First Major Test for Senator Coons – Bad Deal or No Deal ?

Filed in National by on December 19, 2012

With Obama wavering, negotiations over the so-called fiscal cliff are heading in a disastrous direction. John Boehner bought some leverage with his “Plan B” — if they pass it in the house, the GOP thinks that they’ll force “moderate” Democrats in the Senate to cave.

Clearly no deal is better than a bad deal, but will Senator Coons see it that way? Obviously Tom Carper is John Boeher’s best friend in this scenario. He has been ADVOCATING for a bad deal for months, so he is ready and willing to provide bi-partisan cover for Boehner whenever he needs it. Will Coons travel the blue dog route as well? His statements so far should not fill Democrats with a lot confidence.

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  1. bamboozer says:

    Disappointment is the nature of compromise, I expected nothing less. It should be noted it ain’t over yet and nothing is set in stone. Like my fellow progressives I had hoped Obama would be a changed man and drive a hard bargain, that will not happen. Carper? I spell his name traitor and have for years. I received an invite to his Christmas party but declined, I have no desire to be hauled off for expressing my opinions.

  2. Jason330 says:

    President Barack Obama said today that Republicans are too focused on getting the better of him personally in the fiscal cliff negotiations, rather than considering what is best for the country. “It is very hard for them to say ‘yes’ to me,” Obama told reporters.

    Operationalizing the truth:

    “At some point they’ve got to take me out of it” and focus on “doing something good for the country.

  3. kavips says:

    Yes, at the press conference Obama specifically said, with no qualifications, that this offer is to seal the deal NOW!!!!!!

    If Republicans think is it just another opportunity to bargain lower, then they will be wrong, they will be to blame.

    Actually after last nights original anger wore off, the wisdom behind this compromise became apparent. If we do go over the “cliff”… there will be no question as to which group of people is to blame.

    Hopefully anger towards Republicans for once again, plunging us into a bitter and deep recession, can be channeled even inside of red states to rid this nation of all those stupid policies being constantly resurfaced by the Republican Party of the United States of America.

  4. Tom Hawk says:

    For forty years I paid the FICA Social Security premium assessment on my wages. I have been on Social Security for fifteen years. If they change the terms of my policy, who do I sue for breach of contract?

  5. Venus says:

    Well Tom, if you paid that premium assessment for those 40 years: even at top rate for today you contributed about 4500k per year. You’ve hit the jackpot Tom, because no doubt you are probably receiving 13-1800 per month and x 15 years. So let’s say 1500 per month x 12 months equals 18k per year. And for 15 years you are now up 170k in that 15 yrs. Geez Tom in your whole 40 year career at the highest rate TODAY you will have exceeded contribution by the coming year. How great is that???!!!!
    And let’s face it.You nowhere near contributed the 4500 per year. So get real.Social Security was never meant to support. It was meant to bridge the ol’ nest egg, and cookie jar. Average life expectancy of the draw was to be 13 months. Nowadays, we have people drawing more years than they contributed, and a whole bunch of lobbyists who have secured early draw parameters for certain conditions. You even get a COLA adjustment. Buddy, I don’t make the rules,but I sure can’t blame the government for ME living a longer, better quality of life and moving the age of collection index to reflect that. No one is coming after your Social Security.They come after mine, the mid to late baby boomer who gets the shaft in every socio-economic correction. But, hey I don’t mind.When I saw 50, I was told it’s the new 30. Helluva healthier future and existence for me than my parents or grandparents. So, sorry if your spending money might have to be reigned in, and you’ll have to nurse that second cup of Joe at McDonald’s a bit longer before the walk at the mall or that pickleball match. My grandfather retired in February of 1960’s and died in May the same year. Never got in his boat. Grandmother collected a couple of years. And that’s the way it was. This is the way it is now. People live too long, and then complain their government isn’t affording them their lifestyle, after all these years. So, if I were you Tom, I’d keep my mouth shut knowing I had a good thing going. Because people like me are going to be wiping your sorry ass because you got mileage, and we got the bill and will still be working well beyond your damn 40 years of contributions. Done.

  6. hmmmm says:

    Have you people not watched west wing? Barack Obama is pulling this straight out of the budget showdown episode. Dems made offers, the reps took them and kept going for more and more, Bartlet basically said screw it and left the speaker holding the bag, and then Bartlet got what he wanted all along.

    Barack gave them his final concessions and offered to seal it up. He knew they’d just want more, so he now has a reason to say they can’t compromise.

    Reactions like those in this post are why we can never have a clear message.

    He knows what he is doing, this isn’t the Barack Obama of 2011.

  7. cassandra m says:

    I hope that you are right. As I said when this started, I’m doling out enthusiasm for fiscal cliff negotiations one day at a time.

    Before the last offer, they’d played the optics of this thing to a faretheewell. While I don’t want to see any cuts to SS or Medicare, it provides a credibility shield for Obama since now Democrats are pitching a bitch about this too. Boehner may take this deal, but I’m thinking that there isn’t a deal that Boehner *can* take and pass with the majority of the majority. Even his Plan B seems to be at some risk, so we may end up being really clear that Boehner not only has no control over his caucus, but that the House GOP won’t deal on anything other than their terms.

    Ezra has a great chart comparing the various deals.

  8. puck says:

    ” it provides a credibility shield for Obama since now Democrats are pitching a bitch about this too. ”

    Finally a way for me to contribute!

  9. cassandra m says:

    Apparently Congressional and WH phones are getting a workout; and people from all over went to DC on Tuesday to protest. So I wouldn’t break my arm patting myself on the back, yet, puck. Although I’m certain your keyboard loves you right back.