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Easter Open Thread [3.31.13]

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Happy Easter, everyone! Have you gotten to the part of the day where you and yours are creating new tortures for those horrifying Peeps?

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Why the Phils Will Suck Until Ruben Amaro Jr. Goes

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Let me be clear. It’s possible, just possible, that they might have one year left. I don’t think so, though. Not with the aging and defensively-challenged additions they made this offseason: Michael Young and Delmon Young. Neither of whom are ‘Forever Young’.

But, that’s it. Why? Because Amaro insists on ignoring one of the most important tools in the GM’s toolbox: statistical analysis, aka ‘sabermetrics’.

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Easter Daily Delawhere [3.31.13]

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Easter Daily Delawhere [3.31.13]

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Saturday Open Thread [3.30.13]

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It is a gorgeous Saturday and I hope that all of you are spending quality time out in this sunshine. In this thread, we don’t care who you had breakfast with.

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Happy Easter or Jedi Holiday Equivalent

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Jedi Knight is now the biggest religion among “other religions” in Great Britton – so I guess there will be a lot of bowing in the direction of Coruscant in the actual home of Christianity this weekend. (King James Bible props! The Bible Jesus Reads, Yo!! Get that weak NIV shit outta here.) As for […]

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Saturday Daily Delawhere [3.30.31]

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Saturday Daily Delawhere [3.30.31]

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Late Night Video — The First Honest Cable Company

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In honor of the Supreme Court rejecting a class action suit against Comcast for overcharging, let’s take a good look at what an honest cable company might look like

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Friday Open Thread [3.29.13]

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Does … any of the idiot conservatives who repeat this nonsense ad infinitum [that families have to balance their budgets] have any clue how people manage their budgets?

They use credit cards, which is debt.
They get mortgages, which is debt.
They get student loans, which is debt.
They get car loans, which is debt.
And let’s not get started on businesses and their leveraged debts.

So if Republicans want Washington to act like American families do, then we’re already there!

And now lets put numbers to this story to show you how ridiculous this GOP talking point is:

U.S. household consumer debt profile:
Average credit card debt: $15,266
Average mortgage debt: $149,667
Average student loan debt: $32,559

vs Income:


So, if we balanced the budget the same way households do, the federal debt to income ratio would be:

78/22 = 3.5/1

But it’s currently approximately 1.7/1

So, if the Republicans actually meant what they said, we should be on a debt spending spree like never seen before in the history of the nation.

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Adventures in Personal Responsibility — Or Being Mike Protack

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Adventures in Personal Responsibility — Or Being Mike Protack

I know that some of you are on Facebook and you’ve been a witness to weeks of insulting and trolling behavior from Mike Protack. Personally, I’m not friends with the guy, but some of my friends are, and the exchanges I’ve seen have been utterly unhinged. No matter the topic at hand, what emerges is the completely resentful Mike Protack — blaming Democrats or unions for all of the worlds’ ills; insulting the intelligence, the appearance, the ethnic background, the appearance of the *kids* of his interlocutors; making stuff up; and just generally lacking in the basic social graces that got him banned from this place. Whether he is talking about education or same sex marriage, all he’s been capable of over on Facebook is anger, insults and ignorance. Yesterday, Esteban Parra documented the most recent incident — one where Protack decided to get his inner racist on:

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The Ridiculous Reasons Republicans Give….

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The following is the reason Republican Senator Greg Lavelle gave for voting against the repeal of the death penalty:

“15 years from now, there will be a group, undoubtedly, that will come and say, ‘Isn’t it cruel and unusual, isn’t it horrific, that as as society that we put somebody in jail that committed a murder when they’re 21, 22-years-old, an adult, and they’re in there for 30, 40, 50 years, isn’t that cruel and unusual, and shouldn’t we allow them out?'” asks Lavelle.

This is quite an assine statement, even from Lavelle. First, no one here in Delaware or anywhere as far as I can tell has ever said life sentences for adults who commit murder is cruel and unusual. So Lavelle is lying to create a straw man that he can fight against, which gives him a reason for his vote. So let’s concede that point for the moment. Let’s concede that Lavelle is really concerned that there is this movement out there that in 15 years will seek to repeal life sentences without the possibility of parole because somehow it is cruel and unusual. Ok.

So Lavelle’s answer to this concern is we must kill the convict? In order to prevent the the forces waving the cruel and unusual punishment banner from going down a slippery slope, we must keep a cruel and unusual punishment on the books? It seems to me that Lavelle, through his attempt at mockery, is conceding that the death penalty is cruel and unusual and we need to keep that cruel and unusual punishment on the books so that non-cruel and unusual punishments like life imprisonment are never challenged as cruel and unusual. Well, that makes sense!

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Friday Daily Delawhere [3.29.13]

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Friday Daily Delawhere [3.29.13]

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Anil Dash “Ten Tips Guaranteed to Improve Your Startup Success” work as succcess in life tips

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These helpful tips were written with entrepreneurs in mind, but they have a lot of utility as general life tips.

Ten Tips Guaranteed to Improve Your Startup Success

1) Be raised with access to clean drinking water and sanitation. (Every tech billionaire I’ve ever spoken to has a toilet!)
2) Try to be born in a region that is politically and militarily stable.
3) Grow up with a family that is as steady and secure as possible.
4) Have access to at least a basic free education in core subjects.
5) Avoid being abused by family members, loved ones, friends or acquaintances during the formative years of your life.

The next five are good as well.

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Thursday Open Thread [3.28.13]

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Thursday Open Thread [3.28.13]

The Week: “Most members of the Republican Party hope that the Supreme Court will not use the two gay-marriage cases it heard this week to issue a broad ruling affirming the constitutional right of gays and lesbians to marry. However, top officials in the GOP are reportedly praying for precisely that outcome, calculating that it would be the most effective way to remove gay marriage as a political liability.”

Well, if these top officials are hoping for that outcome (which I don’t think will happen), then they are foolish and not very smart politicos. For if that does happen, guess what the social conservative base of the Republican Party does? They flip out. More so than usual. They will demand from the GOP complete and total obedience to their outrage. They will want the Congressional Republicans to immediately introduce a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage and attach it as an amendment to everything that moves in the House and Senate. Opposition to gay marriage will become the most important issue on the GOP voter’s mind. Now, the GOP will then be faced with two choices: 1) tell these bigoted voters to go f*ck themselves because the Supreme Court has ruled and that is the end of that; or 2) say yes Master yes Master like they have done so many times before. Which do you think the oh-so-courageous GOP does?

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