Late Night Video — An Immigration Protest from the Only People Entitled to One

Filed in National by on February 6, 2013

It is a little raucous, but this video is of a Native American reacting to an illegal immigration protest.    If you listen closely at the beginning you even get to hear the “I’m part Native American” deflection:

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  1. Aoine says:

    “She says- I’m part Cherokee Indian.” Ya know what the other tribes call the Cherokee?

    The “white injuns” she is so dumb she doesn’t know that….hahaha

    Sweet video……

  2. Jason330 says:

    I like that guy.

  3. Aoine says:

    The immigration issue is about to get really , really ugly……

    This knucklehead, hater from Tennessee has decided to attack the most vulnerable of the immigrant community , including children….crime victims….

    A “U” visa is a visa created to protect crime victims that are illegal immigrants. They MUST report the crime and cooperate with the police, the law enforcement officer CERTIFIES that the individual is actually a crime victim, and there are 26 qualifying crimes like rape, assault robbery, murder, human trafficking etc.

    And Ms.
    Black from Tenn just shilled a bill written/ pushed by FAIR and numbers USA. FAIR is listed as a ‘HATE GEOUP” but the Southern Poverty Law Center because they espouse the policy of EUGENICS.

    but wait, there is more:

    This is the same Rep that would NOT fire a staffer for sending a racist email……..imagine that…..a shocker!

    So, this Tennessee rep refuses to fire a staffer that does something VERY OFFENSIVE AND ILLEGAL AND THEN……sponsors legislation s that is supported by a hate group

    Nice going knucklehead…….y are what you are

  4. cassandra m says:

    Congressman from Utah or Idaho was on NPR this AM pouring cold water on any path to citizenship. I’m nervous about this process, since it is beginning to look like a guest worker program might be the compromise. It is too early for gloom, I suppose, but it seems to me that if any part of this deserves to have a trigger, this is it. A demonstrated, working visa tracking system ought to be a prerequisite to even thinking about guest workers. Which i don’t think they should do, anyway.