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In case you haven’t noticed, we are in a period of downtime right now. As a politics-focused blog, any time right after a huge election is necessary a down time, whether you win or lose. We all just let out a giant relieved exhale, and collapsed to whatever couch or chair that was nearby. And now we are busy with the holidays and work, etc., etc. So we are slowly easing back into reading and writing political stories again.

One of the regular posts I put up at Daily Kos back in the olden days of the Internets was a demographic poll called “the Roll Call.” It was meant to find out more about the fellow readers and bloggers at Daily Kos: where they were from, how old they were, etc., etc. It became one of the more popular regular features because people like finding where like-minded people live, especially when we are talking about a national blog.

I would like to try it here, but it might be problematic considering 1) we are a small state, 2) a lot of us have already met one another at various DL and Democratic Party functions. So in the comments, if you are willing, list where you are from originally (i.e. born and raised) and where you live now, and your age and sex (i.e. gender, not if you have it, because that’s TMI).

If you only want to share parts of the above criteria, that is fine too. Also answer the poll on the front page about which county you currently reside in. Thanks!

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  1. Delaware Dem says:

    I’ll start. I was born in Wilmington, then moved to Elkton and North East in Maryland and was raised there, before going to college in DC and then returning home to Delaware to work. I have lived exclusively in Delaware for the last 15 years.

    I’m 36, and a man.

  2. meatball says:

    I was born and raised in Wilmington (well I grew up in Arundel off of Limestone Road). Went to college in WI. Ilived briefly just over the line in Kemblesville, PA and also, the Pike Creek area. I now reside in a geospacial anomoly. If I am on the north side of my house, i-phone shows my location to be either Harbeson or Lewes, depending on what day it is. If I am on the southeast side of my house, i-phone shows me to be in rehoboth. However, my zipcode is 19947 G-Town, or Don Ayotte country.

    I am 42, male and still have sex regularly with my bride of 22 years. I have two children, one male in college, one female in public highschool.

  3. Delaware Dem says:

    Geospacial anomoly. LOL. And thank you for that last bit of information, meatball.

  4. mediawatch says:

    Male, 66
    Born and raised on Long Island
    Delaware resident (Brandywine Hundred)since 1972

  5. JConnor says:

    1951 Memorial hospital 33 years Wilmington, 24 years Bethany beach… 4 years back in Wilmington.. more or less:)

  6. jason330 says:

    I’m 47. Born, Flemington New Jersey, moved to Dover in 1974. College in NC and U of D, MBA from GBC. Wife, two boys and pet dog live in Middletown.

  7. jason330 says:

    “One of the regular posts I put up at Daily Kos back in the olden days of the Internets was a demographic poll called β€œthe Roll Call.””

    That was you? Good stuff.

  8. puck says:

    Both parents born in Wilmington, I was born in New Jersey in 1961 (currently 51), family moved back to Delaware when I was two, raised in Milltown area (NCC), now live in Hockessin. Male.

  9. Frank says:

    Born on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, college at William and Mary (where I had the privilege of waving a protest sign directly in the face of that weasel, Richard Nixon, and attending the Mobe, the big one, where Pete Seeger sang), lived nine years in Northern Virginia, three years in Narberth, Pa., 25 years in North Wilmington, living since 2010 in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

    Married and divorced twice, four kids and three grandkids scattered across the country from Oregon to Delaware, so I see them seldom.

    Currently with my first and likely my last girlfriend from college (she’s the reason I moved back to Virginia).

    At one time I thought I was an “independent.” Then I looked at my voting record.

  10. pandora says:

    Born and raised in the city of Wilmington. Still live in the city – haven’t escaped Delaware yet. Altho… Mr. Pandora has been looking at overseas positions, so I might escape! πŸ™‚

    I have two children – a son in college in NY and a daughter in high school. I’ve been married for 21 years and we haven’t killed each yet. As far as my age… None of your business! Just kidding… I’m 49 and awesome!

  11. Joe Aronson says:

    Joe Aronson born in Minneapolis, MN in 1983. Moved to Delaware in 2011, Executive Director of the DDP. 29 years old, Male. I think that covered it?

    I can tell you all that DL is a regular read at our office.

    I might suggest a Google form to do this then you could see who is coming here.

  12. Paula says:

    Born in Wilmington, 1961. Family moved from Stanton to Talleyville in 1967. I grew up (t)here. College in Rhode Island (at the same time Jack Markell was there, though we’ve never met), then lived in NYC for many years, then abroad until 2002, when I moved back to DE to look after my parents. Still live in north Wilmington. Female.

  13. socialistic ben says:

    27, male, born and raised in Wilmington. Interestingly, i was one of the very last babies born in Wilmington General. Either they decided they couldn’t possibly do better, or never wanted to let it happen again. Jury I still out.
    lived in Bear, Wilmington, and 2 places in Newark. (currently in Townsend-land)
    Engaged, employed, white, Jew.

  14. AQC says:

    Born in Baltimore, MD (go Ravens and Orioles!), raised all over the country but always ended up back in Baltimore, moved to DE in 1995 after divorcing, female, 48 years old

  15. Dave says:

    Born Alabama. lived in NC, VA, raised in upstate NY, San Francisco Bay Area twenty some odd years, moved to VA in 2000, got tired of going home from the beach on Sunday and moved to DE permanently in 2011.

    Oh yeah, Sussex County, close enough to the beach to get there whenever I want but far enough way to not have to evacuate. 62 male.

  16. bamboozer says:

    Born on Long Island, moved to Delaware in 1974, I reside in Smyrna in the same house we’ve owned for 27 years, ain’t goin’ nowhere soon. Married for 30 years to a Delaware girl. Worked my way thru U.of D. playing in bands, walked out of the LSAT’s and proclaimed “screw this, I wanna rock!”. And so I did, if you’ve been in a bar, club, restaurant or casino with live music in this state or a half dozen others for the last 35 years you’ve seen me onstage. I’m white and not always proud of it. Must be the blues.

  17. Andy says:

    Parents Born and raised in Wilmington, Born in NJ raised in Richardson Park from the age of 4. Served in the US Subamarine Force on the U.S.S. Phoenix. Have lived downstate for 21 years currently in Dover Worked for DART for 22 years as a Para Transit Bus Driver currently local Union President for the Bus Operators and Mechanics

  18. Tom McKenney says:

    Native Delawarean 64 except for the Army I’ve lived here all my life

  19. j marie says:

    Born in Wilmington, DE and raised around the Hockessin area. Lived in Mississippi while attending college at USM. Returned to DE briefly during Katrina in 2005, then permanently in 2006. I now call Roselle home. Female, 29.

  20. Tim says:

    Grew up and educated in West Virginia, 2 years in Kentucky, came to Newark summer of 1978.
    Male, 61

  21. cassandra_m says:

    Born and raised in Baltimore, MD and lived for 5 years in Minneapolis when I was in my “You’ve got to be in computers” phase. Have spent extended periods of time working on or running projects all over the US, with Alaska or Hawaii being my favorites place to work. Currently living in Wilmington, DE. Female who celebrated the anniversary of my 39th Birthday yesterday.

  22. X Stryker says:

    Grew up on Long Island, moved to DE about 8 years ago. 34, Male.

  23. Mark H says:

    51 year old male, lived in Delaware most of my life, married three times (don’t want to hear about the sanctity of marriage until someone stops me from marrying again πŸ™‚ ), and will be able to retire from the State of DE in about 1 month. Am presently looking for IT work in Arizona so I can spoil the granddaughter πŸ™‚ We visited there during the hurricane and didn’t want to leave πŸ™‚

  24. heragain says:

    Live a couple of blocks from the house I was raised in, in that weird village in NCC. Went to school out of state after using up pretty much every educational environment here, then traveled some to inflict my passion for political organizing on a wider map.

    Raising 5 children to be ardent Delaware Democrats. 52, but childish at heart.

  25. Born in 1970 at Wilm. General. Lived in Yorklyn in the 70s, Hockessin in the ’80s, Newark, 19808 & 19805 in the ’90s. Spent a good chunk of the 2000s in Centreville/Montchanin. Lived in the Pike Creek area since 2010. 3 teenage children, one awesome girlfriend.

  26. Joe Cass says:

    Born 1967. Adopted following year. Raised ,fled, fell and matured into the handsome and talented and charismatic Union Carpenter that posts before you. In Delaware. New Castle County.Yeah, we are THAT good!

  27. mediawatch says:

    3 natives of Long Island so far — 12.5 percent. Will be watching to see if that percentage of the demographic holds as more commenters surrender their data.

  28. Delaware Libertarian says:

    24 year old, male. I was born in Delaware and lived there (Talleyville/Brandywine Hundred/Shipley Road) until I was 18. I went to Washington U. in St. Louis from 2007-2011. After graduation, I moved to center city Philly where I still am. I plan on moving back to Delaware in July. I’m planning to move near Christiana hospital (so is that Sokola’s senate district?)

    Anyhow, muchos gracias to you all here at this site for giving me the Delaware news (a few times, you all are better than the News Journal) while I have been away from this state for such a long period of time.

  29. Another Mike says:

    Born at St. Francis Hospital, grew up in north Wilmington. Lived in upstate NY very briefly after college but got tired of freezing, so I moved back here in 1991. Spent 2 years near Newark but have been in Claymont since 1994. 44, married almost half that, two daughters whom I hope I have taught to think for themselves.

  30. b. 12/16/57 in Wilmington. Lived in Brandywine Hundred then Newark for college. Briefly moved to Philly with thoroughbred racing stable job and back to Newark area with a smattering of residences in the wedge.

  31. bookkeeper's son says:

    Born at St. Francis Hospital 1951. Grew up south of Wilmington. College in Massachusetts and UD. Living in Newark since 1972. Married with a daughter.

  32. Bill Dunn says:

    This question peaked my interest and I ended up doing a little research. If you were to stand at the tennis courts at Delcastle Rec. Center, and extend a circle out 5 miles in all directions, you would cover where I have “lived” (not visited on business or vacation) every day of my life. For my wife, with the exception of two years in Elsmere and two years in the apartments at Harmony Rd. & Rt. 4, she’s lived her entire life in two places, less than mile from each other. We’re both 53 and our three kids have always lived in Stanton.

  33. TeleMan says:

    Born in Baltimore 60 years ago and educated in the Baltimore Co. school system, and commuted to Towson University as it is now called. Worked for the State of Maryland, moved to Cleveland, OH (great town), then Hartford, CT (despicable town), and returned to Crabtown, following wife’s work career. Now splitting time in retirement between DC and Rehoboth Beach, which is our official residence. Who wants to vote in DC? No kids, no pets, plenty of guitars.

  34. Of the People says:

    I am a 58-year-old, Feminist, woman, raised in New York and Wilmington. I attended Krebs and Conrad High School. I was brn a Democrat, proudly voted for President the first time for McGovern, and was inspired by Robert Kennedy to serve country through public and community service. Neither Watergate, the Pentagon Papers, or the Vietnam War dissuaded my faith in the great experiment of a government by the people, for the people would be successful and fair for all of its citizens. Until the excesses by big business was allowed to greatly expand and compromise our government leaders, then the reality that neither my Demcrat Party or any other political organization would be the demise of this Republic. The red herring that K Street and big business perpetuate family values and fund my government’is preoccupiation with women’s bodies and the continued subjutcation of women’s rights, takes attention away from the rape of the middle class. This has made my vote and efforts to elect leaders specific and pointed. My disappointment in the leaders that brought NAFTA, the attack and destruction of Unions, a state that encourages banks to bleed poor people dry, and Governors that fill their own pockets and erect pestals for them to stand on, while state workers salaries are top heavy has made me fight harder for balance and kindness for all people; especially those people who are distracted and fight paper tigers. It saddens me that the first woman elected Governor in Delaware was a Democrat and leaves a legacy only others like herself would admire. A woman who had the opportunity to be a shinning light, a compass for future women to aspire to. It was easier in 1970 and the next two decades to be motivated, we had leaders who created true checks and balances, who regulted the compromises, leaders that knew they were corruptible and created laws and regulations that kept them legal.. Now, it’s a free for all and leadership goes to the highest bidder.
    Public and community service is no longer exciting and feels good, and the leaders that are also working for the success of this Republic are rare. They do exist and they rarely get a forum to inspire a nation to be gratefu

  35. Jason330 says:

    I agree that the Democratic Party has seen some dark days, but there is no institution of the size of the Democratic Party with the same culture and tradition of fighting for all of the people of the United States to have a voice in government.

    There is no other institution with any chance of acting as a counterweight to the corporate interests intent on a complete takeover of the country.

    We’ve stumbled as a party. We’ve been fooled, and had our goodwill turned against us. And even now, knowing all that we know, we continue to have some in the Democratic fold who fail to understand the stakes.

    I think that they are getting it. Slowly. Unsatisfyingly. But they are getting it as long as we keep reminding them what the Democratic Party stands for and what we Democrats expect.

  36. puck says:

    ” It saddens me that the first woman elected Governor in Delaware was a Democrat and leaves a legacy only others like herself would admire. ”

    Given her era, if she had been more of an independent thinker I don’t think she would have ended up where she did. At least the door is open now for women who are independent thinkers.