New Year’s Eve Open Thread [12.31.12]

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The year in film.

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  1. anonymous says:

    A New Year’s Wish

    What does the finance guy who lives next door to you, the republican legislator in Washington, the prepper, your doctor, the gun owner at the edge of town, the farmer, a dog burying a bone, your co worker with a new SUV, the US Military, have in common?

    Who would you take a road trip with? A guy who has watched 4 weather reports, has a new vehicle, cash, cards in his wallet, a charged cellphone, a GPS, reservations, etc. – or…. a guy with a 12 pack and a piece of crap vehicle, who says, ‘jump in, let’s go to Boston!’

    Regarding, “risk management” – how wrong is someone with a troubled personality in their household, leaving guns laying around unsecured; and. how wrong is it now, to ignore 3rd (4th) generation technology of properly located, sized and secured nuclear power as a clean energy that could easily supply the electric grid; (and of course;) how wrong is a denier who ignores 99.9% of legitimate climate scientists from around the world?

    So here’s a question for the poor and middle income republican ‘climate’ deniers;’ (it’s 2013, decades later, but I know you’re still out there.) How sure are you, that the millionaires, billionaires, who fund and feed the denial machine, don’t have homes around the world to fly off to; money enough to buy all supplies enough to outlast shortages; security; alternative energy supplies of every sort available, as you remain the poor, middle class loyal manipulated voter, who listens to Rush (good grief,) who believes he won’t be one of (or the one paying for) floods, droughts, or the families living among looters without doors or roofs, without electricity, food or water until your government comes to rescue the unfortunate from the next monster storm (hurricane, tornadoes, floods, severe ice storms, perhaps an East Coast blackout,) caused by a ‘climate’ stalled weather anomaly? .1%, 1% sure? (Sure enough – not to have insurance?) Where do you think the hundreds of millions of dollars for sand replacement, rebuilding already came from?

    Something else to think about, trusting denier. One man, one vote. How could the 1% get into political power, without votes like yours? There are a lot more poor, middle, upper classes, than there are 1% richest – 99% more. Could it be, that ‘you’ are the ‘risk,’ that is being ‘managed?”

    The 1% richest deniers will continue to opt for the public to continue paying for the untold hundreds of billions in damages caused/to be caused, by the excessive anthropogenic CO2 being dumped into the atmosphere – not the corporations who are profiting by pollution dumping. And paying for it isn’t the worse part. Against all reasoning, they plan to continue, fossil fuel ‘business as usual.’

    An Exxon CEO, formally a denier, now says, the climate is changing – the public needs to ‘adapt.’ ‘Adapt’ meaning, you need to accept what’s happening and pay. ‘Adapt’ could mean, you need to give up your land; raise and reinforce your home; cut down your trees, buy more insurance, learn to stay indoors throughout heatwaves, ration water, etc. Of course, when one is a billionaire, with fine homes around the world, ‘adapting’ isn’t so tough. ‘Adapt’ to the poor and middle classes, could mean walking away from what little they had. That’s not mentioning the deaths.

    More than 100 million people will die and the global economy will miss out on as much as 3.2 percent of its potential output annually by 2030 if the world fails to tackle climate change, according to a report commissioned by 20 governments,

    They calculated that five million deaths occur each year from air pollution, hunger and disease as a result of climate change and carbon-intensive economies, and that toll would likely rise to six million a year by 2030 if current patterns of fossil fuel use continue.

    The effects of climate change is already costing the global economy about $1.2 trillion a year, and this could double by 2030 if global temperatures are allowed to rise. The losses to agriculture and fisheries alone could amount to more than $500 billion per year by 2030.

    Climate scientists have warned that the chance of limiting the rise to below 2C is getting smaller as global greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise due to burning fossil fuels.

    Trusting denier: You did notice that, CO2 was NOT to be considered a pollution under the Clean Air Act and that CO2 was NOT to be taxed – according to the republican Presidential agenda? He didn’t win, consider yourself lucky.

    Poor, middle class deniers, it could be, that you are the entity under, “risk management.” The rich and powerful need your voter support – to manage you, your government.

    Or people could stop being their own worst enemy and change. That sounds like a New Year’s wish.