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LG Out

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I have been trying to put together a resignation post for a while now.  It is hard to capture the joy and pain, success and frustration that I have enjoyed for the past several years as a part of the DL team. But as a wise blog founder once told me, “Never let perfect be the enemy of the good enough”.

So I’ll be signing off as a contributor here to attend to other political, professional and personal endeavors, but I’ll be here as a commentor as time permits. As always, DL can count on me for any support that they may need.

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Dear Santa — More of This Please in 2013!

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The “fiscal cliff” negotiations (or at least they will be when the Republicans show up) have gone through a media roller coaster — they’re talking, they’re dealing, Medicare is on the table, Medicare of off of the table, they’re not talking, they’re not dealing, they are at an impass. The current story seems to be that Boehner still can’t get the President to negotiate with himself and Boehner still can’t get his caucus under control. But watching this has produced some satisfying optics. Optics don’t get you to good governing, but it is a pleasure to see Democrats playing offense for a change.

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ingenious humans

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The video below is why I’m not “prepper.” We humans have more than enough brain power to solve all of our current and future problems.

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Best Songs of 2012: The Top 10!

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Counting down from #10: 10. Michael Kiwanuka: “I’m Getting Ready”: 9. The Walkmen: “Heaven”: 8. Todd Snider: “Too Soon To Tell”: 7. Bonnie Raitt: “Used To Rule the World”: 6. Hospitality: “Eighth Avenue” (hate the video, but love the song): 5. Alabama Shakes: “Hang Loose”: 4. John Fullbright: “Gawd Above”: 3. Mac DeMarco: “Ode to […]

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The Polling Report [12.13.12]

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The Polling Report [12.13.12]

By a 65% to 33% margin, Americans believe that the President has a mandate to increase taxes on the wealthy and protect Social Security and Medicare. Hell, even half of all Republicans say he has a mandateof Republicans now say he has an mandate. Come inside for more pollling goodness

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Wednesday Open Thread [12.12.12]

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Lest no one say that I do not give credit where credit is due: Kudos to Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart for doing her job in fining State Farm Insurance for shafting its insureds. Granted, 150K is a mere pittance to these multi billion dollar monsters who are awash in cash but still immorally deny coverage, but still. If there is one area where I am a socialist, it is on the issue of insurance. Private Insurance is nothing for than a fraudulent scam, and the entire industry should be nationalized.

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Holder Reccomends National Voting Standards

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Like having the wealthiest pay their fair share in taxes, this is wildly popular and probably impossible because …AWESOME BIPARTISANSHIP!!!

Attorney General Eric Holder said during a speech on Tuesday night at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library that it’s time to consider setting national standards for how elections should be handled.

“A recent study by the MacArthur Foundation found that nearly 90 percent of those who voted in last month’s election would support creating national voting standards,” Holder said, according to prepared remarks.

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The Mayans were Right.

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The world is going to end in 9 days. How do I know this? Well, because I agree with something Glenn Beck said, and what he said was actually understandable, logical, and reasonable.

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New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

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Yea! More development! I told you Tom Gordon had no interest in stemming the tide of overdevelopment.

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The Coolest Poll of the Year

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Public Policy Polling was the third most accurate polling outfit this cycle (Behind Ipsos/Reuters and YouGov, according to this study). An awesome showing by a Democratic-leaning group that is making its name on delivering good data, rather than trying to move the news cycle. (Rasmussen came in 14th, so how about those false equivalency apples?) So who could blame them for taking their victory lap by providing a new comprehensive poll on Americans’ thoughts on Christmas?

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Wednesday Daily Delawhere [12.12.12]

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Wednesday Daily Delawhere [12.12.12]

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