2013 Music I Like: Volume I

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Home from work with a s-s-s-serious sinus infection. What better time to trot out some tunes you all might wanna hear? Everything is new 2013 music, with one exception.


Lake Street Dive: “Bad Self-Portaits”

If I ever book shows at Arden again, LSD is at the top of my list.


Local Natives: “Breakers”

I think this band would be great for Firefly.


The Lone Bellow: “You Never Need Nobody”

If I ever book shows at Arden again…


Trixie Whitley: “I’ll Breathe You In My Dreams”

She comes by her musical chops and her one-of-a-kind persona honestly:


Chris Whitley: “Big Sky Country”

Seriously, if you’ve never checked out this late great giant, he is/was one of the most criminally-underappreciated originals ever.


Trixie Whitley: “Pieces”

Just couldn’t resist. If I ever book…

So, what did you like? Feedback, pipples, I want feedback!

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  1. Miscreant says:

    Lake Street Dive rocks. I first heard them on NPR performing ‘Henriette’.


  2. Miscreant says:

    Check this out. You may have heard this. It’s a live documentary style collaboration between Carolina Chocolate Drops and Luminescent Orchestrii. The music starts at around the 4 minute mark:


    Nothing hotter than nerdy women with fiddles.

  3. Wow! That was tres cool, Miscreant. Thanks! Oh, and ‘Henriette’ rocks. Ladies and gentlemen, Bridget Kearney on the stand-up bass!

    Anybody else care to share?

  4. TeleMan says:

    Sorry about the nasal distress.

    I’m an old guy, but I try to keep my ears open in the rare event that I come across something that I like. Sorry for me that it didn’t happen here, but that is the case for most contemporary music – pop or alt or whatever you want to call it. I’m a guitar player too, so I am biased in that regard in wanting to hear someone play something new or in an interesting way. I recognize it is generational too, and much of what I hear sounds mostly a rehash of what I feel I have heard already, and it doesn’t sound particularly well-developed. A friend of mine describes it as sounding like someone learned to play over the summer, to be fair, maybe while they were in college. I’d much rather be listening to Howlin’ Wolf than the Chocolate Drops. It sounds ersatz, and heavy on the bullshit. That Trixie can sing, I’ll give her that.

    I’ll offer something up, I like this guy Derek Hoke and he’s got a girl bass player. It’s country, which in my mind, is harder to do well than it looks. Well written song and a cool video too.


    I really like these guys, yeah Vince Gill is a known quantity but he has been playing with this group of studio vets every Monday night for the last few years and the band kills. I’ve seen them in Nashville and they are playing in the area, in DC on 2/6 and in Lancaster PA on 2/15(where I will be). They are up for two Grammys and I’d bet money they will win them.


    I’m not particularly a country guy either but I respect competent players I guess. FWIW.

  5. Thanks, TeleMan. And thanks for the links! BTW, is that ‘Tele’ as in ‘Telecaster’?

    As for me, I love both Howlin’ Wolf AND Carolina Chocolate Drops. Those who have clicked on my previous music posts know that I’m a huge blues fan.

    Glad I don’t have to pick only one Master of the Telecaster. But, if I did, it’d be Albert Collins:


  6. TeleMan says:

    Dear, dear Albert. To quote Blazing Saddles, Now who can argue with that? We are fortunate to be living in the Telecaster age where there have been many masters, but if I had to pick, it would be this guy, who I was very fortunate to know. Dear, dear Danny.


    The song is spelled wrong in the clip, it is Bill Doggett’s Ram-Bunk-Shush, or something like that.

    Here’s another guy who has elevated the art, Scotty Anderson:


    There are many more in blues, rock, jazz, country, a versatile instrument.

  7. BTW, this kind of feedback (literal and figurative) is why I do the occasional music piece. Thanks to TeleMan and Miscreant!

    For the rest of you, please don’t hesitate to jump in. This is sort-of a DL jam session we’ve got going on here.

    Speaking of jam sessions, THIS guy is welcome to sit in any time:


  8. Aoine says:

    Ok EL SOM- I’m a blues lover too

    Howlin wolf and Bonnie Raitt and this guy


  9. TeleMan says:

    I was in LA last weekend for the tenth and final Guitar Geek Festival. Deke Dickerson, who is sort of a neo-rockabilly, surf, you-name-it guitar guy has been putting this thing on as a labor of love lo these many years. He is hanging it up because it takes two months out of his touring schedule plus he doesn’t make any money at it. Good reasons I guess, but in two days I got to see some great new players, old unsung guys, the weird, the amazing, it was a total treat.

    Here’s a short lists of folks I got to see who you should know if you don’t already: Joel Paterson (along with his band The Modern Sounds), Paul Pigat, killer player from Canada


    Tom Bresh (Merle Travis’ son) with Brian Lonbeck , Los Straitjackets, Nashville surf party band, Jimmy Vivino, Conan O’Brien’s bandleader and great blues player in his own right, Texas soul singer Barbara Lynn, Ashley Kingman, who plays with Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys, and of course Deke Dickerson, who you should follow on Facebook just because it is always entertaining.

    Here you can peruse a bunch of clips from the festival already posted on YouTube.


  10. X Stryker says:

    My favorite locals:
    Hot Breakfast
    Noelle Picara
    Paige Albritton
    Em McKeever
    The Paper Janes
    John & Brittany
    Venice Sunlight
    Boy Wonder
    Neon & Shy
    Angela Sheik
    The Honeybadgers
    and of course, Rachel Schain.

  11. Mrs.XStryker says:

    Thank you, Dear Husband, for the shout out to me and my friends. Paige’s last name is spelled Allbritton, and it’s The Honey Badgers (there are a lot of bands with that name out there right now, look for the folk duo from Delaware).

  12. TeleMan says:

    It would be a great service to me, and possibly to some of our readers, that you would make it known when and where these folks are playing, particularly in the southern region of the state. I would be most grateful.