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Wednesday Open Thread [1.2.13]

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Breitbart News (with is a contradiction in terms) claims at least 20 House Republicans have banded together in an effort to unseat House Speaker John Boehner from his position when it comes up for a vote tomorrow. Now, there are 233 Republicans taking their oaths of office tomorrow. If there are really 20 Republicans who will not vote for Boehner for Speaker, that means Boehner will be denied a majority, as 233 minus 20 is 213. Since there will be two vacancies at the start of the new Congress, only 217 votes is needed for a majority. So Boehner needs to peel off either 4 of those Republicans or 4 conservative Democrats to remain Speaker. Are there 4 conservative Democrats in the House anymore?

Perhaps that is why John Boehner had a short temper with Harry Reid outside the Oval Office last Friday.

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An Emerging Working Congressional Coalition?

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I think it’s possible, perhaps probable. I also think it’s the most overlooked byproduct of the ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiations.

I also think this means that President Obama has more leverage in upcoming fiscal negotiations than many progressives are willing to admit or have yet come to realize.

Allow me to explain.

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Wednesday Daily Delawhere [1.2.13]

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Wednesday Daily Delawhere [1.2.13]

Wilmington’s Skyscraper Canyon: Looking up 11th Street from near Walnut Street in Wilmington.

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