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Monday Open Thread [1.14.13]

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“Every President elected between 1976 and 2004 was, by birth or by choice, a Southerner, except Ronald Reagan, who enjoyed a sort of honorary status. (When he began the 1980 campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, scene of the murder, in 1964, of three civil-rights workers, many Southerners heard it as a dog whistle.) A Southern accent, once thought quaint or even backward, became an emblem of American authenticity, a political trump card. It was a truism that no Democrat could win the White House unless he spoke with a drawl. Now the South is becoming isolated again.”

As it should be. This is a spectacularly good thing.

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Governor Markell’s Press Conference Announcing Gun Safety Legislation Live Streaming Now

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Governor Markell, Lt. Governor Matt Denn and Attorney General Beau Biden are holding a joint news conference to unveil proposed gun safety legislation for the state. The event should start TODAY at 10AM, and should be streaming live at the state’s website. I also believe that WDEL plans to carry this live as well.

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Republicans May Need To Shut Down The Government Just To “Get It Out Of Their System”

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Getting something out of your system is never a sign of maturity. It can be a step towards maturity if the person survives the procedure, but it’s rarely good in itself. We associate getting things out of your system to such things as youthful experimentation, sowing wild oats, drugs, alcohol, sex and obsessions.

Know who else we say needs to get things out of their system? Toddlers having temper tantrums.

Which brings me to this quote:

GOP officials said more than half of their members are prepared to allow default unless Obama agrees to dramatic cuts he has repeatedly said he opposes. Many more members, including some party leaders, are prepared to shut down the government to make their point. House Speaker John Boehner “may need a shutdown just to get it out of their system,” said a top GOP leadership adviser. “We might need to do that for member-management purposes — so they have an endgame and can show their constituents they’re fighting.” [emphasis mine]


Starting Monday, Boehner will huddle with his leadership team to discuss his preliminary thinking on a spending strategy. A source who attended meetings to prepare for those private talks said GOP leaders are authentically at a loss on how to control members who don’t respond to the normal incentives of wanting to help party leaders or of avoiding situations — like default — that could be public relations nightmares.

So how do you think that huddle is going to work out? What exactly will John Boehner, worst Speaker in history, do? Why he’s going to hold a class (“walk members through”) on default. Don’t get me wrong, the majority of Republicans need this class. They also need a sex ed class and one on Climate Change.

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Monday Daily Delawhere [1.14.13]

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Monday Daily Delawhere [1.14.13]

Not that you can tell, but this is the Delaware Bay at Bowers Beach.

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