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Chris Coons Does His Job. Tom Carper Doesn’t.

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I want to thank Senator Coons for voting against the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act extension of warrantless wiretapping, otherwise known as the Repeal of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Senator Carper voted for it like a true red conservative Democrat.

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Friday Open Thread [12.28.12]

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Fox anchor Gregg Jarrett tries his best to spew RNC talking points, but Democratic Congressman Chris Van Hollen is just too smart for it, and proceeds to destroy Jarrett and the Republican Party. Of course, as whenever the Republican Party Talking Points are successfully revealed to be lies on their own air, the interview was ended quickly.

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The Big Delaware Story of 2012?

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The News Journal has a poll listing the following as the most important events in 2012, and you are to choose between them. Hurricane Sandy is an obvious choice, though its affects on Delaware were most decidedly not as severe as on New Jersey and New York. But some of the choices reveal that 1) either it was a slow slow news year, or 2) the News Journal has actually cut so many reporting jobs that they do not know what is going on in their state anymore.

Ashley Biden’s wedding? Are they serious? I was unaware it happened until just now. A Dewey Beach murder? The rest are short lived controversies or stories that don’t really give rise to STORY OF THE YEAR status. Out of them, I suppose the whole disgusting and evil Eric Bodenweiser saga has to be the winner, but I would say the story of the year is the Demise of Tony Deluca and the Rise of Bryan Townsend. But alas, it is not a choice. Make sure to vote in our poll.

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Death Penalty Repeal Petition

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The Death Penalty Information Center recently released its year-end report. It revealed that Delaware was one of only 9 states that carried out an execution in 2012. In fact, in the last 35 years, Delaware is garnering a reputation of being the Texas of the East Coast. We rank third nationwide over those 35 years in executions per capita.

It’s time Delaware had this discussion, and I highly endorse the efforts of the Delaware Repeal Project, an organization seeking to end the death penalty in Delaware. Below please find their press release regarding the Death Penalty Information Center’s report, and if you think it is time for Delaware to end the death penalty, sign the their petition.

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Friday Daily Delawhere [12.28.12]

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Friday Daily Delawhere [12.28.12]

The old New Castle County Courthouse and state house in New Castle, in Christmas decorations and a snow storm.

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