Six Degress of Sissy Harris

Filed in Delaware by on January 28, 2013

I am going to quote you some choice opening paragraphs in the News Journal story on the Tigani scandal today…

Wealthy Wilmington lawyer Jack Harris and his wife are among those who gave political contributions to candidates that prosecutors say were later reimbursed, a scheme that became part of a criminal case against liquor executive Christopher Tigani and now threatens to cause professional problems for Harris. […]

Harris, 42 and the co-founder of the Wilmington law firm of Berger Harris, gave the $1,200 maximum allowed by law to Carney’s campaign, according to court and election records. His wife, a du Pont family member who co-owns the upscale Peter Kate boutique in Greenville, contributed the same amount, the indictment and election records show. Sissy Harris, 41, is the cousin of Hallie Biden, the wife of Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden.

Sometimes this state is so goddamn incestuous.

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  1. Jason330 says:


  2. puck says:

    Why would a “wealthy lawyer” and his wife need to be reimbursed for 2400 bucks? It seems pretty stupid to put your own candidate at risk, not to mention yourself.

  3. Truth Teller says:

    What the hell does Hallie Biden have to do with this criminal act????

  4. Truth Teller says:

    A true test of the Justice system will be what happens to this crooked lawyer

  5. IrishPol says:

    Based on a newspaper article you have determined that the man is Crooked?

  6. bamboozer says:

    Delaware’s good old boy and girl network is alive, well and rather rich. No surprise and no change on the horizon I fear. The Tigani affair is a rare disruption in the force, many others are hidden and many more to come.

  7. Truth Teller says:

    Irish pol the newspaper has nothing to do with him being crooked the mere act that he is a lawyer raises the question