PDD-DL Vote Tracker for January 23, 2013

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As promised, here is the first version of the PDD-DL Vote Tracker for the 147th General Assembly. Out of all the legislation that has been introduced so far, I have selected the bills and resolutions that are of most interest to progressives and liberals. And in reality, I have only left out those bills that are really perfunctory, like two bills to reincorporate the town of Georgetown and to make changes to the Bridgeville charter. All bills of controversial substance will be included here.

As El Som and Cassandra have already pointed out in their posts over the last two days, the most important bill scheduled for a vote tomorrow in the House is Senate Bill 3, concerning legislative oversight and approval of any privatization of the Port of Wilmington.

A few notes as to the logos and colors on the chart. If you see a PDD logo, that legislation is a priority to the Progressive Democrats for Delaware. And if the legislator’s names are colored blue, they have been endorsed in 2012 by the PDD for election, with the exception of Sen. Karen Peterson, who, while not endorsed in 2012, is still considered a progressive and can be endorsed again by the PDD in her next election. If there is a red X, this legislation is not considered progressive. These bills were described by El Som as part of the Rethuglican legislative agenda.

I will be updating this chart as events warrant, like votes on bills or new legislation is introduced.

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