Paul Ryan to backstab the backstabbing Eric Cantor

Filed in National by on December 23, 2012

The GOP “intelligentsia’ wants to skip Cantor and go with Ryan.

Filling in for Bill O’Reilly last night Laura Ingraham says her source on the Hill told her there is a movement to replace John Boehner with Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House.

Maybe, with a little luck, we’ll have three republican parties when the dust settles.

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  1. bamboozer says:

    Paul Ryan leads my love to hate list. Why? He’s been able to fool his district for over ten years with his abomination of a budget and the radical plans that go with it. Add to it social conservatism of the Catholic variety and I need to barf. But… If Boehner, Cantor and Ryan want to have a no holds barred steel cage match I will most certainly buy a ticket, preferably front row. Let the carnage begin!

  2. jason330 says:

    It is amazing how much power the Republicans have handed over to 20 or so hard core lunatics.

  3. cassandra_m says:

    Paul Ryan has been able to fool lots of people with his fake budget — including the credulous media who never come to terms with the fact that his budget completely rewrites the compact with the middle class and doesn’t come anywhere near balancing the budget. Yet he (and others) keep mouthing platitudes re: stopping spending while never having to be accountable for doing it.

  4. bamboozer says:

    Calling on Ron Tornoe for a cartoon showing numerous Republican’s stabbing each other in the back for the speakers post. Preferably Thomas Nast style, festive holiday theme at your discretion.