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Mitt Romney was running for his party’s nomination.

UPDATED: Mitt’s Dad did “march” with MLK

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By jason330

Other things Mitt’s Dad did “Figuratively Speaking.”

>Pitched a perfect game in the 1948 world series.
>Resolved the Suez crisis 1949.
>Climbed Mt Everest in 1951 without oxygen.
>Rescued American hostages from Tehran in 1979.

If you’d like (another) President who is willing to lie about everything and anyhting, Mitt is your man.


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  1. cassandra m says:

    And Romney’s son is telling people NOW that Multiple Choice Mitt did not want to be President.

    So we all dodged a bullet, right? One more Republican who wasn’t interested in governing, but who did burn through an awful lot of Other People’s Money.

  2. puck says:

    Who says Mitt wasn’t in touch with the people? We didn’t want him to be president either.