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Sorry about no Open Thread yesterday, gang. It is 18 days until the Mayan-predicted End of the World, so I think we all in prep mode.

After meeting with Tim Geithner last week, is it fair to say that the GOP is in disarray? Seriously, they have no coherent response to the WH offer, and I’m heartened (just for today) by this:

Secretary Geithner was nonplussed when responding to Boehner’s shocked reaction to the White House proposal.

Geithner told Wallace, “[GOP leaders] are in a tough position now, they are trying to figure out where they go next, we might need to give them a little time to figure out where they go next.”

Geithner defended the initial White House deficit plan, during a blitz of Sunday morning talk show appearances.
“It’s a very good plan and we think it’s a good basis for these conversations,” said Geithner on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “What we did is put forward a very comprehensive, very carefully designed mix of savings and tax rates to help us put us back on a path to stabilizing our debt, fixing our debt and living within our means.”

I’m looking for daily signals that the WH is dealing from its genuine strength here.

Yesterday was the 57th anniversary of Rosa Parks taking a seat in the white section of the bus.

Michael Grunwald at Time writes this righteous rant about the press ignoring the GOP’s shear stupidity on the fiscal cliff negotiations.

It’s really amazing to see political reporters dutifully passing along Republican complaints that President Obama’s opening offer in the fiscal cliff talks is just a recycled version of his old plan, when those same reporters spent the last year dutifully passing along Republican complaints that Obama had no plan. It’s even more amazing to see them pass along Republican outrage that Obama isn’t cutting Medicare enough, in the same matter-of-fact tone they used during the campaign to pass along Republican outrage that Obama was cutting Medicare.

And let’s not pretend that the GOP knows that the press will treat them with kid gloves — it is why they keep saying the most remarkable BS. Who will call them on it?

What interests you today?

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  1. Rustydils says:

    Senate voted yesterday 94 to 0 for an amendment to increase sanctions against Iran in a very specific way to try and slow Irans nuclear weapon development progress. White house however is not for the amendment, stating the following objections, blah blah blah blah blah. So I have decided to forward the addresses of everyone who voted for Obama to Iran’ S leader and recomend he use thoses addresses as his first targets because they agree with Obama’ S actions

  2. puck says:

    I am enjoying this story way more than is probably good for me:

    By all accounts, the past month has been most difficult on Romney’s wife, Ann, who friends said believed up until the end that ascending to the White House was their destiny. They said she has been crying in private and trying to get back to riding her horses.

  3. Grin says:

    Ann has a sad. Welcome to the real world Ann, where no one gets to the white house who already has a dancing pony.

  4. Jason330 says:

    I know, right? I think the Romney’s were so confused when they lost because they really expect the universe to reward hem for being rich.

  5. puck says:

    Ann is in need of some entitlement reform.

  6. Jason330 says:

    Very well put.

  7. cassandra_m says:

    Nice! Rep. Tom Cole reminds Dan Senor (DAN SENOR! The guy who was the American counterpart for Bagdad Bob for the Coalition Provisional Authority) that maybe he should be asking some questions about the people who were out and about talking about non-existent WMDs in Iraq. Somebody is going to yank Cole’s leadership ticket if he keeps this up.