Joe Scarborough Claims He’s Not A Chauvinist By Acting Like A Chauvinist

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First, Mika didn’t call Joe a chauvinist, but she should have.  Check out the part where he snaps his fingers at her.  Unbelievable!  He also never lets her finish a sentence… he’s too busy mansplaining.

Joe Scarborough is a chauvinist.

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  1. kavips says:

    Only if he doesn’t do the same with other men, is it chauvinism. From what I remember, he is consistently disrespectful to both genders…. which would make it a crime of impoliteness, instead of chauvinism.

  2. socialistic ben says:

    Also, Mika inst exactly the most sympathetic figure. Often she makes comments that seem to come from a middle school playground.

    No, she isnt asking for it, no she doesn’t deserve to be treated like less of a person because she is a woman. That isnt what i said, that isnt what i meant, that isnt how i feel…… Mkay?
    I DO feel it is hard to take Mika, the TV show co-anchor, seriously because Mika, the TV show co-anchor, is such an awful anchor. (my opinion, Savannah Guthrie should have her job… but she has her own morning show now.)
    Joe and Mika are both awful.

  3. Jason330 says:

    Does she ever mention the simple fact that Hilary Clinton is a cabinet member?

  4. pandora says:

    I don’t like Mika in that job, either, but this is about Joe’s behavior, and I haven’t seen him behave this way with other men. If someone could point me to a video…

  5. socialistic ben says:

    To me it doesn’t seem any different than the way he talks to everyone. A little more “breifs-in-a-bind” (my new, male applicable term for “panties in a twist”)than usual, but he’s an ass. That’s his shtick.

  6. pandora says:

    Can you point me to a video, comparable to the snapping? This wasn’t a policy disagreement.

  7. socialistic ben says:

    no, i cant. The number of times JOe has been a jerk-wad are very numerous. He treats everyone with disrespect.

  8. pandora says:

    Um… okay. Guess I’ll have to take your word for it.

  9. socialistic ben says:

    I recall a time a few months ago where he bullied Ezra Klein pretty badly…. i dont have DVR, or the energy (get a flu shot, everyone) to go hunting for it. I just disagree that he is speaking to her, in this video and in this way because he is specifically being sexist. (at least not more than usual) He has no respect for anyone who isn’t him and less for Mika herself. What you’re seeing is the regular everyday dynamic that exists on that show. He cuts in to people’s sentences on a daily basis (as does Chris, and Ed…. not Rachael, she is the only one on the whole bloody network worth watching). She could have stood up for herself, she could have made a stink…. instead she took a raise. There are many reasons I dont watch that show anymore.
    keep in mind, iI not DEFENDING him.. i dont get why he is on the air… (remember, Morning Joe replaced Imus.) I just dont see how this is different than any other day. Ma nishtana?

  10. Dana Garrett says:

    I think Joe Scarborough is routinely verbally abusive to her and that is sexist. I also don’t by the argument that because he is a rude to others––mean as well as women––that means he’s not sexist. I don’t buy that argument any more than I would accept the argument that someone isn’t a racist about African Americans just because he also makes racial and ethnic slurs about Japanese and Italian people.

  11. TC says:

    I find it hard to believe that the diversity of the Obama cabinet upsets Joe that much.

  12. Truth Teller says:

    First of all Joe is a rude loud mouth Bully his parents must have never told him that it is impolite to shout and interrupt folks when they are talking.

    And when it comes to women have we ever gotten the truth about who killed his secretary in his office ????? JUST ASKING

  13. V says:

    joe is rude to everyone but he is constantly talking over and condescending to mika. more than anyone else. my favorite thing he does (you KNOW you’ve seen it) is when she’d talking about a serious issue and he just starts talking over her about sports with the other men at the table. usually some sort of college football. eventually she gives up. they play it off like “old married couple bickering” banter but it’s infuriating.

    mika doesn’t do much to help herself either, but still.

  14. socialistic ben says:

    The only reason it (the show dynamic) works is because she puts up with it. If she ever decided to demand that she be treated with repsect, one of em would be gone inside of a week.

  15. Idealist says:

    Here’s joe being a complete dick to David Shuster a few years ago.

  16. Roland D. Lebay says:

    Joe Scarborough is an attention-seeking asshole. I have no idea why anyone watches his show. He’s not funny or insightful or anything. He’s an empty suit with an opinion & a big mouth.

    I GET why people listen to Limbaugh. I disagree w/him, but he has a sense of humor & he plays to his base.

    I DON’T get why people listen to or watch idiots like Hannity, Beck, Scarborough, Savage, etc. They’re nothing more than screeching morons riding the wave of conservative talk radio/tv. This wave is FINALLY, yet gradually, and in my opinion, gratefully, receding.