The Polling Report [1.23.13]

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FLORIDA–GOVERNOR–Public Policy Polling: Charlie Crist (D) 53, Rick Scott (R) 39–STRONG DEM

Key findings: Scott’s approval rating is just 33%, with 57% of voters disapproving of him. Crist meanwhile is being embraced by Democrats with 52% of primary voters saying they’d like Crist to be their candidate next year.

NATIONAL–PRESIDENT–DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY–ABC News-Washington Post–(Favorability Rating): Hillary Clinton has a 67% favorability rating, while Vice President Biden has a 48% favorability rating–STRONG HILLARY.

MINNESOTA–SENATE–Public Policy Polling: Sen. Al Franken (D) 54, Michele Bachmann (R) 40; Franken 49, John Kline (R) 41; Franken 50, Erik Paulsen 39; Franken 50, Norm Coleman (R) 44–STRONG DEM.

MINNESOTA–SENATE–REPUBLICAN PRIMARY–Public Policy Polling: Michele Bachmann 45, John Kline 19, Chip Cravaack 13, Erik Paulsen 11, Laura Brod 4, and Rich Stanek 2–STRONG BACHMANN

MAINE–GOVERNOR–THREE WAY RACE WITH THE IDIOT LIBERAL INDEPENDENT–Public Policy Polling: Gov. LePage (R) 34, Michael Michaud (D) 30, left-leaning Eliot Cutler 26 (I); LePage 37, Rep. Cheree Pingree (D) 31, Cutler 23; LePage 36, Cutler 29, Former Gov. Baldacci (D) 27–SLIM GOP

MAINE–GOVERNOR–TWO WAY RACE–Public Policy Polling: Michael Michaud 57, LePage 36; Baldacci 53, LePage 38; Pingree 53, LePage 40; Cutler as the Dem nominee 49, LePage 41–STRONG DEM

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  1. socialistic ben says:

    Why is the Independent Liberal an idiot? If he is more liberal than the Democrat, and as some polling reports show can beat LePage on his own, I say support him. Worked for the Senate race.

  2. Delaware Dem says:

    Simple. He does not learn from his mistakes. He ran in 2010, and he and the Democrat split the left of center vote, allowing the teabagger LePage to be elected with 30% of the vote. If he runs again as an Independent, he will again split the vote, just as this poll shows, and he will reelect the teabagger. If he wants to be elected Governor, he must run in the Democratic Primary. He should be able to win, given his significant base of support.

  3. socialistic ben says:

    why didnt the Democrat split the vote and prevent the Independant from winning? Maine is a pretty wacky state, I would really like to see a rise of Liberal Independants who dont have to pretend they are in the same party as Carper and the Bluedogs. (I realize the bluedogs aer mostly in congress and this is for gov) I dont like this “run as a democrat because democrats have to win” for the sake of electing democrats. I would like to see liberals win.