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Thursday Open Thread [1.17.13]

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Thursday Open Thread [1.17.13]

President Obama and Democrats have won the debt ceiling messaging war, according to the new Washington Post ABC News poll.

President Obama heads into his second term with political momentum on his side, and leads congressional Republicans when it comes to dealing with the country’s debt limit according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

More Americans now approve of the way Obama is doing his job than at any point in the past three years, except for a fleeting spike upward after the killing of Osama bin Laden. The number seeing him as a “strong leader” is sharply higher, and a clear majority again sees him as empathetic with the problems they face.

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Double Shot O’ Somnambulo

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I’m back on Al’s show today following my truncated appearance (please, no jokes about my truncated appearance) on Tuesday due to the swearing-in ceremony for the Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

We’ll be talking the Port of Wilmington, the Governor’s State of the State, and we will also (if they let me) introduce my new theme song, written by me. (Well, the lyrics, anyway.) Depending on how much time we have, I might even talk some Tom Gordon, Walmart, Lance Armstrong, and maybe even the bizarre story of Manti Teo’s dead fictitious girlfriend.

Today, Thursday, at 10 am on 1150 WDEL-AM Newsradio.

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Governor Markell’s State of the State Address

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The Governor will give his annual State of the State address today [1.17.13] at 2 pm at the Senate Chamber, Legislative Hall, Dover.

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Things You Can Say to Anger Republicans

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This is too good not to pass on mostly in full. Some of them were kinda lame, so I left those out.

Conservatives are so easy to anger these days. Even the most insignificant statement can set off their tempers. If you want to enrage a conservative, I suggest saying the following:

1. A Socialist wrote the Pledge of Allegiance.
2. Jesus healed the sick and helped the poor, for free.
3. Joseph McCarthy was an un-American, witch hunting sissy.
4. Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee were traitors.
5. The South lost the Civil War, get over it.
6. The Founding Fathers were liberals.
7. Fascism is a right-wing trait.
8. Sarah Palin is an idiot.
9. The Earth is round.
10. Reagan raised taxes eleven times as President.

Come inside for some more.

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Thursday Daily Delawhere [1.17.13]

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Thursday Daily Delawhere [1.17.13]

Rodney Square in Wilmington.

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