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Back story: Mike Castle was this moderate Congressman from Delaware until George W. Bush was elected. Then Castle had to pretend to be moderate while voting for every bit of George Bush’s lunatic agenda. That (the pretending to be moderate) pissed off a bunch of easily pissed off people in his lunatic political party. I lay that bit of the story out in Castle’s political obituary running in this month’s ‘Delaware Today’ magazine:

Jason —– of Delaware Liberal says that Castle morphed from his early RINO positions into a true Republican toward the latter part of his career, and some Democrats who once backed him felt betrayed by his support of George Bush’s economic and war policies. —— Faults Castle for “trying to make everybody happy. He would vote for the Bush agenda, then in press releases claim that he regretted having to vote that way.

In the end, he says “Castle’s history of being a centrist worked against him for both Democrats and Republicans when Republicans went off the deep end” with O’Donnell.

I went on to say that the jig was up for Castle’s phoney baloney moderation, and in a big Democratic year, the Coons/Castle race would have been much closer than people think. However, that didn’t make the cut because there is so much conventional wisdom baked into the notion that The Great and Mighty Mike Castle would have smoked the Democrat with poor enough judgment to take him on.

I’d have linked to the Bob Yearick piece, but I guess people who are interested in plastic surgery and fine dining are still reading paper

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  1. heragain says:

    If they’re interested in fine dining, they’ve never heard of DT. I wanted to frame a cover that came out after the millennium featuring food with a large parsley garnish. No one has garnished fine dining with curly parsley since Martha Stewart got her braces off.

  2. Jason330 says:

    The Castle story, for me, is about a political “brand” that stopped being tethered to reality. More important than moderate, liberal or conservative, voters are looking for “authentic”.