Reid gets his ass handed to him by McConnell on filibuster deal

Filed in National by on January 24, 2013

Democrats, why do you suck so? Why do you start out with popular ideas and positive intentions only to allow Republicans to hose you like a German shepherd addressing his favorite fire hydrant?

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  1. puck says:


  2. puck says:

    I think Dems are fully expecting to lose the Senate in 2014. So I wouldn’t mind passing up on filibuster reform so much, if I thought Senate Dems knew how to govern with 41 votes like Republicans do.

  3. cassandra_m says:

    So it looks like there is some reform in the approval of Presidential nominees, but certainly not enough to actually get some business done.

    Which demonstrates a key weakness for Democrats — you can’t be more interested in preserving the institutional process than you are in actually governing. Especially since McConnell wouldn’t hesitate to clip Reid’s wings if the tables were turned. If I’m thinking long term on this, though, the only possible upside is that you’ll get plenty of fodder to run against the GOP with, but I wouldn’t bet that they’ll make use of this all that well.

  4. kavips says:

    If it weren’t for 60, Roe vrs Wade would now be overturned and Social Security would now be privatized.

  5. John Manifold says:

    “If, say, breaking up big banks is important to your constituents but abhorrent to your party or your donors, then being the 58th vote for a bill to break up big banks is actually hitting the sweet spot.”