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Late Night Video — Sam Harris and Cory Booker Debate Guns on Maher’s Show

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Watch closely and maybe you’ll agree that these two aren’t exactly having the same conversation. And where did this idea that any gun laws must be 100% effective? We don’t have this standard for any other legislation….

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Dispatches from the looming GOP Civil War – The Underpants Gnomes of FREEDOM!

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In searching for overheated rants about Karl Rove, I came across this bit of revisionist history from Red State’s Eric Ericson:

In Delaware, many conservative, myself included, made the conscious decision that it would be far better to have the Democrat win than Mike Castle because of what Castle would do whispering in the ears of Republican leaders. Few of us thought she could win. But Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint get particular blame for their endorsements, which totally ignores that those endorsements came when it was clear O’Donnell was on a glide path to victory in the primary as Delaware Republicans were rejecting Mike Castle without much outside help from conservatives.

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Monday Open Thread [2.4.13]

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L A P S E S from Diego Arambillet on Vimeo.

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Wayne LaPierre Gets Beat up by Fox News

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Chris Wallace interviewed LaPierre yesterday and by most accounts it seems that Wallace did not deliver a softball interview. This clip of the interview has been in wide circulation, and in it, Chris Wallace is not just tough on LaPierre and his talking points, but also lets LaPierre just hang from the rhetorical noose he creates. Interesting that this is from FOX News — especially since Rupert Murdoch has been on Twitter actively dissing US gun laws and attitudes to guns. This video is approx. 10 minutes long:

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Yeah, you really do not have a right to vote.

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The original Constitution itself is silent on the right to vote. Indeed, in deferrence to the godforsaken “State’s Rights” faction, the Constitution leaves the determination of voting qualifications to each individual state. So while the 15th Amendment referred for the first time to a “right to vote” and prohibited the states from denying or abridging that right to vote on account of race, states still had significant power to deny that right to vote through literacy tests, poll taxes, and other forms of intimidation. So the 15th Amendment, and all subsequent voting Amendments (i.e. 19th (women) and the 26th (age of 18), are better understood as not establishing a right to vote but instead telling the states that you cannot deny the privilege to vote on account of race, religion, sex, or age. States were free to deny the vote in any other way they saw fit. And many states have tried to make voting as difficult as possible. Long lines, lack of polling stations, shortened registration deadlines, prohibition on felons voting, and harsh residency requirements are all examples.

So a Constitutional Amendment is required to not only explicitly spell out that right to vote, but to take away the ability of the states to deny the previous privilege to vote.

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Monday Daily Delawhere [2.4.13]

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Monday Daily Delawhere [2.4.13]

A ship from Liberia is docked at the Valero Delaware City Refinery in Delaware City.

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