John Sigler, clowinshly demonstrates typical GOP clowny innumeracy (or dishonesty…or perhaps both)

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I think it is now clear that Sigler was dropped on his head as a baby. Just check out the latest dispatch from Clown boy:


Yesterday the Commerce Department announced that the U.S. economic growth rate was a negative number (- 0.1%) for the fourth quarter of 2012. This amazing statistic is proof that the tax and spend policies implemented by the Democrats at both the Federal and state level have failed.

It is now time to turn this state around, empower the private sector, and unleash the endless potential of American ingenuity.

As Delaware Republicans we are the Party that must lead the way! That means keeping regulation and taxes low, cut government spending, and ensuring that our tax dollars actually get to the people who need them. Our message is powerful and it works!

Our Republican “farm team” in the Delaware General Assembly is strong and filled with passionate public servants who give us great hope for the future of our great state. Let us stand with them and stand with the chorus of Delaware residents who want a positive future filled with hope and optimism, not one that seeks to divide us amid economic decline.

If we are to make serious changes in our nation and in our state we must continue to present voters with the tried and true policies of small government and low regulation. Please make a donation to help us continue to grow our party and give our legislators the tools they need to curb the expansion of these ruinous liberal policies!

God Bless Delaware,

John Sigler
Delaware Republican Party

Maybe you spotted the idiot clownishness right away? While GDP declined in the fourth quarter (due to cuts in government spending), the GDP grew faster over the course of the full year of 2012 than it did in 2011. So… That means “keeping regulation and taxes low” while “cutting government spending” only “works” if by “works” you mean “doesn’t work.”

Now, it is entirely possible that Clowny McGee is rooting for an all out economic cluster fuck brought on by full scale deregulation and ever dwindling government revenues – in which case this weeks email is stupid but honest.

However, if he isn’t rooting for America to fail it is stupid and dishonest.

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  1. cassandra_m says:

    He’s taking math lessons from Colin Bonnini apparently. Shame.

    But he does have the GOP delusion down pat. Cutting spending = cutting government jobs, which do create a drag on the economy if the private sector isn’t filling the gap. Even Sigler can’t come to grips with what “cutting spending” means.

  2. Jason330 says:

    If anyone can present any evidence that the “tried and true policies of small government and low regulation” actually created any broad based, long term, durable economic growth …ever – I will give the person providing the evidence a crisp new $50.00 bill.