Donate to the DE GOP because President Obama hurt John Sigler’s feelings – Also, up is the new down.

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What a clown this Sigler is. From the first sentence, this fundraising letter shrieks – “Don’t take me seriously.”


Yesterday, Barack Obama was inaugurated to a his second term as Commander-in-Chief. In his address to the nation, the President displayed a lack inclusion that we all hoped would not show up in an inaugural address, but equally feared would.

For months President Obama has refused to give Republicans a seat at the negotiating table. Instead he has held the majority party in the U.S. House of Representatives at arms length, using them as scapegoats and not legislative partners.

In his speech the President may have called for an end to the name calling but his “my way or the highway” approach to governing has left large parts of America… and Delaware… insulted and neglected.

As Chairman of the Republican party in an overwhelming Democratic state, I know a thing or two about having to deal with an arrogant opposing party. The President’s politics of division and anger are tearing this country apart and for that to be a cornerstone of his second term is a national shame.

Over the next 4 years, we as Republicans must stand united on principle like never before. Unwavering in our commitment to small and effective government. Donate to the Delaware Republican party and help us build an effective Republican network right here at home.

It’s an old saying that “all politics is local”. If we are to stand up to bullying from the Democrats, the battle will have to begin here in Delaware. By donating today you will be contributing to that building process and giving talented candidate the tools they need to begin changing the course of our state and country.

President Obama may seek to divide us, but Republicans seek to bring us together to solve problems and not demagogue them. Join us, and make your contribution now!

For a Better America,

John Sigler
Delaware Republican Party

He got one thing right. Delaware is an overwhelming Democratic state. It is so in large part due to the fact that the DEGOP occupies Looneyville, and John Sigler is the Mayor.

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  1. CR says:

    Mentions of Selma, Seneca Falls, and Stonewall. I can see why Sigler felt the address “displayed a lack [of] inclusion.”

    Also how incoherent can a statement get? The address lacked that which he hoped and equally feared would be mentioned? What does that even mean?

  2. pandora says:

    Oh my. That is one poorly written letter. Another English teacher weeps.

  3. cassandra_m says:

    For people who decided on Inauguration night exactly 4 years ago to obstruct every damn thing this man wanted to do, Sigler and his GOP cohorts have alot of nerve getting their victim on. But then again, that is their signature skill.

  4. bamboozer says:

    I can see bearded faces with camouflaged hunting caps nodding in agreement in Sussex, but no where else. Sigler, I suggest thee join thy own in Alabama, Texas or perhaps Mississippi. Your choice.