GOP Puppetmaster, Grover Norquist, Predicts No Deal

Filed in National by on November 28, 2012

If the GOP’s Leader, Grover Norquist, is right – taxes will reset to the pre-Bush tax cuts rates.

Republicans talking about possible deals are full of it according to Norquist. Why? because they are imagining deals in which $1.00 of tax increases is matched by $10.00 in cuts to Medicaid.

Speaking on NPR yesterday, Grover Norquist said:

“He (Lindsey Graham) is not going to vote for a deal because the kind of 10-1 ratio deal he’s talking about with real, iron-clad spending cuts is never going to happen.”

So there you have it. Taxes should reset as long as President Obama keeps his word.

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  1. Truth Teller says:

    I find it totally UN American for any elected offical to take any oath to a private citizen over their oath of office whih would prevent them from acting in the best interest of the country

  2. John Young says:

    Amen Truth Teller!

  3. puck says:

    Has Grover Norquist met John Carney?

  4. jason330 says:

    Even Carney couldn’t go for a 10 to 1 deal. 8 to 1 maybe. (In the name of bi-partisanship of course.)

  5. j marie says:

    Alan Simpson was on Chris Matthews show last night. He had a good idea- “So how do you deal with guys who came to stop government, or Grover wandering the earth in his white robe saying he wants to drown government in the bathtub?,I hope he slips in there with it. We’ll put some soap in the tub.”

  6. bamboozer says:

    Over we go and I’m all for it, clean up the mess next year with West and Walsh gone. And just say no to grand bargains, ain’t nothin’ grand about giving away the store and screwing the old and middle class. That and ol’ fat and fuzzy Grovers goin’ down, if not now then later. As for Carney I’m having fun making a pest of myself reminding him he needs to act like a Democrat, that and Carper is no role model.

  7. cassandra_m says:

    Why? because they are imagining deals in which $1.00 of tax increases is matched by $10.00 in cuts to Medicaid.

    So. Why do they need more cuts to Medicaid? There is a sequester that bakes in $1.2 trillion in cuts to the DoD and discretionary spending over 9 years.

    Over the past couple of days listening to NPR, I hear GOPers talking about getting “spending cuts” or “entitlement reform” for “increases in revenue”. What I want to hear is a reporter who reminds these guys that the sequester provides a decent bit of spending cuts. Why would they be working at derailing those, but looking to cut back on Medicaid or Medicare or Social Security? I *know* the answer to this, but seriously can we get a reporter to ask about this?

  8. jason330 says:

    I agree. NPR is getting on my nerves. Reporters acting like a Republican has said something because he favors increasing “revenue” is maddening.