Which Businesses Will YOU Support On Small Business Saturday?

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BTW, small businesses shouldn’t be relegated to one day during the holiday season. Shop locally, and support businesses who actually treat both customers and employees like family. All year long. Which, BTW, is how long you should boycott Walmart.

I’ll start:

Kreston’s Wine & Spirits– family-owned, 75 years in business,excellent selection of wines,  very helpful employees, nobody tries to steer you to expensive swill, like, say, at Total Wines. And, everybody working there seems to be happy.

Cameras, Etc.-Jim Cycyk is a socially-conscious businessman who runs a wonderful independent full-service camera/photo store. If cameras/equipment/etc., are on your shopping list, buy local from Jim.

Between Books-Greg Schauer is not just a businessman, he also helps create a community of writers, readers, artists, etc, through Between Books.  If your reading interests tend towards fantasy, science fiction, graphic novels, comics, and/or if you’re a gamer, you owe it to yourself to visit Greg’s store at Philadelphia Pike and Harvey Road in Claymont. Greg also gives back to the community all the time. He deserves your support.

Grassroots-A family-owned specialty gifts store. They are based in Newark, however they also have opened an additional store for the holiday season on Marsh Road right across from the Graylyn Shopping Center. For those politically-inclined, Kristin Barnekov-Short, wife of Rep. Bryon Short, is one of the proprietors of the business. Inspired selection of gifts, especially for women.

OK, your turn. Let’s try to create a comprehensive list of local businesses who deserve your business.

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  1. cassandra_m says:

    Went for a walk down at the Riverfront this AM and there was a Black Friday line at Al’s Sporting Goods on Market St. Line was maybe 15 – 20 guys (all guys), but that was worth noting.

    Ninth Street Bookshop — it is now on Market St. The have a SB Saturday deal on a Kobo Mini and they also are participating in the AMEX rebate deal that day. Gloriously independent booksellers, really supportive of local authors and local books. And they are very nice people.

    YoYo Joe’s has a main store on Concord Pike and a new popup store on Market St. Toys for all ages.

    Veritas Wine Shop is at the Riverfront and is undergoing abit of a renovation. That should be done shortly, and that space will capitalize on one of the best things about it — a space for people fond of wine to hang out and try some. The shop is still there and Venu is still bringing in killer wines at amazing prices. Sometimes he is pouring some of the more interesting stuff and you are welcome to hang out abit while you are tasting. And there’s beer too. For awhile I think he had the biggest selection of DFH beers in the city. Don’t see what you want? He will order it.

  2. Ninth Street Books. How could I have forgotten? Yes, they are fantastic!

  3. socialistic ben says:

    Accent Music. A Guitar Center (a Bain Capital company…seriously) opened up in Wilmington recently, and our local music store chain (3 stores, I think) I SURE would appreciate support.

    Brew Ha-Ha… I’d call them a mid-sized business. But still local, and damned if they didnt stand up to the Starbucks invasion.

    Days of Knights on Main street. Im a geek, I’m very sure a lot of you are. represent.

  4. Carol says:

    Village Imports, on Main Street Newark. Fair Trade gifts (plus clothes, jewelry, scarves, coffee, chocolates) from around the world.

  5. bamboozer says:

    Accent Music? Hell no! As a working musician I patronize Ckuz Guitars in Middletown.

  6. Mark H says:

    El Som, I love Between Books. Back when I made the trip to Philly on a semi-regular basis, I’d stop by and yack with Greg while he smoked his pipe and I smoked a cigarette. He was always willing to look for something rare or give a recommendation that I always trusted as it seemed that he had read every book in his store 🙂

  7. xstryker says:

    I’m a fan of The Comic Book Shop on Marsh Road.

  8. #1volunteer says:

    Babycakes Cupcakes in Red Mill Square on Kirkwood Highway. They are relatively new, have excellent cupcakes and are very community minded. They donate to many causes and use produce from as many local vendors as they can.

  9. Kristin Short says:

    Thanks for mentioning Grassroots! Much appreciated.

  10. AQC says:

    Anyone have recommendations of where to get children’s clothes and toys? I would like to support small businesses, but don’t really know where to go.

  11. Re Brew Ha Ha. They were a small business that BECAME a larger business. Going up against one of this country’s most powerful retailers in Starbucks.

    We have both a Brew Ha Ha and a Starbucks within about two blocks of each other in Brandywine Hundred. My wife and I go to Brew Ha Ha, and, in my case, I’ve never been in the Starbucks. Makes me feel good. The coffee, pastries and service are great, too. Plus, their prices are better.

  12. SussexWatcher says:

    Toys – Kids Ketch, Lewes. Good quality and service.

  13. Keep ’em coming. It’s a lo-o-o-ong shopping season this year. I know that there are a lot more great small local retailers out there.

  14. If you are in Hockessin says:

    Creations Gallery http://www.creationsgallery.com/

  15. My wife and youngest daughter rave about the resale shops on Brandywine Boulevard in Bellefonte. It doesn’t have to be new to be special. In fact, it’s the ultimate in recycling.

    While you’re there, enjoy one of the best and funkiest places to eat, the Bellefonte Cafe. Excellent food and drink, and a home to local artists and musicians.

  16. Pencadermom says:

    My son says Wooden Wheels is the coolest bike shop ever.. lots of cool accessories too. On Main St. in Newark.
    Goodeals Resale in Stanton for the best deals on one of a kind antiques, collectibles and jewelry (and free coffee and snacks and huge discounts tomorrow)
    I like Accent Music too – and they do lessons for all types of instruments
    And then stop at BellaVista Trattoria and Pizzeria for great food and great service (Limestone Rd.)- they have great dinner specials running this weekend

  17. cassandra_m says:

    @AQC — YoYo Joes is on Concord Pike (and a popup store on Market St) with neat toys for kids.

    And there is a newish Wooden Wheels on Concord Pike too, right by the Giant.

  18. SussexWatcher says:

    Browseabout Books, Rehoboth.

  19. puck says:

    Yes, Wooden Wheels for bikes. Great service too. Also Henry’s bike shop next to McGlynn’s is excellent. Stop for a beer and a burger on the way home.

    If you are really serious, stay out of the Apple and Microsoft stores. Not a problem for me.

    @AQC – for kid’s clothing, we do buy at some of the chains like Children’s Place, OshKosh, Lands’ End, or Macys, but with some compensating factors: my wife has it down to a science, collecting the coupons and hitting their clearance sales, buying sometimes a year or more in advance before it will fit our kids. She rarely pays more than half price, and she gets the better stuff so it lasts a long time. We make sure we pass it down within our extended family and friends. We buy from the consignment shops sometimes, but rarely find a much better deal than the way we are doing it. Once the kids are older though, that game doesn’t work anymore.

  20. Bookkeeper's Son says:

    AQC: The recent Ninth St. Books radio ad mentions that they’re now carrying lots of children’s toys, too.

  21. Paula says:

    How about Govatos Chocolates, founded in Wilmington in 1894? Another store in the Talleyville shopping center at 202 and Silverside.

    For books, I like Around Again Books, a used book store where you can bring in your books to get a discount on theirs. It’s now at the corner of Marsh and Silverside (the corner with Mona’s Health Food and Haldas Market and that second-hand computer shop — all locally owned small businesses).

  22. Garlic and Onions says:

    Don’t forget your local restaurants. I really enjoy a gift certificate from a nice local restaurant, as we don’t eat out very often. Stoney’s for Fish and Chips, Harry’s (either location) for a nice romantic dinner. The Washington Street Ale House, or Mikimotos. Takumi for Sushi in the Independence Mall. Cafe Napoli on Kirkwood Highway, the Blue Parrot, the new Italian Place where Pala’s used to be. These are a few of my favorite meals. And how lucky are we to have two local book stores: Jack & Gemma’s and Greg’s? Ninth Street has also jumped into the e-book business with their online storefront. Happy Localismus to all.

  23. Speaking of Talleyville, the Frame Shoppe & Art Gallery is a local business that I’ll be frequenting this year for some custom framing. The gallery features the work of local artists:


  24. puck says:

    We always get our Christmas wreath and live greenery from Marini’s on Veale Road. And we traditionally go to the Delaware Dance Company’s production of the Nutcracker, which is a big moneymaker for them.

  25. Marini’s is fantastic. You will never meet a nicer family. During the months from May through October, they run a wonderful produce and specialty food market. Been around forever, and they’ve always been great.

    Although they’ve perhaps outgrown small business status, I love Concord Pet for all your four-legged creatures’ needs:


    There’s sure to be a location near you.

  26. And how can we forget Highland Orchards?:


    Just off of Foulk Road near Brandywine High School.

  27. Why buy hardware and send your money to some Sears Holding Company when you can get it for far less hassle at Action Hardware in Branmar?:


    Money you spend at local businesses gets spent locally, creates jobs locally, and doesn’t go to Bentonville, Arkansas, or to facilitate the next huge leveraged buyout of Sears.

    Plus, it’s more fun and will make you feel better.

  28. cassandra_m says:

    Another great hardware shop is Fairfax Hardware in Talleyville.

  29. cassandra_m says:

    On Facebook, Congressman Carney is conducting a raffle:

    Since today is the kick-off to the holiday shopping season, I want to provide an extra incentive to encourage Delawareans to support their local small businesses. Starting now, any Delawarean that shops at a locally-owned small business and posts a photo of their receipt to my Facebook timeline, will be entered to win lunch for you and a guest with me either in Delaware or the Members’ Dining Room in the Capitol (travel accommodations not included). Just a few rules: 1) Entrants must be Delaware residents, 2) The store’s name and the date must be visible on the receipt (no need to include personal info or how much was spent), and 3) Multiple entries are encouraged, but each entry must have a different receipt. The raffle is open until 12/24. I’ll announce the winner during the last week of December. Good luck and don’t forget that tomorrow is Small Business Saturday.

    Lunch in the Member’s Dining Room would be sorta cool, you have to admit…..

  30. jason330 says:

    I’m doing it, but giving myself 0% chance of winning. Maybe if Mrs. Liberal wins she can take me.

  31. Wow. THIS brings together everything good about shopping local:


    Shop local for recycled merch, and support Habitat for Humanity at the same time. Speaking of people who have made a difference, how about John Sobieski?:

    “Boosting the inventory is New Castle County Habitat’s largest individual donation ever, from John Sobieski. “He had bought a warehouse in Elsmere on a short sale, a builder that had gone out of business. He donated almost all its contents,” Smith said. “It was three trailer loads that’s now in the store on sale.”

    Thank you, John. And everyone else who has made this store a reality.

  32. Cassandra_m mentioned Fairfax Hardware. I’d like to 2nd that. Great folks who know their stuff. Not as cheap as the big box stores, but I can get in & out of there w/ what I want in 5 minutes & I know my business is appreciated. Same goes for the True Value @ Prices Corner & the other True Value @ Lantana Square.

    sb mentioned Accent Music. My son took guitar lessons there a few yrs. ago. Great people & very reasonable prices on both equipment & lessons.

    Pencadermom mentioned Wooden Wheels. That store was a Schwinn dealer in the ’70s (when I was a kid). They were on Main St. at the time. Great store then, still great now. Henry’s is awesome too. I remember when they were on Lancaster Ave.

    Newark Farmer’s Market and Produce Junction (in PA) are two great locally owned places to get your produce. Not to mention the gazillion roadside stands we have up & down DE every summer.

  33. Saw Tommywonk yesterday. He, too, raved about Fairfax Hardware. (Of course, what REALLY impressed him was the fact that the proprietors still wear TIES!)

    I asked Tommy’s wife whether he still wears ties to bed. She had no comment.

  34. puck says:

    Me too for Newark Farmer’s Market. I’ve watched that place improve and expand for years now, and it appears to be a real business success story that was sorely needed. It’s really bustling with people and has good quality produce, including international spices, sauces, and other stuff you don’t see in the supermarkets. Not to mention a nifty discount dry-goods store. Meanwhile I’ve watched the produce departments in the supermarkets get suckier and more expensive. On the other hand, at least Acme employees are unionized.

  35. John Tobin says:

    Rainbow Music and Books on Main Street in Newark. Good service and selection. If they don’t have it, they are happy to special order. And they validate parking which is nearby.