The Sink Sunk

Filed in National by on November 23, 2012

Of all the minor emergencies that float through ones mind as you prepare to host relatives for Thanksgiving dinner, a collapsing sink is not one of them.

Troy Granite in Newark (apparently) did a crappy job attaching the sink to the countertop three years ago, because while I was soaking some dishes, BOOM!

This is a picture of our car jack and some scrap wood holding the sink in place last night so we could run the dish washer and try to put a dent in the cleanup.

My wife has better pictures of the mess, which we took in case we had to files some kind of homeowners insurance claim. No claim will be filed though. I spent some quality time today with my kid’s handy Grandpa and $16.00 at Lowes later, everything is as good as better than new.

(If you want a right-side up view of this picture you’ll have to turn your laptop because I never learned how to get pictures rotated.)

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  1. EllieMurasaki says:

    Open the picture in MS Paint, find the rotate button (in the Win 7 version it’s below ‘resize’ and right of ‘select’), employ the rotate button, save the picture, upload it in place of this one. If you’re a Mac or Linux user, I don’t know offhand how to do it but any basic photo editor is capable of it.

  2. Joe Cass says:

    yeah. There’s an app for that. It’s available from your closest UBCAJ Brother. Now I’m grateful it was your dishes soaking, not veggies being washed. Best to you and yours.

  3. auntie dem says:

    You may not know how to rotate a photo but I’m gobsmacked that you thought to use a car jack as a temporary fix. Ingenuity.

  4. puck says:

    Just don’t get a flat tire.