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Florida has a problem.

On Friday night, gun collector Michael David Dunn pulled his sedan up next to the SUV in which the unarmed 17-year-old Jordan Davis sat with his three friends at a Jacksonville, Florida, gas station. Dunn, 45, allegedly asked them to turn down their loud music. According to the Orlando Sentinel, that provoked an argument with Jordan and his friends:

Jordan and Dunn exchanged words, and Dunn pulled a gun and shot eight or nine times, striking Jordan twice, [Jacksonville sheriff’s Lt. Rob] Schoonover said. Jordan was sitting in the back seat. No one else was hurt.

Jordan died that night in his friend’s arms. Jordan’s father, Ron, later called Dunn a “coward” for shooting at the teens.

Guess what law Dunn is citing?  You guessed it – Stand Your Ground.

Here is another case where the shooter initiated the confrontation and now says he feared for his life.  If he viewed the teenagers as dangerous why would he confront them?  That’s a serious question.

Moving on to Dunn’s lawyer, who he should probably fire:

In the absence of this supposed weapon, however, Dunn’s attorney explained why her client felt “threatened” by three kids blasting loud music:

“Uh, ‘Kill that mother (expletive),’ ‘That mother (expletive) is dead,’ ‘You dead (expletive),’” Lemonidis said Dunn heard from the teens. “And he sees that much of a shotgun coming up over the rim of the SUV, which is up higher than his Jetta, and all he sees are heavily tinted front windows that are up and the back windows that are down, and the car has at least four black men in it, and he doesn’t know how old anyone is, and he doesn’t know anything, but he knows a shotgun when he sees one because he got his first gun as a gift from his grandparents when he was in third grade.”

“and the car has at least four black men in it” Really?  Really? That made her list of threatening behavior?  Words fail, so I’ll have to move on…

Mouthy, rude teenagers playing loud music in their car?  Yeah, like that’s never happened before.  Fear of those loud music playing, mouthy, rude teenagers that you confronted?  Fear would have kept him quiet in the first place.

BTW, Dunn also left the scene of the shooting and the police had to track him down.

After the man in the sedan fired multiple shots at the SUV, he drove off, police said.

Police arrested him the next day in Brevard County, which is about 170 miles away from Jacksonville.

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  1. jason330 says:

    It sure sounds like the guy was out looking to shoot some black teens and he found some.

  2. Geezer says:

    I guess I’ll have to add “gun collector” to the list of euphemisms for “racist.”

  3. puck says:

    If the guys in the car were carrying and drew quicker, we’d be hearing a totally different story now. The first time a black guy beats the rap claiming Stand Your Ground, this business will stop.

  4. puck says:

    The first time a black guy beats the rap claiming Stand Your Ground, this business will stop.

    What idiot said that?

  5. skeptic says:

    Puck, this sounds like another example of creating an alternative reality to justify the wrong in the one the rest of us live in. To quote Nathan Arizona from a great Coen Bros. film, “if a frog had wings, it wouldn’t bump it’s ass a hopin'”

    The kids in the car were NOT carrying, thus the reason why this trigger-happy dumb-ass needs to rot away in jail. Change the color of his skin if you like, but my opinion of him would still hold.

  6. V says:

    In the version I read the guy and his wife had pulled up to the gas station to grab a drink and she was inside when this went down.

    If this was such a terrifying dark dangerous hate van parked next to him WHY ON EARTH did he decide to interject himself into the situation and ask them to turn their music down? or why didn’t he just GO INTO THE STORE with his wife? A wawa run takes all of 2 minutes, he couldn’t deal with that for two minutes?

    Also, this happened on a Friday and they were in town for his son’s wedding. Way to ruin your son’s wedding the next day, jerk.