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You can’t bargain with malevolent idiots

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The President, Senator Coons, Rep. Carney – these men keep talking about the need for a “bipartisan” solution to the debt crisis. I get why they think it is important to say that they want a bipartisan solution, but I hope that they don’t think real bipartisanship is possible.

These modern Republicans are people who seriously believe that the government is bloated and what we need is another round of tax cuts to spur the economy and deliver a double dose of character building poverty to the ungrateful poor. They think any public dollar not handed to defense contractors is a dollar wasted on a hopeless parasites. They hate the President with such a white hot passion that they view ANY deal that he would agree to (regardless of how much is sells out Democratic principles) as unacceptable.

Looking at these malevolent idiots in action, I’ve become convinced that the next mid-term election is absolutely essential to returning the county to rationality and normalcy. The GOP needs to be swept from the field. When the GOP is utterly decimated, Democrats can finally stop talking about the importance of “bipartisanship.”

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In Defense of the Good White People…

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This I could write myself, as it applies to me almost entirely….

To whom it may concern regarding the United States federal elections of 2014, 2016 and beyond:

Allow me to introduce myself to you, the existing (or aspiring!) strategist for the Republican Party. My name is Eric Arnold Garland and I am a White Man. Boy, am I ever – you need sunglasses just to look at my photo!

If I read the news correctly, I fit a profile that is of extreme importance to the GOP, as I embody the archetype that fits your narrative of Real Americans. […]

[I am] the BREAD AND BUTTER OF THE GRAND OLD PARTY, a Mayflower-descended small business owner, burdened by taxation, looking out for his beautiful White family in the suburbs of a city (St Louis) surrounded by racial tension and urban blight!

How can I put this gently? My wife and I are not sensitive to your messaging, nor did we vote for the candidates you proposed for us this past [election]. […]

May I explain why not…..

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The Next Fight, the first battle of which was fought yesterday, resulting in McConnell shooting himself in the foot.

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The Fiscal Cliff fight is won. And we won it. Either the Republicans will pass the new Obama Middle Class Tax Cuts before January 1 or after. If they do it before, they will not be politically destroyed. If they do it after, they will be politically destroyed once again, just before the Next Fight begins in earnest.

So what happened yesterday?

Well, the Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, ended any doubt at all that there will be filibuster reform this January, at the start of the next Congress. What did he do now, you ask? He did something pretty remarkable.

He filibustered himself.


He filibustered his own bill.

Here’s the background. As Jason has written about, the next big fight between the Dems and the Rethugs is the coming vote to raise the debt ceiling……

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Delaware Day Open Thread [12.7.12]

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To quote Sarah McBride, “225 years ago, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Jesus Christ, Mother Theresa, and Martin Luther King Jr. met on land just five miles from what was then the Motiva Plant in New Castle, Delaware and sacrificed their lives, fortunes, and sacred honors. There they wrote and approved the Constitution of the United States, which was at that time the states of New Castle, Kent, and Sus**x (spelling out Sussex was too risqué). Since then, 49 other “states” have envied God’s chosen land so much that they decided to emulate Delaware. May God continue to bless this glorious and perfect state. This I pray, in the name of Dupont, corporate law, and Joe Biden. Amen.”

Happy Delaware Day.

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Final Call: 2012 MVP Nominations Due By Sunday

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Please post your nominations for those who were Most Valuable to the Progressive Cause in Delaware this year by this Sunday night, December 9, at 11:59 p.m.

I start culling through the names and a year’s worth of news from both DL and elsewhere on Monday morning. Some of you have already provided outstanding suggestions, but I know that there may well be some great ones that I have not yet come across.

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A Spectacular Jobs Report

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A Spectacular Jobs Report

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the U.S. economy added 146,000 jobs in November, nearly double the projections. What’s more, the overall unemployment rate dropped to 7.7%, its lowest point in four years.

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Conservatives Are “Gonna Get Medieval On Your Ass”

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Attention, True Patriots! Are you tired of living among liberals? Do you believe the collapse of the USA will happen any day and you’ll be trapped in your cul de sac, unable to maneuver you SUV around all the “hungry, diseased souls” who will try to steal your liberty? Can you prove you can shoot a gun, and would like to live in a castle where everyone 13 and older is armed? Do you not only long for the good old days, but the really awesome Medieval days? If so, there’s a place for you!

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Friday Daily Delawhere [12.7.12]

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Friday Daily Delawhere [12.7.12]

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