Saturday Open Thread [1.19.13]

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Here are the weekly addresses from our President and Governor, plus the West Wing Week.

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  1. chlorophil says:

    Mandatory Recycling question: So I live in an apartment complex. There aren’t any recycling bins yet. What can I do about it?

  2. Venus says:

    Haul it out like the rest of us.

  3. Anon says:

    Here is 2 hours of batshit crazy Jeff Christopher, I couldn’t listen to all of his crap but I thought I would share in case anybody needed a laugh.

  4. chlorophil says:

    “Haul it out like the rest of us.”

    The law says Waste Management has to provide the bins. I only want them to follow the law.

  5. Aoine says:

    As far as Carson Tucker and Jeff Christopher goes- hahaha. It’s complete mental masturbation

    Jeff is trying to roundup,funds for his lawsuit ……..and trying to be relevant.

    Funniers is within the first 10 minutes they say the Delaware legislature TOOK AWAY is power

    Asshole,won’t even admit that he didn’t have them to begin with……I would say UNBELIEVEABLE, but is completely believable coming from these knuckleheads

    Can’t wait for the next election

  6. cassandra m says:

    The law says Waste Management has to provide the bins.

    So when you talked to Waste Management, what did they say to you about the bins?

  7. In lieu of a Sunday Open Thread: Has anyone else noticed that the new Lobbyist layout is exactly like the new Department of Elections layout in LACK OF TRANSPARENCY WE ONCE ENJOYED.

    I am furious that I can no longer view lists in alpha order of registered lobbyists and their clients in a single roster. The way the system has been reworked seems to be just like what the Markell administration did to the DoE where you have to have a name in mind – correct spelling and all – type it in and get single information bites out of it.

    The reduces transparency to an unacceptable degree.

    The protests about the DoE PAC searches led to their putting up a pdf page list of PACs so you could view the entirety of PACs names in alpha order. I think that must be done for all candidates and it must be done with all lobbyists and all clients.

    I hope I am wrong and have simply not yet understood how to maneuver through the website.

  8. cassandra m says:

    So look what happened yesterday — Gun Appreciation Day:
    5 people hurt in accidental shootings at 3 gun shows

  9. chlorophil says:

    “So when you talked to Waste Management, what did they say to you about the bins?”

    Would Waste Management talk to me? Technically, I am not the customer. The property management company is the client.

  10. pandora says:

    I spoke with Waste Management years ago when the city started recycling. They spoke with me – and were very helpful – even though the City of Wilmington was the client.

  11. cassandra m says:

    Technically, I am not the customer.

    Then what did your property management company tell you when you asked them about the bins?


  12. chlorophil says:

    “Then what did your property management company tell you when you asked them about the bins?”

    You mean the property management company with whom we have a month to month lease and who could easily kick out a complainer to make room for someone on their waiting list?

  13. cassandra_m says:

    Then what are you doing here? Clearly you don’t have much interest in either recycling OR in this company following the law if you can’t even pipe up to ask a couple of pretty damn basic questions.

  14. chlorophil says:

    Yes, because recycling is more important than having a place to live. I guess when I’m living out of my car I can use my trunk to store my recyclables.

  15. chlorophil says:

    I was only asking if there was a procedure for lodging a complaint with someone, maybe the DSWA? The law says they have to provide recycling bins. They have not. Who enforces the law?

  16. Pencadermom says:

    Chlorophil, I don’t think DSWA is who you want to call. They just enforce what comes in, not what doesn’t 🙂 For this, and lots of other stuff, go to the state of Delaware website. Here’s the number they had for Division of Waste- their recycling division 302-739-9403. If that’s the wrong division, I’m sure they can lead you to the right one.