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How’s That Good Guy With a Gun Thing Working Out For You?

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Seriously — have you been following the story of the ex-LAPD officer who went on a shooting rampage? It is a horrific story — a fired police officer who decides that he is working out his perceived injustices on other officers or their families. This is a story of a previous good guy — one trained to use guns by the government — who is now just a guy with a bunch of guns seemingly seeking revenge.

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What We Have Here Is A Failure of Deficit Hawkery

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Did anyone notice this article on Friday — where Senator Carper is committing to working for continued funding of the deepening dredge of the Delaware while the US Government is getting ready (prioritizing projects) for the cutbacks required by the sequester. And can I remind you that Senator Carper voted FOR said sequester?

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Sunday Open Thread [2.10.13]

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It is too nice of a day to unpack this many layers of stupidity….

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said Sunday that the sequester must be avoided and conceded that he might be willing to raise some revenues in order to strike a deal and avert sequestration.

“We’ve got to avoid it, we’ve got to stop it,” McCain said on “Fox News Sunday.” “Would I look at some revenue closers? Maybe so. But we’ve already just raised taxes. Why do we have to raise taxes again?”

Democrats want a budget that raises revenues by closing tax loopholes like oil subsidies, while Republicans have argued that the tax increases in the fiscal cliff deal in January mean no additional revenues are necessary.

We are ruled by idiots.

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The crazy, fractured & rudderless DE GOP has a meeting

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John Sigler’s useless clownishness is on full display in this Doug Dennison blurb about the Lunatic Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner.

They had Sigler himself unveiling this year’s vapid bumper sticker…. drum roll please… “Renew, grow and win!” You can just imagine the assembled faithful leaping to their feet to lustily ratify that stirring bit of PR hackery by acclamation, can’t you?


Don’t worry, it gets worse. Much worse.

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Sunday Daily Delawhere [2.10.13]

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Sunday Daily Delawhere [2.10.13]

Kuumba Academy, a charter school on Market Street in Wilmington. The school is housed in the old Security Trust and Safe Deposit Company building.

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