Sunday Open Thread [2.3.13]

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That doesn’t look like 90 feet to me. And that wave is crashing near shore, as it is being filmed from on land. You know what they call a 90 foot wave crashing on shore? A MegaTsunami that destroys all.

Meanwhile, here is a chart that shows the spending increases during the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations. Notice under which President spending actually decreased, contrary to the Republican narrative.

This story about a waiter refusing to serve customers who were making fun of a down syndrome child in the restaurant restores some faith in humanity.

Politico New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg heaped praise on Vice President Joe Biden in a way that I am sure will anger some of my female DL colleagues:

“You know, Joe Biden — you can joke about him all you want, but he’s got a set of balls, and he says what he believes.”

He added: “And he forced the focus [on gay marriage]. I’m sure the president was evolving and was about to do it anyways. But Biden deserves the credit. He should be the hero of the pro-gay marriage community.”

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  1. cassandra_m says:

    The NRA published an Enemies List. Sadly, Delaware Liberal doesn’t make the cut.

  2. cassandra_m says:

    Here we go — the GOP civil war starts in earnest: Moderate Republicans push back against Tea Party with campaign fund

    Karl Rove, of course, is at Ground Zero of managing the money. How they trust him again, I’ll never know. But the teajadis are On Notice.

  3. Steve Newton says:

    The big news from the NRA enemies list is that Peter Bonerz is still alive. Who knew?

  4. anon says:

    Rove has been pushing back against the Tea Party nutjobs for years. I’d like to see him win this one. GO KARL!

  5. jason330 says:

    I’ve hunted around and the teabags have not responded. I’d sure love to see “R” on “R” open ware fare in the coming week. They seem to get off on being disrespected and I don’t see a unifying figure on the horizon, so this could get good.