QOTD – Why am I still seeing Sher Valenzuela signs all over the place?

Filed in National by on November 24, 2012

Is she running for something else already? Is she waiting for a “sign removal” grant to come through from the nanny state? Don’t campaign’s have a deadline for getting down the signs?

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  1. Mike says:

    I’ll see your Sher Valenzuela signs (I do) and raise you (though I’d like to lower them) all the large Steve Smyk signs that are still up down here in the 20th.

  2. cassandra_m says:

    It isn’t just Sher (although hers seem to be gone from the city), Jeff Cragg still has his out and I fear we’ll never get rid of Alex Pires signs. Although where his signs were in groups of three, I see lots of his signs now in twos. Probably has something to do with the apocalyptic Mayan calendar.

  3. bamboozer says:

    I think Valenzuela has partnered with the dentist who did the veneers on her refrigerator white teeth, they probably view it as advertising.

  4. jConnor says:

    Still lots of everybody’s fave Ben Mobley signs out there. Grab one as a souvenir of your futile efforts. Ben might trade signs for your choice of an Obama/Mobley or Evangelical Anti abortion sample ballot. Your last hope was certainly versatile.:)

  5. puck says:

    The IC general election stands as an example of a lose-lose proposition. A lot of voters skipped that line on the ballot, one of them being me. Notice how vote totals for IC were so much less than for the other statewide offices? As Yogi Berra said, “There are a lot of no-shows here today.”

  6. jConnor says:

    Correct: Well not really..
    screwed up Consumer satisfaction …NOT
    Ratio, rate increase requested to granted……favors consumers
    record amount of fines levied….. done

    Blind hate masks actual competence….. 61% of voters agree 🙂

    Next time for Ben…… leave the signs up Benny!

  7. puck says:

    Most Democrats voted for somebody else for IC in the primary. There’s your souvenir to carry with you.

  8. jConnor says:

    They are actually NOT much less but proprtionate to typical down ballot drop off and if analyzed over the ast 5 elections proportionatly higher…. but again don’t let blind hate interfere with objective analysis:)….Oh and her % of vote 3% higher than the President.

  9. jConnor says:

    Your right they did…. and she came back and got 61% in the General and won in walk after running against a misogynist bully a garden variety bully and on guy who ran on the issues in the Primary. The vaunted organization did not even dent here popularity among the wider electorate. Tell John Daniello I enjoyed our chat at the Queen:)

  10. puck says:

    61% is how much Delawareans dislike Republicans; not how much they like the Democrat.

    I like your “You are right, but…” answers. Keep them coming.

  11. jConnor says:

    You got one representation of voter count right…. your primary premise was to distort another….Not one thing this blog did collectively to stymie Karen worked. Keep that in mind:)

  12. geezer says:

    Thank you, Joe, for finally posting a fact-based defense of Karen’s first term. That was all I was ever asking for.

  13. Liberal Elite says:

    No Open Thread… So this goes here.

    It seems that Jack Markell wants a seat at the Federal fiscal cliff negotiation table.

    “States Want to Have Say During Talks Over Budget”

  14. Roland D. Lebay says:


    Why couldn’t you post these “accomplishments” prior to the election? I asked you repeatedly & you refused to provide any evidence that KWS was a competent IC. Now you cry hatred & misogyny.

    Try again, water boy.

  15. JConnor says:

    I cry not. Puck whined and now you do the same. My comments were never meant as answer to your demands and still are not.I point out your abject failure in laying a finger on Karen. I find that failure to be deeply amusing:). Now, your hole is calling time to crawl back in, punk boy

  16. geezer says:

    “My comments were never meant as answer to your demands and still are not.”

    Well, thanks anyway. They still would have been welcome at the time they were requested.

    “I point out your abject failure in laying a finger on Karen.”

    That alone would not necessitate listing her accomplishments. Indeed, you have mocked her critics for months without doing so.

    “I find that failure to be deeply amusing.”

    I suppose everyone needs a hobby, but forgive those of us who think that’s weird.

  17. JConnor says:

    Geez I appreciate your response and your motives. As to the other 2 , not so much.
    This blog trashed Karen from 2009 forward, starting with Caesar Rodney Bullshit. It made no sense to try to discuss her record here. I would also challange you to connect any actual facts with the criticisms (yours excepted. Karens dissemination of facts was done elsewhere with pretty decent results.
    I make no apologies for being pseased with the result.

  18. Aoine says:

    DP has Jonathan Moseley

    We got JP O’Connor. …….

    I suppose we all have out crosses- well at least here one does not get censored for boing too off track…..

    So. Back to Sher………. Hmmmmmm……

  19. puck says:

    “This blog trashed Karen from 2009 forward…”

    IIRC it started with a mysteriously opaque RFP for some kind of consultant. Who got that job anyway, and how much did he end up getting paid?

  20. JConnor says:

    Losers whine….. preperation for term 3 starts now:) Get that Cyber Monday dicount Snark ready!

  21. cassandra_m says:

    Losers whine

    Which would, of course, account for why you still hang out here whinging about how we treated your incompetent pal.

    This blog trashed Karen from 2009 forward, starting with Caesar Rodney Bullshit. It made no sense to try to discuss her record here.

    Interestingly, there was NOTHING this blog wrote about that any of KWS’s partisans could ever explain, much less prove that we were wrong. Starting with the secret RFPs, through the pay-to-play for her campaign funders, to the rush to care about nuclear stress test turn downs *after* US Senator Jay Rockefeller showed interest, to all of the other industry giveaways and misuses of office, to fictional endorsements (which reminds me, I didn’t see the NJ endorsing her this year after gushing all over her 4 years ago. Maybe I missed it.). Not one of them could you prove wrong. Or the Caesar Rodney stuff, either. So it is more precise to say that there was nothing you *could* say about her record in those cases. And, of course you didn’t. Other than to bawl and whine about how badly she was treated. And here you are, still whining.

    But hey, keep it up. Because one election hasn’t made her any more competent and they’ll still be plenty to write about. You’ll still whine and bawl, but that is apparently your shtick. In this place we write about what seems wrong with local government and until your girl decided to stop being in that set, you’ll be whining and bawling quite abit. And you still won’t be able to justify any of that behavior. You’ll just be disappointed that none of us are so willing to wear the hypocrite hat as you are.

  22. JPconnorjr says:

    All that hot fresh Snark and it completely fact free! Keep feasting on that low calorie Snark as Karen reloads for Sweet ’16 😉

  23. John Young says:

    Lots and lots of violators on “signs up past good taste” deadline.

    Donkeys and Elephants on that long list.

  24. jason330 says:

    Mostly Elephants because victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.

  25. Lots and lots of douchebags named Joe Connor present facts after the election.

    FYI, Mr. Connor, I was never “against” KWS. I simply asked you to provide a reason for me to vote for her. You refused.

    Here comes the snark, with a vengeance:

    Please go step in a big puddle of AIDS & die a slow, painful death. Have a nice day.

    Apologies to comedian Jim Norton for stealing his “step in puddle of AIDS” line.

  26. JConnor says:

    I was your only source of information…..? Not so much…. you are a classy guy…I will not wish you ill …. but rather I wish you a long life with your pathetic self in rooms filled with mirrors:)

  27. No, toolbag, you were the only KWS cheerleader I’d ever come in contact with. I asked you for a reason to vote for her. You declined. Have a nice day.

  28. Mary Hinkin says:

    Sher has always been in love with herself, hence the cosmetic surgery on her face/breasts and yes, on her teeth. She will leave those signs up forever just to stay relevant, when in reality, she is a nobody.

  29. Mongo says:

    Starting 30 days after the election, each roadside sign will be subject to a $25 fine.

    That’s next week, right?

  30. anon says:

    The deadline to take down campaign signs if you were a candidate in the general election is December 5.

    I would strongly suggest calling DelDOT to report any of Sher’s signs that remain up after December 5th so Delawareans can recoup some our tax dollars that were given to Sher’s multi-million dollar a year company.

  31. cassandra_m says:

    I wonder if there is someone in DelDOT we could send pictures of trespassing signs to.

    And agreed with reporting Sher’s signs, but reporting Alex Pires’ signs might get us enough revenue to afford a serious raise for teachers.

  32. JConnor says:

    Mobley has more up than Sher but he’s your guy so God forbid you report him:)

  33. Jason330 says:

    You are a strange dude JC

  34. anon says:

    JC I don’t see any Mobley signs in Kent or Sussex any more. I do, however, see lots and lots of Sher’s signs everywhere. Reporting her signs will return money to the state coffers that Sher’s $2 million dollar a year company never needed anyway. The City of Milford is still paying her utility bills, it’s time to wean her off of the government teat.

  35. JConnor says:

    I am still seeing plenty of Mobley’s as well as Big Al and Sher. They have a week to take them down without penalty. We shall see.