The Walking Dead (Republicans)

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I am new to this AMC series ‘The Walking Dead’, but I’ve noticed a leitmotif. There seems to be an element of ongoing tension between people who have completely written off the zombies as non-human, and the people who continue to think (in spite of all the evidence) that zombies must retain some bit of humanity.

Exactly the type of tension that arises among Democrats. Some of whom see reality as it is, and know that Republicans have become ideological zombies, totally bereft of humanity. Others of whom would like to continue to pretend that there must be some humanity somewhere under the ideological zombie flesh.

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  1. bamboozer says:

    Delaware used to be the home of many moderate Republicans, most have now gone independent or Dem at this point, leaving behind ideological zealots at the wheel of the party. These people, almost all in Sussex or Kent are zombies. Many are old and there is no reasoning with them. In my work as a musician I find myself in deepest, darkest Millsboro all the time, take my advice and never mention the name Obama. The party will either moderate at this point or cease to be viable in this state.

  2. NewCastleAnon says:

    I have never met either Eric Bodenweiser or Brian Pettyjohn. But I think it should be clear to even the most casual observer that, with the former, a human Democrat should never, *ever* lower her shotgun. With the latter however, it would at least be worth asking – cautiously of course – whether there might be some common ground on some common-sense and bipartisan human brains legislation that zombies and humans could come together on. There are bad zombies and (relatively) good zombies.

  3. anonymous says:

    Zombies walk among us.

    One can see the walking dead zombies. They are dead between the ears, anti life and dead, but still walking up your legislative steps and talking to your lawmakers.

    There needs to be dead grey matter between the temples, in order for a ‘republican’ to vote for the party of ‘death of a planet,’ the offense of the ultimate proportion. Republicans claim to be offended by terrorism involving thousands, hundreds, even four persons, but when 99.9% of legitimate climate scientist from around the world tell them, (with decades of scientifically peer approved material of many disciplines in hand,) that CO2 is causing the planet’s temperature to rise to a point where life as we know it on the Planet, will suffer greatly and under business-as-usual conditions, not survive in the relatively near future – there is no reaction.

    There is no change of result, in 1) denying climate change and 2) denying its’ cause.

    The only difference between terror attacks and the CO2 WMD, is the proportion of damages.

    Even the richest fossil fuel interests (energy, dependent industries, manufacturing, farming, etc.) now admit, climate change is real and is happening, but just as alarming, many have moved from 1) denial of climate change (as in ‘it’s a hoax.’) to – 2) climate change is happening, but “We don’t know what’s causing climate change” as uttered by Romney.. But the labeling, (from not happening, to happening but I don’t know why,) is still just reconfigured denial – with the same ‘business-as-usual’ results. The truth is, deniers are causing climate change and they know it. It can be brought under control, but the fossil fuel industry (and their vested interests,) want nothing to do with admitting to the cause of climate change and instead demand, even more business-as-usual. Republicans figure, if they claim not to know what causes it, they can also claim, we can’t stop it. Can a disease be cured, if one ignores the cause?

    Republican politicians who are sold out to vested fossil fuel interests, are causing climate change. 1%er millionaires, billionaires who fund de regulation PACs and No CO2 Tax organizations are causing climate change.

    Republicans (and some fossil fuel democrats) have come to ‘own’ climate change and must legally ‘own’ the consequences as well. Just as the tobacco industry endlessly spent decades promoting smoking, chewing tobacco, even stooping sooo low, as to target children – the fossil fuel industry promotes fracking, shaling, mountain removal, drilling and – more use and dependency and of course, un regulated, free release of CO2 into your atmosphere. (That’s what de regulation and no CO2 tax is all about folks – more profits by pollution, no responsibility for resulting climate change although they refer to it as – no governmental interference and ‘free’ enterprise. But when it comes to loosing seafood, fresh water, coastal lands, your home, jobs, an economy, etc – let the public pay the price caused by that ‘unknown’ monster. Better yet, blame it on a nature event or Mother Nature.

    Everyone who can think, knows the Earth will not tolerate its’ atmosphere being an industrial waste by-product disposal site. Too much CO2 (presently 391.03 ppm) has been over the proposed ‘save limit’ of 350 ppm since 1988. Must also mention, that CO2 can last up to 200 years as a greenhouse effect. That’s not mentioning the overabundance of CO2 uptake in the oceans causing them to be more acidic, or the rising planetary temperature, which is melting the Earth’s glaciers, polar regions, melting permafrost, releasing methane gas, which is now also contributing to global warming, etc, called the feedback loop. More global heating causes more global heating.

    Heat naturally come into our atmosphere from the sun – but now can’t adequately exist the atmosphere, due to the greenhouse effect of mainly, anthropogenic (man produced) CO2 – the industrial and chemical reaction released from burning fossil fuels; coal power plants being one of the greatest offenders for example.

    Of course the (we don’t know the cause – zombie republicans) – know the cause – just as they always knew, global warming wasn’t a hoax. Of course they knew. Just as the tobacco industry knew it wanted more children to buy their deadly products, the fossil fuel promoters and ‘your’ public servants, want more of people dependent on fossil fuel combustion products and – they want you to accept the responsibility of the devastating effects, lost lives and costs of climate change. They sell you the profit, free release the by-product of their profit – you pay the price, coming and going. Like a child of the previous generation buying a bottled soda at the corner candy store; drinking the soda, then coming back with the two cent bottle refund to buy two cents worth of candy. Coming and going.

    The walking dead zombies are well named, as they are dead to life. The problem is, they want the rest of life on Earth to join them. Why? Because they worship money over life. We’re not talking about the dollars necessary to survive, but the richest industries in the world, wanting to make trillions more by free releasing (no regulations, no tax, no responsibility) CO2. Releasing so much CO2 that they can end life on the planet. To hell with your air, lands, waters, your normal atmosphere, normal climate. The next generations, will be most affected. Think about the children who will face the future, they had no part in destroying.

    Say the living dead, ‘believe in profits by pollution, join us, vote republican.’ But one can’t back planetary death and still say one respects life and God’s creations, but republicans do.

    How? Republicans lie and accept it as policy.Why did republicans let their presidential candidate, get away with saying, “We don’t know what’s causing climate change?” Why are republicans targeting the EPA, promoting more fossil fuel usage, de regulations, free release of CO2? Because they are willing to lie about what CO2 is doing.

    Exhibit One: Climate change is a hoax. Exhibit Two: We don’t know what’s causing climate change. Expect Exhibit Three: Opps, it’s too late to stop climate change, therefore the living should just accept fossil fuel business-as-usual and the free release of CO2 – and join the soulless, mindless living dead. Let the children pay the price. If you listened carefully, you would have heard the zombie chant. It started as drill, baby, then frack, baby frack, shale, burn baby burn – without a mention as to where the by-product goes and what it does.

    We are now in the short period of time,(less than a decade,) where scientists believe we can still stop climate change and will take an all out effort. What do republicans say about that? No. They listen to other zombies. “We don’t know what’s causing climate change.” Or they go on to repeat climate nonsense from the accommodating zombies of questionable or no scientific credentials, or those who chose to ignore science altogether, endlessly joining into pretend political ‘debate’ with various forms of zombie denial, such as denial of planet, human existence, denial of basic science, denial of results.

    What republicans are actually doing is, endangering hundreds of millions of lives, denying as trillions of dollars are wasted on temporary repairs, such as re sanding beaches, rebuilding threaten structures, infrastructure, already in harms way. But mostly, the deniers, the zombies, are wasting the most vital time, threatening national security, welcoming economic chaos and planet wide destruction.

    It’s easy to recognize a zombie, whether they are at a town hall meeting, (It’s a hoax!;) a creepy voice from a radio station, a hoaxy weather report, foux news, or in the halls of State or U.S Congress. Mitt (I don’t know what’s causing it) Romney wanted his voice in the White House. When legitimate scientists speak of the ‘business-as-usual’ end to life as we have known it, the zombies are ALWAYS there to defend what? Defend what? Money vs life, of course. The question is, what court in America would uphold money over life? Don’t feel safe just yet. The answer is, a zombie court.

    Never vote a dead zombie into office. Its’ soul is dead, but it will still be speaking and voting for doing nothing, to stop the greatest offense against creation and life on the planet in the history of mankind.

    It may walk upright and pretend to talk like a man (or woman;)will smile and attempt to fool the public, but, behind those lying bloody eyes,(and flashing dollar signs) lies the dead grey matter of a zombie.

  4. anonymous says:

    Correction: of anonymous post, 11/28:

    Paragraph #11, Line #5, should read , {product} meaning fossil fuel

    “They sell you the {product,} free release the by-product of the profit – you pay the price, coming and going.

    Also, I would like to ask republicans and fossil fuel democrats, to respond to the following:

    1) Why you didn’t object to Romney saying: “We don’t know what’s causing climate change.”

    2) Also explain why republicans are targeting EPA regulation of CO2 and working to keep CO2 from the Clean Air Act.

    3) And why republicans propose:

    A) Fossil fuel’s industrial by-product (CO2) should be freely released in unlimited quantities,

    B) Why fossil fuels should receive billions in subsidies yearly and clean energy development shouldn’t.

    C) The fossil fuel industries shouldn’t be held accountable for damages caused by the (CO2) by-product of their product, (similar to damages caused by burning tobacco.)

    D) That the anthropogenic quantity of CO2 in the atmosphere, does not effect the greenhouse effect.

    E) There should be no CO2 tax, that would serve as a conservation measure as well as funding to promote clean energy usage. (See following link.)