Tuesday Open Thread [1.15.13]

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Congratulations to Governor Markell and Lt. Governor Denn on their inauguarations to their second terms.

Check out Marc Ambinder on why President Obama took the Trillion Dollar Coin option off the table. And he’s right, because if you’ve lost Jon Stewart… .

“Around 11:45 on Monday morning, Justice Clarence Thomas broke almost seven years of silence during Supreme Court arguments. But it was not entirely clear what he said.”

It is criminal that he gets paid to be a judge. He is nothing but an automoton. If he were a judge, he would be asking questions frequently of the litigants, challenging them on their arguments and the law. And what, pray tell, wisdom did Justice Thomas impart to his lowly peons yesterday? He told a joke. A stupid lame one.

The new coach of the Philadelphia Eagles is Gus Bradley. I am pleased with this choice.

So if you can’t win the game (er, the election), you change the rules of the game until you win. Yes, that is the industrious personally responsible Republican mindset.

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  1. cassandra m says:

    Glen Beck figures out another way to scam his audience — creating a new community called Independence, USA:

    Right-wing rabble-rouser Glenn Beck recently announced that he wanted to “go Galt” and create a self-sustaining community, inspired by the philosophy of Ayn Rand’s character John Galt from “Atlas Shrugged.”

    No chain stores, completely self-sustaining for those who want to Go Galt. Wonder if they’ll be mining their own gold?

  2. bamboozer says:

    I suspect the amazing trillion dollar coin started life as a pathetic joke and ended it’s life in the same way. As for Glenn Beck I say Bravo! Go thee to the ends of the earth and take as many of the rest of like mind as you can fit in one ( or two ) Ark replicas, I hear they have a right spiffy one down to the Creation Museum. Or was it Creation World of Kentucky???

  3. cassandra m says:

    Just for Jason330 — The Bidenization of America

    This author says Biden is in it to win it in 2016.

  4. Jason330 says:

    You know I’m a team player, so I’m all in if it is Biden.

  5. cassandra m says:

    I like Biden in this mode. Not sure if I seem him as running the ship — how old will he be in 2016?

  6. Venus says:

    Oh and Judge Murray Scwartz died too.