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Yesterday, the wingnutoverse was on fire about Sunday’s interview by 60 Minutes with President Obama and Hilary Clinton. They thought it was awful, too soft, too cute and in the main tried to use it to frame Hillary as the Worst Secretary of State ever. (Your agenda is showing, Roger Ailes. Besides, I think that history has already written in Condi Rice as the worst Secretary of State in contemporary memory.) In a few liberal circles, this interview is being seen as Obama’s endorsement of Hillary in 2016. What did you think of this interview? (I confess I haven’t seen it yet.) You can watch it here:

Then there’s this:

What interests you today?

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  1. Just saw a “Lumpy” William J Carson, Jr. ad “above the fold” on Eschaton
    “Dear Community members….”
    That seems like an expensive way to reach Delaware readers of blogs.

  2. cassandra_m says:

    Kevin Drum points to more Education Reform Vaporware — this time from San Jose. And he has a number of good rules to judge reform claims by:

    Don’t believe it if it’s based on a single school or other small sample.
    Don’t believe it if most of the evidence comes from the school itself.
    Don’t believe it if the reform in question was put in place only a few years ago.
    Don’t believe it if it hasn’t been replicated elsewhere.
    Don’t believe it unless it’s been rigorously tested by academics who didn’t already support the idea in the first place.
    And even if it passes all those tests, don’t believe it anyway.

  3. jim center says:

    Just got another invite to Carney’s “Deficit Discussion”
    Here’s my reply to his email:
    When you introduce a bill on the house floor to increase the threshold for social security withholding to cover all earned income which will “fix” Social Security forever, when you introduce a bill to stop giving the oil industry billions of dollars of tax breaks, when you introduce a bill to make sure that DuPont and the other companies that currently pay nothing to the federal government because they bought your predecessor to write rules which allow them to escape their fair share of the cost of the government, then, I will sit down with you and talk about the deficit.
    At that point, we won’t have a deficit!
    You don’t understand, you work for me, you DO NOT work for the Concord Coalition.

  4. puck says:

    Little-known fact, according to Marco Rubio:

    “You know 40 percent of our illegal immigrants or undocumented people that are in this country, they didn’t cross the border?’’ Rubio said.

  5. Aoine says:

    Little known fact? The most novice of immigration dabblers know this BASIC FUNDAMENTAL FACT

    If Rubio thinks its little known- well he’s been listening to FOX news – coz the rest of us know better

    Meanwhile in SUSSEX co WING NUT land- they refuse to believe the numbers of Deportations the Obama administration are responsible for- they think these numbers are somehow ” made up’ those fools don’t realize that these types of stats can’t be fudged

    Of course… If it was only published in a right wing news paper then it would be truth

    So truth is only truth of it is published in THEIR media outlets

    It’s gotta be REALLY REALLY scary to be one of these people . It’s just sad .

  6. Dave says:

    It is interesting that they do not believe empirical data, but they do believe that for which there is no data. That’s what has me baffled. All rational individuals when faced with real data would at least question their beliefs in light of the data but not them. Their beliefs are so cemented that they cannot be dislodged by any fact, logic, reason, or common sense.

    While some (including me) may throw around characterizations like “delusional,” I honestly wonder whether they are afflicted with a real condition that affects their reasoning capacity.

  7. jason330 says:

    jim center – awesome comment.