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Sunday Open Thread [1.20.13]

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Today, at this very moment actually, 12 pm on January 20, 2013, the first term of President Obama and Vice President Biden expires. Now, the public Inauguration ceremonies will take place tomorrow as is tradition when January 20 falls on a Sunday. The last time it happened was in 1985 for President Reagan’s second inaugural. The political geek in my almost wishes that both the President and the Vice President did not take their private oaths of office today (as Biden and Obama have already done), and instead we get a day of weeping with a President Boehner (who as Speaker is next in line after Biden to the Presidency). A President Boehner for one day would have been a very real possibility if, heavens forbid, Mitt Romney had been elected. Given his devout Mormonism, it is an open question whether Romney would have taken even a private oath of office today. But my love of country outweighs the political geekdom in not wanting to see Romney elected just so we get a President Boehner for a day.

Here is Vice President Biden’s private swearing in earlier this morning, and I will have the President’s private swearing in video once it is posted:

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Frank Knotts Leaving Delaware Politics Blog

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Frank Knotts, longtime contributor to, has written his farewell post.

I have come to the conclusion recently that Delaware Politics has taken a turn down a path that I am no longer comfortable with traveling. there are some who will say it was I who made a turn, and that may be fair, but whatever the case, I see myself and the management here heading in two separate directions.

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Sunday Daily Delawhere [1.20.13]

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Sunday Daily Delawhere [1.20.13]

A covered bridge near Yorklyn on a snowy day.

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