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Remnants of the subdivision of Glenville, on Route 4 near Stanton. Glenville was prone to frequent flooding, and after the area was pretty much destroyed after Hurricane Isabel in 2003, the county bought out the residents and condemned the area. Sidewalks, driveways, and front lawns can still be seen in some spots that were abandoned.

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  1. anon says:

    This is a very old photo. The streets have been repaved, New curbs and sidewalks and an abundance of street lamps installed. The only thing lacking for many homes that remain is pride of ownership.

    It was NOT Isabelle that took out Glanville. IT WAS HENRI. No federal money went into the buyout. It was split between the County and the State. The ground was reclaimed as wetlands to allow for the expansion (widening) of I-95.