IPOD gets new star: Don Ayotte

Filed in National by on April 15, 2013

Apparently on Dan Gaffney’s show on 105.9 FM downstate, insane teabagger Don Ayotte, who had tried to unseat Sussex County Councilwoman Joan Deaver in the 2012 election, and who has recently been involved in the Great Delaware Republican Civil War, has just announced that he is leaving the GOP and has joined the Independent Party of Delaware (IPOD). The reason for his leaving: that mean mean Frank Knotts.

I wonder how Ayotte is going to enjoy IPOD’s prior platform that called for universal single payer healthare?

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  1. Delaware Dem says:

    Listen to it now online if you are upstate. It is gold. Ayotte just announced that he believed Bodenweiser was framed by Republicans because he is Christian.

    Wolfgang agrees with Ayotte because the number of counts in the complaint was 113, which is the route number of the road going through Georgetown.


  2. Mitch Crane says:

    I am thankful that DL exists! I received a text that Don Ayotte had changed parties and the thought of his becoming a Democrat!!!! Del Dem’s post save my day.

    As chair of the Sussex County Democratic Committee, I am all for a big tent, but they don’t MAKE them THAT big.

  3. puck says:

    The average IQ of the Delaware GOP just went up slightly.

  4. Delaware Dem says:

    And it is really a shame. Wolfgang Baumgartner, the head of IPOD, was just going on about special interests and used as an example the Monsanto bill, and I generally agree with him. He is going to be suprised to learn that Ayotte thinks any regulation of the private market to prevent Monsanto from killing people or to impose liability upon them is SOCIALISM!!!

  5. anon says:

    DelawarePolitics, true to their Stalinist form, shut down comments on the Ayotte thread, after, of course Ayotte got the last word in.

  6. cassandra_m says:

    First Protack, then Ayotte — apparently IPOD can’t get enough of the stupid and the failed.

  7. SussexAnon says:

    Does it say in the training book “if tazing does not subdue subject, kick and stomp on his head”?

  8. bamboozer says:

    Apparently the Tea Party is losing it’s grip upon the farthest of the far right in Delaware. Then again the Delaware Republican party is probably saying to itself “things are looking up at last!”.

  9. Jason330 says:

    Funny comments. Thank you all. I needed a laugh.

  10. Cletus says:

    i just left the wal-mart in Georgetown, they are out of tin foil, go figure. the kool-ade was low too.

  11. Wolf von Baumgart says:

    To top it off, DON AYOTTE will appear on Dr J and Douggie Style on blogtalkradio.com tonight at 7PM.

    Further GOP-to-IPoD re-registrations are imminent in the wake of further delawareright.com / delawareliberal.net character assassination attempts.

    Stay tuned….

  12. pandora says:

    Is it wrong of me to be enjoying the crazy so much? Not enough popcorn in the world… Dr J and Douggie Style? What? No Fresh Prince?

  13. liberalgeek says:


    Character assassinations… Seriously, these are guys that are serial character suiciders (is that a word? It ought to be).

    Let me guess, Protack is next… Followed by the professional wrestler guy…

  14. geezer says:

    @Wolfgang: Let me get this straight: People have mean things said about them, so they join a different political party? These are the same oh-so-tough guys who want to lead a revolution against the US government, and they can’t take being called names — accurate ones, too, like “moron” and “nut job.” You people give new meaning to the word “lame.”

    If you’re going to perform as clowns, shouldn’t you sell tickets, instead of doing it in public for free?

  15. Dave says:


    “If you’re going to perform as clowns, shouldn’t you sell tickets, instead of doing it in public for free?”

    It’s a personal principle that I am almost always civil and rarely write any disparaging remarks about anyone. But when I read something that causes me to chuckle (ok to be honest, laugh out loud) I gotta give the author props.

    So…props! I’m still chuckling over that!

  16. Wolf von Baumgart says:


    No one in the IPoD is even remotely contemplating any form of revolution against the USG. That cowardly lie was an all time low, even for DL DBs like you.

    P.S. I know who you are. Would you like to served process at home or at work?

  17. pandora says:

    We need more popcorn for DJ Jazzy Jeff! Served? LOL!

  18. Wolf von Baumgart says:

    This just in …. In light of Don Ayotte’s liberation from the GOP,
    independent Democrats have also declared their intention to join the IPoD Society of Free Thinkers.

  19. geezer says:

    “Would you like to served process at home or at work?”

    For what, pointing out that you and your “party” have the morals of snakes and the principles of the typical sociopath? Don Ayotte certainly does type, almost constantly, about the typranny of the government. Revolution is implicit. And you can’t libel a political “party,” even one as pathetic as yours.

    By the way, when typing threats, it pays to check your syntax, so you don’t skip words in your spittle-induced rage. So come on, beat your tiny fists and stamp your tiny feet.

    Will you wear your cute little uniform to court?

  20. geezer says:

    By the way, don’t ever call me again. That’s what you get for the threat. Asshole.

  21. geezer says:

    “independent Democrats have also declared their intention to join the IPoD Society of Free Thinkers.”

    So that brings membership to — what? Six?

  22. Wolf von Baumgart says:

    @GEEZER et.al.:

    There is a major conceptual difference between armed insurrection and revolution. The only “revolution” in the IPoD is a creative,
    scientific revolution — a new paradigm — in the spirit of
    Thomas Kuhn. Naturally, I don’t expect a pack of collectivist/statist hyenas like the garbage mouths on DL
    to remotely comprehend this point.

  23. Jason330 says:

    LG. “character suicide”. FTW!

  24. Aoine says:

    Well, of you are wearing Don Ayottes glasses
    And have Wolf gangs counting skills

    That brings the totals to 12…. Coz things are always magnified with the IPoD

  25. geezer says:

    “There is a major conceptual difference between armed insurrection and revolution.”

    I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time explaining it to the judge. You pathetic little asshole.

    If I weren’t in the neurology ICU with my son at the moment I’d come down there and spit in your face myself.

  26. Jason330 says:

    Can someone set up a wing nut blog for Delaware? These screwballs showing up here is already tiresome.

  27. geezer says:

    They already have one at DP, but they keep throwing each other off the site.

  28. Aoine says:

    wolfie….you have a problem

    “The only “revolution” in the IPoD is a creative,
    scientific revolution — a new paradigm”

    You better explain that to Don, talk slowly and use simple words. Oh, he doesn’t believe in science either.

    Good luck

    geezer……concentrate on family, we are just having sport with the under…….ummmmm under. Something

  29. cassandra_m says:

    I comprehend enough to know that Thomas Kuhn assuredly wouldn’t want his periodic revolutions associated with the *decidedly* run of the mill (hint: collectivist! How creative! How revolutionary!) crackpottery of IPOD.

  30. anon says:

    I welcome a “scientific revolution” in Delaware, let’s start with the embryonic stem cell research bill that the GOP stopped a few years ago. I’m sure you can get Don Ayotte and the rest of the Sheriff’s posse behind that, Wolfgang.

    BTW, are you still living with your Mother?

  31. single in sussex says:

    Wolfgang you talk a lot of smack for a guy whose biggest accomplishment is stealing the only man in Sussex creepier than youself from the GOP.

  32. Wolf von Baumgart says:


    Since when have you been such a paragon of virtue?

    May I please have your radio ban on official WDEL stationary or are
    you just farting off at the keyboard? You really don’t have the guts to debate in-depth anyway. If anyone is a fool, it’s you as you and your cronies seem incapable of engaging in intelligent dialog and DL types aren’t really the great advocates of the First Amendment that they claim to be.

    As for coming down and spitting in my face, that’s just another idle immature threat. What uniform are you alluding to? You really need a thicker skin, a longer fuse and greater control of your reptilian paranoid reflexes as your interpretation of a rhetorical response to a false charge was automatically interpreted as a threat.


    Where you twirling your revolver with one hand and typing your garbage with another? Don is an accomplished journalist and writer.
    His material and command of the English language is light-years ahead of yours. What were you drinking?


    I doubt that you read “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” at any significant level of comphrension (if at all).


    If you knew anything about stem cells, you would realize that adult stem cells have more scientific potential than embryonic stem cells,
    so, your argument is (as usual)irrelevant.


    The rest of your chicken manure isn’t worth responding to.

    The general garbage that is posted on DL by fourth and fifth-rate political hacks exemplifies why the country is currently in such sorry shape.

    What else can we expect from Democrat and Republican machine politics as usual??? Don’t tell me. Let me guess.

    It’s the DELAWARE WAY…..


    If you drink or do drugs, DON’T BLOG.
    If you blog, DON’T DRINK OR DO DRUGS.

  33. Wolf von Baumgart says:

    *** CORRECTION ***


    Strike “Where” and replace with “Were”. It’s getting late and a typo was inevitable. Enough fun for tonight…

  34. geezer says:

    Screw off, little boy. Take your hobby elsewhere. Call me and see what happens if you don’t believe me.

    You picked the wrong night to fuck with me, you pathetic little turd. Does your mommy still drive you around Sussex County, or did you finally learn how to do it yourself?

    Rhetorical my ass. You threatened a lawsuit, with nothing but your own deserved powerless as motivation. You’ve fucked up a party that you had nothing to do with forming; all you’ve ever done with IPoD, founded by an actual progressive, Floyd McDowell, is turn it into a statewide laughingstock by offering it up as a platform to a pair of psychopaths.

  35. geezer says:

    “Don is an accomplished journalist and writer.”

    Compared with you, maybe. Compared with actual writers and journalists, no. But what would you know? You’re the dumbass who trusted Mike Protack.

  36. pandora says:

    Geezer, I hope all is well with your son. If there’s anything we can do…

    Ignore these fools – unless it helps release stress.

    As far as the new IPoD members… a quick stroll around the net reveals two names: Dr. Jahi Issa, former Delaware State University professor, and James Christina, the Libertarian Party candidate who ran against Senator Patti Blevins.

  37. Ditto, Geezer. Take care of your son, we’ll deal with the looney tunes.

  38. Wolf von Baumgart says:


    Anyone with a brain, reveiwing the sordid DL record will realize that the verbal aggression originated with you. Apparently, your level of tolerance is very low and you’re very good at name calling
    in place of political discourse.

    As for IPoD history, while I don’t claim to be a founder, per se, I
    have been very active in its formation, platform, strategy, etc. In fact, I gave the party its name (instead of the less than memorable one originally proposed).

    So, I’m banned from your show ??? BIG DEAL … You are obviously still ticked off about Protack, but he was not our biggest candidate selection mistake.

    DL is just an Orwellian place for a bunch of pretentious nanny state socialists to rant, lie and rave. There is virtually no meaningful intellectual content present on this site.

    As for you carrying out your threat to spit in my face, the legitimate question is: You and what army? Come back with a Panzer Division. Frankly, you, DL, Frankie Knotts and DR are getting mighty

    Independents are the wave of the future. Both the Democrats and Republicans have failed to govern and the two sick excuses for parties and their hacks are running scared. America will be a much better place when they go the way of the Whigs and Federalists by being relegated to the dung heap of History.

  39. Dave says:

    As an Independent, I would like to state that Baumgart does not speak for this independent.

    My general impression of the IPOD is that their independence is merely a means to distinguish themselves from both parties and has nothing to do with their place in the political spectrum (which is the far right fringe).

    If you look at their politics, members, and associates they can hardly be called independents. In fact, I resent their use of the name.

  40. cassandra_m says:

    I doubt that you read “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” at any significant level of comphrension (if at all).

    So you would be surprised that my level of comprehension would include knowing when *comprehension* is misspelled? I’ve read enough of Kuhn to know that your crackpottery is, you know, crackpottery. But in your circle I’m sure it all sounds impressive, since they wouldn’t know, either.

  41. cassandra_m says:

    Baumgart doesn’t speak for many genuine independents. His claim to fame is giving safe harbor to some of the wingnuttiest of the wingnuts and various other political misfits. The most attention IPOD ever gets is when DL points and laughs at it.

  42. Wolf von Baumgart says:

    Dave and cASSandra:

    Another canard bites the dust. LOL

    NOBODY speaks for all independents. The mere proposition is a virtual statistical impossibility just as having an intelligent, solutions-oriented discussion of relevant issues on DL.

    (That would require a pole shift.)

  43. cassandra_m says:

    And another wingnut shows that his reading comprehension isn’t what he’s puffed up (and another bit of evidence that you’ve no clue about Kuhn) — I never claimed that you or anyone else spoke for ALL INDEPENDENTS. Neither did Dave.

    We’re still pointing and laughing!


  44. Wolf von Baumgart says:


    Pointing and laughing is about all you and your ilk are good for.
    Wait a minute…Let’s see…I forgot distortion.

    DL is an emotionally toxic wasteland that is rapidly losing its relevance.

    Besides, BORING.

  45. Roland D. Lebay says:

    “DL is an emotionally toxic wasteland that is rapidly losing its relevance.”

    You spelled Delaware Politics wrong.

  46. SussexWatcher says:

    “What uniform are you alluding to?”

    That would be the safari suit, dipwad.

  47. cassandra_m says:


    Just want to point and laugh at this 3rd grader’s attempt at a clever insult. And this moron wants us to think he reads Kuhn for fun.

    And it is just boring enough for this same moron to keep coming here to make sure we’re still pointing and laughing at him. It is likely the only attention he gets.

  48. anon says:

    Pointing, laughing, winning elections and blowing all of the other parties out of the water when it comes to statewide voter registration, Wolf.

  49. Tom McKenney says:

    rapidly losing its relevance.

    Besides, BORING.

    Not until you came to this site. Grow up please.