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Fox News Dumps Dick Morris

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In a victory for reality and a defeat for bullshit, Fox News won’t be renewing its contract with Dick Morris, the world’s worst political pundit. Morris, AKA the King of Wrong Mountain, was last seen predicting a Mitt Romney landslide in November, a prediction not even Rasmussen’s polling hype supported. Fox could have saved themselves some money by listening to me in 2008; it shouldn’t take over a decade for a network to fire someone who makes nothing but wrong predictions. My all time favorite Morris prediction was that Hillary Clinton would beat Obama in the Hawaii caucuses because of “the Asian vote”. Yes, Obama won his home state by a landslide, of course.

Combined with Chris Wallace sticking it to Wayne LaPierre, this news suggests that reality-based discourse is on the rise.

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The Uselessness of John Sigler — Part 138

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John Sigler’s email continues to make a fool of him — this time the email (which I haven’t seen) criticizes the Governor for his overseas trips. Really? Sigler clearly missed the fact that one of the real growth areas in American jobs is importing them from overseas. Still, it is a good bet that Sigler’s email provides no clues as to the places in Delaware where the Governor should be visiting to help bring in new jobs. The man is clearly not supposed to be making sense — just fine-tuning his manufactured outrage. The Governor provided a choice response though:

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Tuesday Open Thread [2.5.13]

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Bullies always have thin skin and cry when they are hit back. Exhibit A of this: Donald Trump is suing comedian Bill Maher for what Maher said in making fun of the Donald on the Jay Leno show last month. Maher joked that Trump must be ‘the spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan’ because he had orange hair.

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QOTD — Is The Culture War Over?

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Mark Morford over at SF Chronicle thinks that it is, that the GOP lost and that the Godless Liberal Sickos Win Again. This is a great piece by Morford, taking a good look at the movement — a longtime movement — towards inclusiveness and equal rights for all:

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When non-gun people shoot, they shoot skeet

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I’m not saying Carper doesn’t still shoot and still enjoy chowing down on “possum, rabbit, squirrel and wild boar.” I’m simply observing that when non-gun people want to shoot something, they are typically going to shoot skeet. How do I know this? I’m a non gun person and when shooting come up as a topic, I think to myself, “I’d like to try skeet shooting, I guess.”

WASHINGTON — Sen. Tom Carper owns a 16-gauge shotgun. Rep. John Carney owns a Remington 11-87 shotgun.

The Delaware lawmakers, both Democrats, are gun owners who support banning military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines. The pair also favor background checks for all gun purchases.

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Tuesday Daily Delawhere [2.5.13]

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Tuesday Daily Delawhere [2.5.13]

Houses on Waverly Road in Fairfax.

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