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Rachel Zylstra, that’s who….

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Say your new cat can’t get a long with your old cat, or you are 21 and living with your Mom who still treats you like you are ten, or your boyfriend might be gay, and you need some advice, but you’d like that advice delivered in song… Who are you gonna call?

Zylstra’s “advice music” was a regular stop for me on the internet tubes for a while, but I haven’t check in for a while. I’m glad to see that she is still at it.

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Be sure to check out WDDE 91.1 FM – Delaware’s National Public Radio

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In your car at, 91.1 FM or online at It has been live since August, but they are doing a ribbon cutting. So, if you didn’t know about it – now you do.

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The Deliberate Destruction Of Public Education

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In Michigan, Bloomfield Hills School District’s superintendent, Rob Glass, has written a letter and posted it on his District’s website.  In all my years on the education front, I have never seen such a direct and urgent letter from a superintendent.  Everyone needs to read this, because what he’s talking about has happened, and probably […]

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Thursday Open Thread [11.29.12]

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President Obama’s national lead over Mitt Romney is now 50.9% to 47.4%. Or, given rounding, 51% to 47%. LOL. God enjoys irony.

First Read: “That’s a bigger (and more decisive) margin that Bush’s victory over John Kerry in 2004 (which was Bush 50.7% and Kerry 48.2%). What’s more, the president’s lead has grown to close to 3 points in Ohio, 4 points in Virginia and 6 points in Colorado. One doesn’t win Colorado by six points without winning swing voters; there isn’t a big-enough Democratic base to make that argument.”

Speaking of the Mittster, he is joining President Obama for lunch today at the White House. Now this is probably all for show, but it will be interpreted as “a gracious move that makes the president appear bipartisan.” But I would love to hear their private conversation. It is well known that the President, as with all of Mitt Romney’s opponents, grew to despise Romney.

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Crappy Deal Emerging

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This deal clearly sucks, but when you have blue state Democrats like John Carney and Chris Coons saying, “OMGZ!!! THE DEBT!!! Medicaid is wrecking the country!!” – you lose a lot of your negotiating strength.

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QOTD 2 — Lunch with Obama and Romney, What Do You Think They Will Talk About?

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Today, President Obama and failed Presidential candidate Mitt Romney are having a private lunch. During his acceptance speech on Election Night, President Obama noted that he would meet with Mitt to see if there is a way forward together. One of the things I like the best about Barack Obama is how easily graceful he […]

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The New Republican Leadership in the General Assembly

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Senator Gary Simpson has been reelected by his Republican colleagues to continue as Senate Minority Leader. I am somewhat surprised that Lavelle did not grab the job to position himself for the 2016 Gubernatorial race. Yes, it would have been audacious for a newly elected freshman Senator to become Minority Leader, but not out of the realm of impossibility, since, after all, Lavelle did get elected as the Minority Whip, the second highest position in the Senate caucus. I think what we will see in Simpson stepping down after down the 2014 elections after six years in the leadership role to pass the mantle over to Lavelle.

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QOTD — Who Should Be In Obama’s Second Term Cabinet?

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So we know that there will be some departures from the first term — Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner is out; Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is out (after doing a spectacular job); Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta; Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank (acting); Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar; Press Secretary Jay Carney; Attorney General Eric Holder (maybe not going for a year or so) look like they are at the top of the list to go. Other possibilities include:

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Thursday Daily Delawhere [11.29.12]

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Thursday Daily Delawhere [11.29.12]

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I get the feeling John Carney is being had by these charlatans

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Carney via Facebook:

This morning, Rep. Jim Renacci, a Republican from Ohio, and I organized our first bipartisan policy meeting since the election. Our group — divided evenly among Democrats and Republicans — meets every other week to brainstorm legislation and try to find common ground. We had great turnout today and took the opportunity to hash out our priorities for the upcoming Congress. If you’re not familiar with the group, you can read about it in this short article from 2011.

The Partisan Republican voting record of Renacci is 99%. Keep looking Congressman. Your bipartisanship should be the kind that demands at least some small demonstration of good will by your Republican counterpart.

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