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Looks like the crew of DL is swamped today.

In the spirit of the season and what would Jesus do scenario, a Georgia town has made gun ownership mandatory.  Don’t worry, the ordinance doesn’t carry penalties.  Just another example of lawmakers wasting taxpayer money.

Did you know there was a state of being safely unconscious when it comes to rape/assault?  Me neither, but here it is:

As long as I’m safely unconsious (sic) and therefore shielded from the costs of an assault, why shouldn’t the rest of the world (or more specifically my attackers) be allowed to reap the benefits? And if the thought of those benefits makes me shudder, why should my shuddering be accorded any more public policy weight than Bob’s or Granola’s? We’re still talking about strictly psychic harm, right?

Right?  Right?

And Tom Carper FINALLY endorses marriage equality.

As our society has changed and evolved, so too has the public’s opinion on gay marriage – and so has mine. I pray every day for God to grant me the wisdom to do what is right. Through my prayers and conversations with my family and countless friends and Delawareans, I’ve been reminded of the power of one of my core values: the Golden Rule. It calls on us to treat others as we want to be treated. That means, to me, that all Americans ultimately should be free to marry the people they love and intend to share their lives with, regardless of their sexual orientation, and that’s why today, after a great deal of soul searching, I’m endorsing marriage equality.

About time.  He lost a lot points by waiting, imo.

What’s on your mind?


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  1. A Delawarean says:

    I am glad Senator Carper now publicly supports marriage equality. Do you think it was a coincidence that DuPont came out in favor the week before?

  2. cassandra_m says:

    Thanks, P, I’m traveling again.

    Congratulations to Senator Carper for representing his state and endorsing marriage equality.

    Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) also came out for marriage equality today too.

  3. mediawatch says:

    On Carper, a couple of thoughts:
    First, maybe he didn’t want to appear too far behind — or too far to the right of — DuPont on this issue.
    Second, he didn’t have to take a position in the last election because it was a non-issue. So perhaps he’s coming out now so, if he runs in 2018, he can say he was for gay marriage before the Supreme Court was. Or, perhaps he doesn’t really believe what he says but now no one will push him on the issue as he serves out his final term.

  4. mediawatch says:

    As for the folks in Kenesaw and Nelson, Ga., looks like a perfect tie-in for the NRA, Remington and the Welcome Wagon ladies.

  5. puck says:

    Seems like evolution has sped up, now that all the voter polls are coming out pro gay marriage. In my opinion, conservatives are only capitulating to gay rights because it costs their wealthy constituents nothing.

    Now if only gay marriage could create jobs or raise real wages.

    I just don’t want to see anybody give liberal props to these new converts solely because they endorsed gay marriage. They are still out to destroy the nation’s middle class and cut benefits to the poorest, gay or straight.

  6. X Stryker says:

    I’d like to see some pressure on Sen. Kelly Ayotte next. NH GOP is more libertarian than ultra-christianist.

  7. Jason330 says:

    “Pray, prayer, soul searching. God, family, prayer.” – Senator Subtle

  8. Cobain says:

    smh… No matter what Carper did, he was going to get hit here for it in some way. Hahahahah

  9. geezer says:

    And why shouldn’t he? Because he wasn’t the very last Democrat to weigh in?

  10. Frank says:

    “Conservative media idiot decides that new MSNBC African American host isn’t black enough to be called African American.”

    Words fail me. Nothing I could say could express my depth of feeling on this matter.

    (Which was Octavius Caesar’s response to requests and pleas that he found just Too Stupid for Words.)

    Me, I’m just speechless.

  11. fightingbluehen says:

    On March 15 DL slammed Earnie Lopez over HB35. Today Bill Colley on WGMD slammed Lopez on HB35.

    The extremities of each party are never satisfied and drive the partisan divide, making it difficult for moderates like Earnie Lopez.

  12. SussexWatcher says:

    Colley is going to find a reason to slam Ernie no matter what. He whipped Colley’s onetime meal ticket, Urquhart, in the primary, don’t forget.

  13. Plus we didn’t rip Lopez over HB 35, which hadn’t even made it to the Senate yet. In fact, won’t make it there until the General Assembly reconvenes after the Easter recess.

    We ripped the phony GOP ‘alternative’ which would make the seller of the gun liable if the purchaser committed a crime with it even though, without background checks, the seller would likely have no way of knowing whether the purchaser should possess such a weapon. Two bills, Lavelle and Lopez, are the sponsors.

    And, by ‘we’, I mean ‘I’.

  14. Sven-Erland says:

    The Republicans in Delaware suggest a reform that we should implement in Sweden. The question is why. Are the Republicans seriously concerned,or do they simply want to deal a financial blow to the Democratic party?


  15. socialistic ben says:

    It is so interesting that Sweden has such a prominent local government. I though Russia had tight control of its territories.

  16. Sven-Erland says:

    Let me know what you think of the Republican plan for reformation of the Delaware General Assembly. Is it a non-partisan issue, or are they aiming at dealing a blow to the Democrats?

    We are discussing this issue in Sweden – as described in the blog post.

    socialistic ben, you really need to read our blog. Russia has been our enemy for 1000 years, but Sweden has never been occupied. By anyone. You must be thinking of France.