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LaGrange, a house on US Route 40 near Glasgow. The house was built in 1815 by a local doctor and is one of the more prominent old farmsteads in the area.

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  1. The La Grange manor house is missing a column and the roof is said to be close to caving. The Historic Review Board has been waiting since August for a report from Code Enforcement that they sent a specialist over there to check on the roof and also the structural failure of the granary which had collapsed last year. These building were supposed to be protected by way of a formal preservation plan – on a note on a record plan as signed off by Pam Scott five years ago or so. So much for NCC’s committment to preservation under Mr. Clark.

    The owner appears to have a plan to passively allow demolition by neglect ostensibly so he can develop these last protected acres and get out of bankruptcy. We can thank John Cartier and Lisa Diller for putting together an Ordinance that will not allow this kind of abuse of heritage going forward.

  2. Andy says:

    No different than what happened to the Murphey House

  3. The Murphy House was significantly different. But Pam Scott was equally involved. She swept in when there was a opportunity for her client, the hugely wealthy neighbors, Nemours, to do with it what they would. She orchestrated a deal to ‘save’ it when the state relaxed its interest after Blue Ball Project had wound down. Then two years later, submitted a demolition plan with Nemours crying ‘hardship’ no less. I spent a few hours studying the reports in NCC Land Use and it isn’t a pretty story.

  4. Andy says:

    Bottom line is that history is being lost due to the inconvienance of others