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Late Night Video — An Immigration Protest from the Only People Entitled to One

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It is a little raucous, but this video is of a Native American reacting to an illegal immigration protest.    If you listen closely at the beginning you even get to hear the “I’m part Native American” deflection:

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Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Urge NCCo Council to Reject Shopping Center

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The fight back against overdevelopment continues. Six bipartisan Newark area lawmakers have signed a letter urging the County Council not to rezone the Stoprya tract of land on the north side of Kirkwood Highway. And when I think of a stretch of New Castle County that cannot handle any more development, I think of Kirkwood Highway. Come inside for more details…

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Wednesday Open Thread [2.6.13]

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Markell is leading the ten-day trade mission which includes Transportation Secretary Shailen Bhatt, Deputy Director for International Trade Felicia Pullam, and University of Delaware President Patrick Harker.

“Delaware’s got a great story to tell and I want to tell the story. I want Delaware to be top of mind when companies around the globe are thinking about where to expand in this country and so as these companies decide to expand, I want them to engage with us here in Delaware,” said Markell.

I am always suspicious of these goodwill and business-rousting trips aboard by any Governor of any state, especially in this day and age of the Internet where anyone can find out about any place through a Google search. I much more understand trips to conferences. But I am sure the Governor can tell me that his trips have brought business to the state and thus my wariness is unwarranted.

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Rebranding the Republican Party – Everyone is doing it

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First Karl Rove says they need to tone down the crazy, now FastCompany has jumped into to try and save the Republican Party from itself with some comprehensive branding advice (that I hope nobody listens to).

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The PDD-DL Vote Tracker for February 6, 2013

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Here is the second update to the PDD-DL Vote Tracker. The General Assembly is in recess right now as the Joint Finance Committee works on the Governor’s Budget, so this vote tracker summarizes the last week of action of the GA, which includes the passage of the amended Port Bill (SB 3).

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Wednesday Daily Delawhere [2.6.13]

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Wednesday Daily Delawhere [2.6.13]

Remnants of the subdivision of Glenville, on Route 4 near Stanton. Glenville was prone to frequent flooding, and after the area was pretty much destroyed after Hurricane Isabel in 2003, the county bought out the residents and condemned the area. Sidewalks, driveways, and front lawns can still be seen in some spots that were abandoned.

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