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Donate to the DE GOP because President Obama hurt John Sigler’s feelings – Also, up is the new down.

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What a clown this Sigler is. From the first sentence, this fundraising letter shrieks – “Don’t take me seriously.”


Yesterday, Barack Obama was inaugurated to a his second term as Commander-in-Chief. In his address to the nation, the President displayed a lack inclusion that we all hoped would not show up in an inaugural address, but equally feared would.

The journey into the alternate reality that every Republican must live in continues from there…

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Tuesday Open Thread [1.22.13]

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The New York Times has a good graphic identifying the notable public officials sitting on the Inaugural Platform with President Obama yesterday. You know you are a political freak when you don’t need the NY Times’ help to identify anyone.

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Korn Asserts Innocence

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I got this in the email yesterday or the day before. Who remembers? Anyway, here is a press release from Out of the Box Communications, which is a political consulting firm that I suppose Korn has retained, and which is also a firm that at one time Korn either worked for, ran, or had a financial interest in (but that is all really irrelevant). What is relevant is the statement, and you will notice something interesting…

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Reaction to the Inaugural Address

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I think Andrew Sullivan is right: Obama is the liberal Reagan. The speech yesterday will be a mission statement for Progressives for the next two to three generations, much like the Inaugurals of FDR were to older generations of progressives and how Reagan’s were to conservatives.

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General Assembly Post-Game Wrap-Up/Pre-Game Show: Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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Lotsa fascinating (and otherwise) bills introduced last week. Let’s take a look, shall we? You can follow along here, here, and here. For those with limited time, the first here here has the most there there. There there now, it’ll be alright.

First, and least, we have parts of the Rethuglican legislative agenda, courtesy of Rep. Ruth Briggs King. It’s what you’d expect. Opposition to strong automobile emission standards, and two more shots at prevailing wage, HB 6 and HB 7. Thanks for playing. King also tackles the rampant problem of ticket-scalping at the Delaware State Fair. Ticket scalping elsewhere would presumably still be OK. As far as I’m concerned, anybody willing to pay excessive prices for whatever big empty hat country performer the Fair brings in has a right to pay excessive prices. Although it might not leave enough $$’s to pay for a few rounds of ammo, which would be a shame.

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Roe v. Wade Turns 40

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40 years ago today, the Supreme Court voted, with a 7 to 2 majority, in favor of Roe. Most people still agree with that decision.

More than 50 percent of Americans believe abortion should legal in all or most cases while 70 percent want the landmark Supreme Court ruling of Roe v. Wade to be upheld, according to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Monday night.

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Tuesday Daily Delawhere [1.22.13]

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Tuesday Daily Delawhere [1.22.13]

Looking down Port Mahon Road towards the Delaware Bay at Port Mahon.

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