The Big Delaware Story of 2012?

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The News Journal has a poll listing the following as the most important events in 2012, and you are to choose between them:

Superstorm Sandy
Wilmington mayoral race
Kent/Sussex suicide cluster
Pencader Charter (Ann Lewis) controversy
Obama/Biden re-elected
Health care reform
Sea level rise
UD women’s basketball / Elena Delle Donne
Delaware Symphony Orchestra financial issues
Firefly Music Festival
New Castle County executive race
Eden Park shootout, Wilmington violence
Civil unions
Christopher Tigani legal troubles
Ashley Biden’s wedding
Dewey Beach murder
DuPont retiree health benefit controversy
Fisker delays
Eric Bodenweiser charges
John Atkins Sussex prison controversy

Hurricane Sandy is an obvious choice, though its affects on Delaware were most decidedly not as severe as on New Jersey and New York. But some of the choices reveal that 1) either it was a slow slow news year, or 2) the News Journal has actually cut so many reporting jobs that they do not know what is going on in their state anymore.

Ashley Biden’s wedding? Are they serious? I was unaware it happened until just now. A Dewey Beach murder? The rest are short lived controversies or stories that don’t really give rise to STORY OF THE YEAR status. Out of them, I suppose the whole disgusting and evil Eric Bodenweiser saga has to be the winner, but I would say the story of the year is the Demise of Tony Deluca and the Rise of Bryan Townsend. But alas, it is not a choice. Make sure to vote in our poll.

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  1. mediawatch says:

    DD, what are we to believe?
    That someone going by the nom de plume of Delaware Dem is totally unaware of the marriage of the First Daughter of the First Family of Delaware Democrats? For shame!
    Seriously, Ashley’s new job is probably bigger news for the people of Delaware than her wedding would be. Geez, Brian Selander’s new job is probably more significant.
    Because of where they might lead, rather than for what we already know, I’d rate the Tigani and NCCo exec stories as the most important.
    Then there’s another story that totally missed the NJ’s list … but could easily be included next year, and the year after that: the decline of print journalism in Delaware.

  2. heragain says:

    In local terms, the extended rash of burglaries in my area would make the list of any of my neighbors. Statewide, civil unions. Longterm, HCR.

    Stupid list. Hasn’t Rocky Bullwinkle misplaced his hat, or something? I don’t see Malala Yousafzai on it. Or the Sandusky verdict. Or much of anything of significance.

    They really do not know what they are doing.