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Late Night Video — God Made A Factory Farmer

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Reboot of the sappy Paul Harvey Farmer commercial from the Superbowl — this time with a major readjustment for reality (approx. 2 minutes)

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Friday Open Thread [2.8.13]

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Who isn’t fascinated by the looming Republican self immolation? I can’t read enough about it. Here is a bit of Josh Marshall pointing out that – and I’m paraphrasing – it isn’t “radicals” vs “reasonables” it is “radicals” vs. “sick minded, greedy, power hungry freaks”

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Friday Daily Delawhere [2.8.13]

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Friday Daily Delawhere [2.8.13]

Houses on Moore Street in Wilmington.

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Republican economic nonsense uber alles

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I’m so glad that our upright centrist Democrats hopped on the GOP’s economic bullshit train.

The federal deficit will drop to less than $1 trillion for the first time in five years, but massive spending cuts that have improved the budget outlook are also slowing the economy, according to a report released Tuesday by the Congressional Budget office.

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