on the subject. Then Rick Jensen had the actual people involved on for an interview in the afternoon and it is on a podcast.

    The News Journal is supposedly going to do another story to finally capture the story from someone-not-named-Arcaro.

    I would advise all of those who have taken Carl Arcaro at his word to listen to the WDEL podcast for what is the very credible counter-story. It is something to hear Izquierdo having to condemn a long time friend Carl Arcaro for the despicable lies he’s been suckering all you people with.

    And yes Tom, google is you friend. The NCC police have been sworn to Wilmington jurisdiction. And for this:

    “Comment by Tom McKenney on 20 April 2013 at 12:20 pm:

    I use blogging as a platform to speak truth to power

    Unfortunately only to certain people in power, when you can call your friends on their BS then I will take you seriously. Anyone can call out those who they oppose, real courage comes from speaking out against those who are on your side.”

    well, I think you know where you can go shove it.

  61. cassandra_m says:

    It *is* pretty remarkable that for all of the time you spent accusing people of being friends of and getting favors fro Chris Coons, that here is Nancy *really* friends with the folks in NCCo government furiously defending her friends and her friendship. Not surprised at the double standards, really.

  62. jmarie says:

    Izzy had a different story when he called a few mutual “friends” the other day and asked that everyone lay low so this deal wasn’t ruined. Begging everyone to reach out to Carl and get him to keep quiet. hmmmmmmmmm. Why would he do that Nancy, why??
    So you know what Nancy- keep eating from his hand. Its really cute.
    PS who cares about the fight. No one is pressing charges so it really does not matter. I would warn your friend about Izzy though. Dirty as they come. Disgusting masochist pig. ugh.

  63. Tom McKenney says:

    I think you know where you can go shove it.

    I know you certainly don’t your hypocrisy shoved back in your face.
    Now Grimaldi claims racial slurs were responsible for the fight and Arcaro bit him unprovoked. This keeps getting more bizarre. I don’t care politically, I have no dog in this fight but The more I hear Grimaldi the less I believe him.

  64. Roland D. Lebay says:


    When Richard Korn was arrested, more than one woman commented here that they had met him. All who commented found him to be creepy.

    I’ve me Izzy two or 3 times. He gives me the same feeling that Korn gave those women. And he’s an outright asshole. I know nothing about the masochist thing. He derives sexual pleasure from pain inflicted upon him? Please elaborate. Or did you mis-type & mean misogynist? I’d believe that in a heartbeat.

  65. Roland D. Lebay says:


    I hp Tm Grdn s pyng y t sck hs pltcl cck, cz y’re dng grt jb!

  66. Pencadermom says:

    dang, who stole your vowels?

  67. Roland D. LeBay says:

    Someone w/ the power to edit posts. It’s actually funnier w/o the vowels!

  68. Delaware Dem says:

    LOL, that was probably Pandora or Cassandra. We do that to comments that not really moderation worthy, since you are making a valid point, but are still insulting or sexually explicit.

  69. jmarie says:

    Roland- haha yeah. He is a misogynist. I don’t want to imagine the other. I have known him well for a long time and know some really disgusting stuff but the last thing I need is that asshole coming after me. If both of his former partners want absolutely nothing to do with him, you know its bad.

    What is hilarious is that he is spreading rumors that he is being threatened now. wtf. He carries two guns. No one is that stupid. One person wants to go in front of WPD headquarters with a sign asking why they didn’t protect underage girls from him. lol.

    I also heard that Grimaldi has a record that involves assaulting a female while intoxicated. Seems like him and Izzy are meant for each other.

  70. pandora says:

    Wasn’t me who disemvoweled Roland!

  71. cassandra m says:

    Wasn’t me, either!

  72. puck says:

    Professor Plum, in the parlor, with a filet knife.

  73. Delaware Dem says:

    Hmmmm. A mystery.

  74. Joanne Christian says:

    Hari Kari by blog!

  75. geezer says:

    I apologize for this, but I just found two more attacks on me by Nancy Willing. None of it is surprising, except perhaps for the notion that calling her a “citizen journalist” was some sort of insult.

    “Just look at how Geezer started the thread. By an attack on Tom Gordon’s wife for something he made up.”

    An attack? What did I say that could be taken as an attack?

    “Who says she is long-suffering?”

    I do. I would say that any woman whose family has gone through as much as hers has is long-suffering. Again, odd you would consider it an insult.

    “I would say she is an extremely happy person who’s had a long stint of peace since Tom fended off the insults of the likes of media pests like Geezer.”

    Now I see what Roland meant. Was she extremely happy the night Sherry showed up in her driveway to play bumper cars with her and Tom’s county vehicles? Was she extremely happy the night her son tossed a molotov cocktail onto a neighbor’s front porch because of his father’s behavior?

    You have shown that, far from being interested in good government, you were merely interested in getting your hands on the levers of power, and now that you have a hand in, you’ll do or say anything to protect the guy who put you there. So noted.

    I’m just sorry I misunderstood your motives.