Wednesday Daily Delawhere [12.19.12]

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The Benjamin T. Biggs House, on Cass Street in Middletown. The house was built in 1876. Biggs served as the U.S. Representative for Delaware in 1868, and later served as Governor of Delaware from 1887 to 1891.

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  1. Bill Dunn says:

    I imagine there may be a dozen homes around Delaware that have these aesthetic characteristics, but this looks allot like what I call the Brinton house at the corner of Milltown Rd. & OLD Limestone Rd., just 50 yards west of “new” Limestone & Milltown roads (close to 50 years new).
    I can remember being in the back seat of the family Chevy, no seat belts of course, and seeing all the dirt that was being moved as we made the corner in front of the house when they were building new Limestone Road.
    I was in it a couple of times and it was really nice.