Sunday Open Thread [12.30.12]

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Looks like we need one of these! We’re still in light blogging mode as we all still busy celebrating holidays and friends and family. Personally, this is my favorite time of the year. How are your holidays going?

President Obama was on Face the Nation this AM, talking with lazy David Gregory about the fiscal cliff, how Republicans can’t figure out how to say yes to anything, AND that this is not a “both sides do it” issue (repubs are clearly the issue), Bengahzi, Chained CPI, pours water on the armed guards in schools stupidity, and the need to do immigration reform now (this is about 28 mins long):

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WTF is wrong with people? A woman in NY is arrested and charged for shoving a man in front of a subway train. Why? Because she thought he was Muslim.

Joe Biden is Back for a Second Run at Gun Limits Good:

Mr. Biden was at the White House when the Newtown massacre occurred. With the shootings coming just days before the 40th anniversary of the car accident that killed his first wife and baby daughter, an aide said, “all he could think about was those parents getting the same devastating phone call” that he once did.

After Mr. Obama assigned him to develop a response, Mr. Biden followed his 1990s script, inviting law enforcement leaders to the White House to harness their ideas and public credibility. “I’ve been in Washington over 20 years, and this was unique,” said Chuck Wexler, the executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum. “There is a sense of importance and urgency to this issue.”

Ms. Feinstein plans to reintroduce the assault weapons bill with a more inclusive definition, banning even those with just “one or more military characteristics.” It identifies 120 guns by name whose manufacture and sale would be banned, and it would outlaw certain modifications used to bypass the last law.

What interests you today?

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  1. puck says:

    The Senate session on the fiscal cliff deal is apparently going poorly. Excellent.

    Actually it is going THIS poorly: “GOP Senate leader urges Biden to break ‘fiscal cliff’ impasse”

    Appealing to Biden makes sense though, once you remember Biden was the behind-the-scenes messenger to scotch the middle-class-only tax cut in 2010.

  2. Liberal Elite says:

    “It identifies 120 guns by name whose manufacture and sale would be banned”

    This is utterly wrong. The manufacturers will just come out with new models that weasel around the well intended regulations.

    What we need is MANDATORY gun liability insurance for EVERY gun, that also pays into a victims compensation fund.

    Nothing will shrink the nation’s arsenal quicker than demanding that those who play with guns pay for the societal costs of their “hobby”… NOTHING!!

  3. Liberal Elite says:

    @c “Hillary Clinton was hospitalized today…”

    I have a really bad feeling about this one. The timing is not right.

  4. Joanne Christian says:

    In regards to Ms. Clinton–she is incredibly fortunate this blood clot was detected. Can’t tell you the number of folks w/ a previous head injury/incidental concussion that ended up having a slow bleed; undetected; to their demise at a distant date in time. This is a real save–and kudos to the medical staff who caught it.